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Date of publication:2010/9   Press: The people's Literature Publishing House   Author:Li Oufan   Pages:273  

Li Oufan my writing life is not long, at least, much shorter than the academic life. Since the last century in the early sixty to study in the United States, with English in environmental impact to write academic papers, do not sleep for half a century, until the last ten years, just put Chinese writing. So I thought, all my Chinese works are works. Someone took my Chinese works called "scholar prose", but did not explain, as its name suggests, seems to mean is written down as a scholar's casual and loose articles. However, the prose to self, can be traced back to the late Ming essays. Known in the West as "essay", the French called "essai" (meaning a try), these two traditions are not the same, my article not match, only reluctantly called "essay", but the lack of Lu Xun type daggers and spears. I never tart sinister words to criticism or character -- this "Lu Xun wind" I totally did not learn, although he had studied Lu Xun. Perhaps, for me, "life" the humanities text is too rich, it is the source of inspiration for me to be inexhaustible, if the life and times of previous added, more like a Baoshan. Every time I read a previous works, both Chinese and western, feel like at the foot of the mountain digs, digging deeper and excited, feel more greatly, light bright. Personal favorite Xiaowen are associated with this kind of book report, such as "book" fox hole. The life and study, the meaning of life is enough. Now my friends Ji Jin and Huang Yuhai, Chen Zishan planned the Chinese works and the academic works, collection "series" is published, as for my seventy birthday, I accepted it, but. What writing does not represent this series of works, but a kind of life and feeling of studying and latent Sipan record. For so many years Many a little make a mickle., there are nearly twenty volumes, even I am amazed. In addition to a commemorative significance, "published works series", has its own public significance: the uneven article, will once again appear in front of the reader, as a text of "whole", a little too "heavy", seems to be the "Fox" into a "hedgehog". However, I have repeatedly mentioned, your article is absolutely not, because my interest is very broad, almost Everything is contained therein. in the humanities, never set myself a target, can become the hedgehog type thought masters? I was embarrassed by undeserved praise, can say, this series is a representative of the accumulation, like the re issued a CD, want cheap, consumers love. This seriesAlso represents our increasingly diverse interests. In retrospect, chaos is also its own context can be found, to make a long story short, can use the literature, history, music, art, architecture and film the several subjects to summarize. I majored in history and literature, but interest in other, plus, I'm a hundred-percent humanist. I am most concerned about, is the "Modernity" culture of various paradoxical aspect. The time category I is modern -- especially in twentieth Century, I wander throughout East and West cultural space. Somehow, in recent years, instead of the end of nineteenth Century and early twentieth Century growing interest in European literature and culture. Others may return in culture, I unconsciously wandering everywhere, can be fun, so I think that is an out and out of internationalism, even the bilingual writing and reading as a habit. Each book in this series published sequence may not order in writing, so I must be slightly. If the academic works and essays writing together, can clearly drawn an outline: before I was from the five four period of romantic spirit, gradually to the different cultural time and space exploration and projection. In China modern literature, from five four to one nine three, age, and Lu Xun studies as a mediator, he later lived in Shanghai, I did not think of Shanghai's urban culture interest, even in order to get rid of Lu Xun's "evil spirit", intended to study his most doesn't like things -- Day Three modern Shanghai. I never thought, a "the revolution" and curiosity., has made "Shanghai modern" I had become one of the symbols of Shanghai nostalgic tide, the more inspired me to "Modernity" criticism and reflection. Another sequence of space in my work is in Hongkong and Taiwan. I was born in China, grew up in Taiwan, in the United States to teach after more than 30 years, retired to Hongkong, now walk in Hong Kong and taiwan. From a geopolitical, I seem to be located in the edge, I deliberately adopted a "marginal perspective", others -- especially consciously or unconsciously "centrism" Intellectuals -- might sniff at, I was bitter as if it were malt sugar, or even to self positioning. For me, the edge is truly free, because contain I don't bound by the "center" complex, can change the angle of view, expand the visual field, by the west, from the United States and Europe, even to the western periphery countries such as Czech (of course this also thanks to Kundla grant), recently interest turned to South America and South Asia (such as India) literature, is likely to be the next step after the liberation of South africa. To make a long story short, I think only in the edge to become an out and out internationalist. Marginal perspective also affected the ideological content of my. Many of my ideas are different and the "mainstream consciousness", is not "to do", but not consciously path, take personal path of. I dare not say I view is "insight" (Insight), or the original, only self is "not normally a brand" results, especially for the academic theory. On the one hand, I and the season and Chen Jianhua two of the dialogue has been carefully self analysis, not repeat here. On the other side "is not normally a brand" I was feeling. The general received academic training scholars, often hid himself in the "objective" or hidden in the text, I, from the first academic books "China modern writers of the Romantic Generation", is emotional, invasive research object, even consciously other prose form to tracing the Xu Zhimo trail. This is a romantic mood, in my early years in Taiwan published two books of essays "the west side" and "Yu" romantic. Over the years this "much" have been supporting my inner life, finally in ten year ago I and the sub jade married a hair get out of hand, not only a couple of us wrote three books, and I in the life into old age comes, Cong Ziyu learned a "true", therefore a blast of truth in my prose and essays, Bifeng often with emotion, it can see the subjective "I" everywhere, this also is a kind of style and position. Of course, sometimes subjective leads to bias, I also in the desperate. From "romantic" to "Prejudice" -- but not extreme -- this may summarize my journey. These self analysis, is actually superfluous words, essay published, has its independent life, should listen to the emerge of itself and perish of itself, this is our consistent stand. This series of works, in addition to support my writing wife (even this short sequence is also this morning she gave me the inspiration), are willing to dedicate to all my readers and friends preference. Two thousand and nine years in September 25th in Kowloon Tong

All is not the building itself advertised nest design of Beijing Olympic Stadium, but in a packed audience -- and the latter is the Swiss architect Herzog's motives. A first flow writing since twentieth Century in American President Kennedy only one person, second will be Obama. In contrast, Bush eloquence and "literary talent" can only be a C, even if it was for him to "ghost" also be of no avail. The ancients said: "The writing mirrors the writer." I think Obama when the worthy. The Germans surrounded Lenin Ziegler, fatigue bombing, the siege for eight hundred and seventy-two days. Lenin's army to resist, but the supply gradually dried up, starved and froze to death and the number gradually increased, and may even eat dead meat phenomenon. The death toll of about one million, while the German has been unable to overcome. Capable of evoking praises and tears in this section of the two World War history has become the collective memory of the most precious part.
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Li Oufan, born in 1939 in Henan, graduated from Harvard University, Department of foreign languages of National Taiwan University, dr.. He taught at the University of Chicago, Indiana University, Princeton University, Hong Kong University Science & Technology, Harvard University, Harvard University, East Asia is now emeritus professor, Chinese University Hong Kong Professor, "Central Research Institute" academician. Author of "shouting in the iron house", "Shanghai modern", "the west side", "Fox hole discourse" etc..
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How to "deconstruct" prison preface text building? Hongkong -- the central police station conjecture "form" and "function" architectural changes and the changes of the times in Shanghai and Hong Kong and Taiwan urban culture and the construction of the public space and power island nest belongs to the whole people -- new Olympic building one of the Olympic building dialogue -- new Olympic building to explore two "building" and "building" -- to participate in the planning of Venice Biennale his experiment building only cold device -- Venice Architecture Biennale observation of East Asian Architectural Innovation and Culture -- the Venice Biennale and the two modern inspiration to autobiography Traditional Esthetics -- the Venice Biennale and the three specific time -- on the construction and literature, architecture and music dialogue text reading Nobel prize winner literary legend solution painting art -- on the "my name is red" in the global perspective Chinese modern literature "via" -- south of the Five Ridges University Conference on behalf of the Lu Xun and the world literature and consciousness -- on the Indonesian conscience writer Yu Yingshi won the Wu Luqin prize of humanistic Nobel reading Obama's "root seeking" novels? Obama's literary talent western drama adaptation art of reading "Osero" from "travels of Laocan" to "Resurrection" and "dream" fragrant pear "treasure" -- in memory of Cao Yu "Peony Pavilion" and "Knights of the rose" the book and I -- American singular date book diffuse pen my reading experience text film old movie guide Xia Zhiqing and Lubitsch Bourne no light -- what makes Martin Scorsese prize? Ingmar Bergman VS Antonioni -- heaven dialogue on film piracy revisit "Su Sihuang world" occupation "team" Johnwoo Chibi "trace to its source" hero "character" text memory wars reflection recorded the Olympic Games opening ceremony of the reflection and Standford and Berkeley fate alma mater Hsinchu middle school notes modernism literature pursuit of Department of foreign languages school -- reading notes I can't escape the network storm Korea University humanities space three tour of Seoul cultural tour to listen to Ma Ying-Jeou's inauguration speech feeling Taiwan bicycle, the taste of the wind after the earthquake nightmare West nine cultural district project, is not only the vision? Generation of postscript (Li Ziyu)
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"Form" and "function" in the broadcast overheard a brilliant lecture of Ceng Junhua Financial Secretary of Hongkong, a sense of. He was mentioned in the early eighty's office by American returned to Hong Kong, to the official time, like to see Hong Kong movies, such as "true colour of a hero", "long arm of the law" and "autumn fairy tale" etc.. These movies are full of originality, creator thought and flexible, so it can affect the world. He also likes to see Hongkong comics, though the manga has been sweeping across the world, but Hongkong "local manufacturing" product can still occupy a certain market. These are creative examples. No idea in the era of global competition, sooner or later, will be others, other countries, or other companies proceed with determination. I agree with these views are, because I also love Hongkong culture. Mr Tsang also quoted the chief executive as saying: Hongkong now must have three conditions: professional, pragmatic and responsible, otherwise only is a powerful and unconstrained style to unrealistic, most can only be a bystander, not to participate in the actual action. I think this sentence is only half right. As a writer, I was supposed to be a "talk", my speech has always been a powerful and unconstrained style, is not practical, not professional, even often beyond my major scope. I have both praise for Hongkong culture, but also criticized, whether this is only a spectator's argument? However A bystander is always clear-minded., especially in the local living for many years -- including many onlookers foreigners and Expats, and their views are often more government from the outside, the so-called "professionals" more relevant, more in-depth. I have lived in Hongkong before and after seven or eight years, gradually found that the current Hongkong is the biggest problem cannot be changed during the concept, strict system and procedures but caused many expectedNo problem. Mr Tsang said well, only the form (Form) without the weight function (Function) is useless. However, the relationship between form and function in the end how? Eighty years I've taught in Chicago every summer, always wearing a blue T-shirt, printed above the line of characters "Form is Function", which is Chicago's architectural master Sullivan (Louis Sullivan) said, was all studies architecture students as Jin Keyu law. However, the so-called "form" architecture is the myriads of changes, generation and generation of different. Sullivan designed the building to form, and even a little decoration, on the Hongkong's official standard at present, this form is useless, unrealistic. Hongkong's population density, the space is limited, so all the actual "function" is considered as the heart, resulting in housing construction on the "concrete jungle" phenomenon; therefore to tear down the Queen's pier, as is the convenient traffic and improve traffic efficiency. All these problems, everybody be obvious to people, and any publicity slogan can not change, because without him, it is a problem of concept. In fact, Sullivan is also in the middle of the twentieth Century western architecture and the "modern" theory is similar (but there are variations). On the one hand, the function determines form; on the other hand, creating new function in form, even the new lifestyle and value. The form is not talking, not heavy form of creativity can only produce "concrete"! Then, Hongkong this international metropolis is needed in the end what urban construction on the new form, we can construct the new "functional"? Recently, I attended the three forum, organized by the "Shenzhen, Hongkong Architecture Biennale", the first time in Shenzhen, two in Hongkong, behind the Central Police station. In the audience a lot. To exchange views with all the construction sector in the forum, I have benefited a lot from. Sum up experience, think Hongkong's construction industry and design industry is how to create a new space, space form and in various creative to "weaving" the city of Hongkong. The Hongkong exhibition theme is "woven city". The topic seems very abstract, but in the design but hidden mystery. I'm a micromechanical model exhibition part of architectural design that, everybody is in the form of space fixed under the time, but is not imagined, and in the idea is everywhere and cultural and historical memory as a whole. In order to design one of the hosts of Wang Weiren as an example, from the prototype of traditional Beijing courtyard, a blueprint for the design of new, non many-storied buildings buildings (New Campus of the University of South of the Five Ridges, including) within each building has a lot of flexible use of space. I can not help but think of Hongkong many-storied buildings (including schools and HOS) models, unnecessary door too, even a little less than eight hundred square foot apartment kitchen are to be installed on a door, and the kitchen is small, how to display the function (Function)? The appearance of the Hong Kong University Science & Technology teaching building is spectacular, but inside a door every up. I'm in the visiting a year, often get lost in it. Effect of how the emerge in an endless stream "threshold" to the teachers and students how? The concept of draw further apart it seems to "public space" and "personal space", but not "science", no more "function". Once I Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry Pier in the Maritime Building, the air outlet was suddenly two glass doors stopped head-on, I opened the door, but felt into a small glass prison, must first come out, turn a small bend can take the escalator down, that annoyed me. This is a misuse of space example. This example be too numerous to enumerate, any "bystander" see, only Hongkong residents to be accustomed to, become inured to the unusual. Only I often do "a powerful and unconstrained style" type conjecture: the door is a "modern" building cage, invisible shackles in our hearts? P7-9

Euro Vatican recently in the school on his new book "the humanities" text. We live in Taipei temporary home, I extremely boring boring, suggestions for him this book postscript, after he listens, raise both hands in favour of. He said there are many things not say, I revealed from the side, more natural. He said, we have lived together for ten years, for the rest of his life habits and thinking, I know. Two thousand and four years, we in Hong Kong, has again is five years. This five years, ovon from a real scholars, transformed into a half human, cultural identity. Rather, he is now state of mind is more like a scholar, his thought of life, love, it is a living document. Remember years ago his retirement seminars at Harvard, he at the end of the meeting, made a short speech, the effect that: "you here the cultural studies, but I want to go back to Hongkong, to join the practice of culture, perhaps the near future, I may become the object of your research." When he said these words, like to make fun of, his students and colleagues to half believe and half doubt, but I believe firmly, and couldn't help but be moved -- after all he is over sixty years. Starting from the back to Hongkong at the moment, he except as a full-time professor in Chinese University, and also a part-time critics and film critic, a few years ago more fascinated by the architecture, write a review of architectural culture. Classical music has always been his most loved, he listened to decades of music, from morning to night every day to listen to them, not only at home listening to music hall, but also enjoy the scene. When travel to the field, he must first pay attention to the local music program, have the opportunity to hear and then quickly. Most importantly, she got into the ear, not only nourish the soul, but also by the touch, as a music critic, writing a romantic atmosphere, pertinent and moving. He diligently to write, in order to promote young people to listen to classical music interest. Over the years, writing the tired want to sign off do not write, accidentally met in the street a few fans said to him: "Professor Li, I am on your introduction of CD to learn to listen to music." By this saying, he again putting pen to write. If classical music is his "big woman", the film should be his "kept woman". I'm such a ratio, he did not agree, he corrected said: "you are my" big woman ", followed by the music, food, film, literature, and constructionBuilding......" I smell speech of course be transported with joy. When it comes to film it, and his love "kept woman", the time has been long, at least half a century. He told me I was in high school, in Hsinchu, often skip class to watch Hollywood movies. The university has started to write reviews. At that time had well over a hundred western film director's name, firmly in mind. To American graduate school, living in poverty, and even to eat dinner money down to watch a movie, it is really a big fan! Teaching at Harvard days, habits do not change, work every day to night, returned home from the office, is after ten, after dinner, will open the television to watch classic films, TV, until late at night to go to bed before two or three a.m.. He and I got married to Hongkong life, advised him to go to bed early, so he changed to seven thirty in the evening after the movie, go to bed at ten thirty. So a week down, seen the movie at least ten of eight. Every time I go to the store, he couldn't help to buy many CD and DVD, give me his pocket money is gone, leaving only be bursting with happiness. Five years down, home of the "two D" (CD and DVD) have long pile up like a mountain hand, living room and den erected a wooden, almost no me "a place to live in.". Last year he received press advice, ready to write a book about the relationship between film and literature. This is not, he in addition to look great DVDs, re reading many classic works of literature. The house was the book is the disaster caused by flooding water, now in order to reference needs, he buys the most famous English literature. Often in order to compare and contrast, he watched the adaptation of several film versions from the same literary works, and at the same time reference works and other academic books, can become "the shadow." and "the bookworm". I want to persuade him not to. He often said: "what I can do, just do research, write and teach students, must not be careless in." I'm afraid he is too tired to persuade him not to be too nervous, did not think of him more and more energetic, head turning more flexible, thought like spring, five years not to, already beyond retirement he set himself the target. It's just my opinion, he is not satisfied, also did not mean to stop, still want to make still further progress further, to write a better book. "The humanities" this text book, is he in recent years the interest of record. He would later write a book about the construction of the book, but is still in the primary stage, the need to continue to study hard. He continued to improve, self deprecating self spirit, it is the embodiment of humanistic spirit. In the long years, he imperceptibly be leisurely and carefree and cultural circles, music, film, literature, architecture and other personal interest, into the "text" humanities, entertainment entertainment. This is the generation of postscript. Li Ziyu
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"Building reading music and memory of Li Oufan works: Humanistic text" free import and various cultural circles, music, film, literature, architecture and so on personal taste mingle together, melting cultures of everyday life as a furnace, happy fool, humorous and witty. Professor Li Oufan is the 性情中人 hundred-percent, his wisdom is always full of fun and the milk of human kindness: architectural design, he saw the Beijing Olympic Stadium the bird's nest designer Herzog motives of all is not the building itself, but in a packed audience; read literature and history, he found the first flow style in USA President Kennedy only a one, the second is Obama; enjoy music and movies, he said he did not watch old movies is a great loss, as if only eat instant noodles do not eat duck with eight treasures, miss the real Food.
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