Ha, Japan

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In my opinion, the long sound brother was the first Chinese like to write Japanese, like Linda write USA, Keddy write English, written by Lu Lan in France, despite their different perspective and style all. -- Chen Zishan "and Li Changsheng" encounter "" of course I love to read Li Changsheng's essays, erudite and informed, true love make good sense, written when he drunk best, you should read the drunk. Chen Hao regret we didn't meet sooner -- "Li Changsheng"

Li Changsheng, was born in 1949 in Changchun, a former deputy editor of the literary magazine in japan. Going to Japan in 1988, specializing in the cultural history was published in japan. Self excitation "work view society, Expo article", the last century since the 90's Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Taiwan, newspaper essays on the column, the collection of "RI Zhi manlu" "Izakaya gossip" "wind" gossip "Fang" and so on more than ten kinds of gossip in Tokyo Bay, near
Author brief introduction

And Li Changsheng "meets" Chen Zishan I love reading Li Changsheng, I know the long sound elder brother is the book to read first, see the person. Although I agree with Mr. Qian Zhongshu that win universal praise saying: "if you ate an egg to feel pretty good, why to know that hen?" But I after all is the ordinary people, far less than the money the way Mr. wise, always want to know long sound elder brother, listen to what he has to write so much about Japan's works. Two thousand eight years summer, suitable for a visit to Japan, I think the opportunity came, please brother Wang Weisong introduction, plans to visit long sound elder brother to Tokyo after the seminar in Nagoya University. But he was on the second day I arrived in Japan on the trip to Beijing, we only through a phone call. Machine unfortunately, just miss the person or opportunity, not upset, have to meet again next year in Japan together. Sometimes life is wonderful, can be expected to see but failed, did not expect to meet unexpectedly. Two thousand and nine years late autumn, Shenzhen business newspaper sponsored the annual "ten books" selection activities, I and brother are the long sound, two people finally meet in Shenzhen. White Ying yen, took long sound physical and brother and I feel people affinity. The meeting over, we all talk about talk of everything under the sun, said Yi, in high and vigorous spirits, fast with him! The meeting results, is the "ha", japan. Japan is our neighbor, "a narrow strip of water" is the first to realize the modernization of neighbors, but also for more than 100 years has brought us great pain neighbors. This is a particularly complex, from "the tale of Genji", Ukiyo-e to kimono, Japanese tea ceremony, is enough to make the world proud cultural heritage, but also have Japanese Bushido, the Yasukuni Shrine, a variety of sexual perversion, and so on, in the world also can be called a must. On the other hand, our "brothers" in Japan, our Guo Moruo, Yu Dafu also is in japan. Until now, our knowledge is there from Takeuchi Yoshimi, Mizoguchi Yumi, Kojin Karatani Japanese scholars seek the ideological resources; literature from Kawabata Yasunari, Oe Kenzaburo, Haruki Murakami and other Japanese writer for literature resources. As for the contemporary Japanese pop culture, including the "animation", Cara OK, pop stars and so on, to today's Chinese especially the younger generation, it is difficult to measure, "Hari" phenomenon is the resulting. I spent six months in Japan, but only to glance over things hurriedly, coupled with the lack of understanding of Japanese culture, Japanese, richness, diversity and complexity is superficial, strictly speaking, I'm afraid even the fur is not. Long sound elder brother is completely different. His trip in Japan for many years, "lying in Japan on the edge of time, looked" for Japan's cognition is more and more deeply, and he loves to show off literary skill, so Everfount ground into wonderful words. Single is into a book, what I see is "read" "RI Zhi Ying diffuse diffuse book" "words" "East tour of the west side of the sun into the Japanese"...... Since the last century since the late eighty's, long sound brother wrote a superb collection of beautiful things of Japanese writing, write better and better, become a. Said before, to understand Japan, must read some of Zhou Zuoren; now it can be said, in order to understand the Japanese, especially the understanding of contemporary Japan, must read Li long sound. In my opinion, the long sound brother was the first Chinese like to write Japanese, like Linda write USA, Keddy write English, written by Lu Lan in France, despite their different perspective and style all. "Ha, Japan" is a new anthology of long sound brother about Japanese text. Display the text as the book, long sound brother wrote essays from Japan to, but this does not prevent him from real and profound understanding of japan. Publishing from literature to, from clothing to food, to the behavior from the language, from history to culture, from politics to economy, from the elegant to popular, from niche to mass, Japan, numerous, long sound elder brother see, hold, It's written out.. He rarely portray Japanese well-known mountains and rivers, but that doesn't mean that he completely indifferent to the beautiful natural scenery, he only had to write his Japanese words into guide pure. He is more concerned about the Japanese contemporary social and cultural phenomenon, and the association of these phenomena and the traditional Japanese culture and neighboring countries. Start writing the Japan, long sound brother has been committed to the "Japanese spirit" of the inquiry and examination. He read Japanese, analysis of Japan, can demolish with penetrating criticism, pierce to the heart of the matter! Readers to appreciate his beautiful writing at the same time, must not be forgotten in the text behind him to Japan's unique observation and critical thinking. The book was intended to name "Japan's face", this is the book the title of an article. But the long sound brother think twice, finally changed to "ha, Japan". This change, it is the finishing touch. In his own words, the "ha" is different from "Hari" "ha", "ha, is the first surprise, is further after that, while the low voice, almost well, even a little it's disdain. The sound of 'ha', and 'Hari' family implied meaning cut". Of course, the long sound brother never agree blindly "anti japan". I think, he to this interesting and unique title interpretation, should be read and understand the "ha, Japan" key. Last year the Shenzhen party, "first meeting", is bearing long sound brother don't abandon, to me as he edited the anthology, and ask me for a. I have to resign and not accurate, only crustily skin of head answer. Master of my student miss Yang Xia participated in the book the primaries; "iron book" Li Liming brother and make snap to adjust, so this "ha, Japan" by the brand-new appearance presents to the reader before. Readers read the book, if some income, and cause of Japan and the long sound brother text further interest in the nature, due to the long sound brother beautiful style of writing.; if you compile properly, failed to reflect the long sound brother text look, it should lay the blame on me, can only pray long sound, brother and brother dawn the reader will forgive. Finally, looking forward to some day in the future, and the long sound brother again "encounter", wine a cup to Syria, friendship, and japan! August 18, 2010 in the sea @##@ Meichuan pillar "Cherry blossoms and big and soul" cherry blossom like a bitch, opened its wow wow, and fall. A tree with branches, falling like rain like snow, mass production, mass consumption, a popular. "In the construction of ornamental aesthetics", is indeed better than the noble not expensive fan, your old not expensive tender, expensive not expensive fertilizer, thin your joint not expensive open plum save a lot. Mei is winter, when cold weather. Cherry is in full bloom when spring, Tokyo has out cold, is the sun shines, Its brightness dazzles the eyes. The sun is warm, just under the flower drinking experience, finally get rid of winter's sense of liberation. Even the tramps are put on the richest in the world indifference, now singing, now dancing. Flowers, from the cultural sense from the China. When the watch is a plum, is said to be the Kentoushi brought back, as a symbol of China culture, in the era of peace were nobles enjoy to be in ecstasies. Nezu Art MuseumSee "God art", there are a few pieces of the Muromachi era hanging scroll, the knowledge, the God of poetry, calligraphy Daozhen's painting "Du Tang" appearance, holding a plum, such as the goddess holding a willow branch, Zhu Geliang shouzhiyushan, Daoist daomaoanran. In fact, he is proposing to scrap the envoys. When the noble aesthetic consciousness from the elegant to gorgeous, some very feminine, makeup may gradually gave way to the thick wipe cherry. In 812 years, love blossoms emperor saga opened banquet hanami, open court tradition, to this. The son benevolence emperor tomorrow will be more shishinden South order under the "right - left Mei" to "left". So, the ceremony to act, the left palace guards are arranged in Prunus serrulata under. The temple shrine, aristocracy popular held "Sakura in under the cherry blossoms". "Hand in hand" chrysanthemum sword often saw a old photo, is a picture of the Supreme Allied Commander, general Macarthur and Hirohito of Japan: the tall Macarthur clothes, no tie, both hands waist, wearing a dress of the emperor on his side, Yang moustache, thin and small. This is after the surrender of Japan in September 27th. His Majesty the emperor for the fate of be in a constant state of anxiety, his faithful subjects began to panic buying "the conversation", this is only a thirty-two page booklet sold three million six hundred thousand copies, create the publication history the first miracle. The emperor to American embassy to visit Macarthur, thirty-five minute chat, photo. What about the emperor's death, said to the emperor, Macarthur recalled: cigarette I noticed that his hands were trembling. The emperor said: I take full responsibility for all the decisions and actions taken in the two aspects of politics, military national war, to come to visit, give myself to you on behalf of the States award. This moment, I feel that in front of the emperor is the best Japanese gentleman. Holding the hammer like pipe, from the emperor Macarthur of attitude change, do not agree to pursue its responsibility for the war. The postwar ideological circle coquettish said Maruyama Mayo, Japanese saw this picture in a newspaper, completely lost confidence. More than three months after the 1946 January, under the emperor, declared himself rather than god. The same year, Ruth Benedict published "the chrysanthemum and the sword" in Japan in 1948 American, translation and publication. At that time, the Japanese do not understand America, do not understand the American, full of fear, perhaps before you made the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor how did not expect to write a book "the eagle and the atomic bomb" what. A government directive around the brothel, meet the American soldiers, and spoke to the women, dressed in clean, do not in front of people 露乳 breasts, but American troops ordered the abolition of prostitution, don't tell them what it is. For the Japanese, the immediate needs, bysolongatime, not your face in the mirror looking, but make every attempt at understanding they have ghost livestock Americans, so "the chrysanthemum and the sword" as the timely rain, is written in Japanese, but everywhere by Americans, is used as the textbook. Moreover There was no parallel in history. to Japanese Culture Abstract A pattern, and put on a par with American culture and Western culture, more Japanese surprise, even took the picture down confidence. "The mystery of the Hollywood movie" geisha "geisha" is based on the best-selling novel by Arthur Golden in 1997 USA, life course play a Geisha according to prostitution. Who is Chinese star, it is to teach Japanese Geisha community dissatisfaction, because most of them can be a geisha is a solitary Fang's traditional culture, how to interpret the foreign woman. Reportedly, the geisha image is the first Americans do bad. In 1898, a lawyer called John Luther Ron, haven't been to Japan, to hear stories in the short story "Madame Butterfly", the first move on the Broadway stage, again by Italy composer Puccini spectrum for the opera, from then on, a matter that is the man what things, must have the love in the end, to die the geisha image frames in the American Heart, but this image is more than a Geisha, and Japanese women. A few years ago, when ten years of Iwasaki Mineko's the geisha geisha is angry with the prostitute be confused, writing in USA publishing, the personal care of celebrities such as Honda automotive entrepreneur Soichiro Honda, Nobel physics prize winner Yukawa Hideki had pulled out, to demonstrate the charm of a Geisha "flash". In fact, is the Feng Zi took Arthur Golden into the world of Geisha, and later told him to keep his promise, exposed a man have a Geisha. Americans who believe, it was her repeat the mistake of Madame butterfly. By American overbearing, make you play you to did not discuss, want you to did not discuss, the geisha world it can only watch movies released in Japan, but the audience is not buy it. A Geisha, our Eileen Chang said: "the Japanese beauty in the famous" twelve "brothel, draw twenty-four hours a day in the life of a geisha. It is difficult to the painter's attitude is our understanding of the times, the same respect and solemnly. Chinese does have Xiao Mei Su, Dong Xiaowan, from fly head group jumped out, since very high, but in the China this is individuality prominent, while in Japan became a system -- in Japan, what will become a kind of system. Geisha is too observant of conventional standards. trained lover of the public, most ethereal movement also has the traditions and customs of the weight, not the slightest vacillation...... So the prostitute to ideal, the only explanation I can think of is Japanese for training attention, and Geisha, because the training is more thorough, so very close to the female beauty standards. Otherwise we can't know Yazaki Junichiro in "between man and God" why to a geisha to represent his' holy Madonna'." "Seppuku, are a thing of the past" Japanese "ritual" Dutch act is a name, almost is a manifestation of nationalism. I still love Dutch act, but usually by hanging, drowning, jump off building and other methods, but also quietly implementation. As for the "happy", in reality, people remember, probably only the Yukio Mishima. The event took place in November 25, 1970. Yukio Mishima always keep on time into the GSDF eastern side team director Masuda Kaneri's office with Morita Katsu, Koga Hiroyasushi and other four young men. They were dressed in shield will tame, nervous. Mishima and Yitian are old acquaintances. In August 17, 1945 the stronghold of Department of the army combat class with less fine gas on Yitian as a "sincere, dielectric wrong", Mishima thought he was the samurai warrior. See Mishima handSaber like knife, on Mishima's literature and thought that resonated with the Yitian suddenly understand something. Accept compliments, he quietly asked: "the knife is really?" "Really, seventeenth Century a knife." "During the day with a knife......" "Up to remember." And Mishima said, let a young man took the license. "Good Dao?" He pulled his knife. This is a signal, the four young people rush forward. The Secretary tea, sees screaming. Several staff heard the rushing, but Yitian has tied to a chair. Mishima wears reads "seven country" wiping the amount of speech, to the balcony, but following a boos, had to interrupt. Mishima returned to the office of the director, slowly took off his coat, sitting on the carpet. Morita turned to him, in the wrong position of dielectric. Mishima holds about 30 cm long knife, touched the lower left, to the point where the razor. Morita strabismus his neck, raised in seventeenth Century a knife. Three cheers long live the emperor Mishima. Body flexion, took a deep breath, "ah" sound, to put the knife in the belly. The right hand shake, shake on the left hand, straight to you. Morita brandished a knife, but is a bit slow, Mishima's body fell forward, a knife cut into the shoulder. Shout three others: "another knife!" Mishima groaned, intestines exposed. Morita cut a knife, cut to the body. "Rush to fill a knife!" He put forth all his strength cut third knives, cut off the head or not. "You come for me!" Koga Hiroyasushi learned fencing, took the knife, knife to cut off Mishima's neck.
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twelve, @##@ postwar literature Chinese heart have a Japan complex, Japan is both familiar and strange, to understand its culture, there are some obstacles. Book in-depth interpretation of Japan, respectively on the Japanese national spirit, culture, history, society, basic necessities of life, literature and art...... Almost involves all aspects of you want to know. The authors explain, the humor and wit, for readers is a kind of enjoyment, from every detail inside to read a real japanese. Contemporary Chinese, no one more than Li Changsheng understand Japanese, to understand the society and culture of Japan, read Li Changsheng's book is the most efficient method.
Chapter excerpt

"Ha, Japan: twenty years of observation:" zero distance "reading" magazine column the first Japanese people from the details of the interpretation of a real Japanese Hari to Kazakhstan to itch, want to back to home to be just perfect Anti Japanese, friendly. Zhang Yi and Chen Hao - especially recommend Chen Zishan compiled and a 昌文 Shen Yang, water, Sun Zhi an, Yu Lin Shaohua Wang 中忱 Liu Ning -- these masters wrote to the author of the book -- want to know Japan extolled to read Li Changsheng
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His pen is how to practice? Zhang Yihe, to Tokyo, on the understanding of Li Changsheng, that is two hundred eight year in the spring. We walked all the way, all the way to see, a way, become fast friends, seems to be known for a long time friend. You ask Japan's history, he can tell you; you ask Japanese customs, he can answer you; you ask the Japanese literature, he can say this phenomenon is prime; even the little trifles problem, also can give you a satisfactory answer. Single this skill, I admire. Describe the fathers of old, called "Japanese", today is known as the "know day school". Go to Tokyo's Asakusa temple, far from the temple, is already crowded, streams of people busily coming and going. It's boring! Have a look next to Li Changsheng, go be in fine fig, speech to be in the best of spirits. I asked: "you stay with friends at home to the number of times?" He is light sentence: "many times." In the souvenir shop, I picked up a bronze crafts with chrysanthemum. His both hands, automatic speaking: "the chrysanthemum, the Royal Arms, sixteen valve......" Listen, instantly moved: he said to himself, but for me. Let me know it be no trivial matter. Japanese chrysanthemum, also intended to preserve the "Sister Zhang". We went to visit Museum of Contemporary Art in Japan, "commemorating the centenary of Kaii Higashiyama's birth exhibition". After the view out, long past the lunch time, hungry and thirsty. On the way, met a paper shop, my interest and steep, be careless with a man's head. East West picking out, engage in part-time. Li Changsheng silently accompany me, wait for me. Out of the store, I suddenly remembered: he has diabetes, is the need to eat. Beijing day arrived, Li Changsheng has a beautiful "Lexus" take me to the airport. When breaking up some really reluctant, hope his chatterbox old open. With too many books, overweight! MS Japan without demur, readily in a A4 copy paper drew several pens, up to my eyes. A look at: Seventeen thousand! I thought, this is "fine". Back in Beijing, told Li Changsheng to use the "e-mail". He replied in the mail: "not expensive, big sister, everything is worth." Knowledge in detail, probably correctly. From then on, "long sound brother!" My name is very cool. Li Changsheng is very good, the book is well written. Pen, quite chilly rain study style and taste. A style of comfort air, a few pens but having substance in speech, fresh and simple text is very exquisite. Write as if spring, tender bamboo; autumn, like the morning frost. For example, so many people about the Japanese cherry blossoms, say how it is beauty, how elegant. Not bear want our long sound you will it to bitch, "wow" open, "wow" fall, god! Written by Li Changsheng, involving a wide range. Like a kaleidoscope, pick up gently shake, is a Japanese society. Rainbow, evil spirit it is good-looking. And he wrote, and not the Japanese real people, things, objects, scene, solid. Brushwork always falls on the "real" social life level, which makes his writing has a very rigid and tough content. Unlike some to guest, send us copious and fluent Japanese perception and color excellent pictures, watching always buoyant floats. In my humble opinion: grand narrative, and gorgeous literary talent, "literary" building needs a "real" monument to the cornerstone. Li Changsheng's work is real, not easy to be washing time and fashion, even if the short message, you will also have the income. Yeah, literature than the battlefield more tragic -- is plagiarism, banned, is money, is political oppression and marginalization "". However, not all the flowers in spring, but in autumn, to confirm its existence. In real life people, things, objects, King Li Changsheng the passions of traction. These specific and sincere feelings in a free and easy attitude, will flow into the "soul" level. Literature often says "the expression of the soul", simply put, is not an author can have the understanding to the "people", and further? In other words, is asHome to the individual life experience of human survival on the way there are basic state, including all kinds of mood, mental. Li Changsheng is good at thinking, style of writing is good, many people still remember him in the last century eighty's published in "reading" magazine article. I think, adhere to the true, free "personality" pen and ink, when is the secret of his success. Another characteristic of Li Changsheng is based on the "real", into the long term observation of their own and concentrated thinking, various factors into the history, society, culture, folklore, psychology, geography, cross each other, evolution, permeability, promoting, finally completed a literary theme. Japanese geisha is a subject of interest, but also how many and I majored in. This stretches for hundreds of years of things, Li Changsheng writes about, since different from others. From the evolution of history, geisha name to occupation standard, word carefully, and clarifies many misunderstandings of Chinese people. In his "the wind to Fang gossip" a book, tell us: the geisha centralized residence called "street", also called "Hua Liu xiang". But the street not prostitutes Museum, geisha show is not prostitution, "song and dance performance as possible. The guest is silent about wine, the guests have accompanied with game." Their service in two hours. "Now, and in the Edo period is to burn a stick of incense calculation time". Li Changsheng said, a Geisha Girl "from training, like the Japanese garden, seemingly natural, is actually the best artificial". Even they wore what clogs, which only portable kimono hem and other trivial point, are needed. The degree of specialization, no less than the study of drama dress, wear system. Li Changsheng not only has a very good social insight, and eyes wide. He can from the geisha and politician, literary relations, dig out the deeper cultural connotation. The former is Itou Hirofumi, Kakuei Tanaka, Junichiro Koizumi. The latter such as Yazaki Junichiro, Kawabata Yasunari, Junichi Watanabe. Politicians have traditional custom of the geisha, geisha future writing cost; and writer with beautiful style of writing., they will be written in the country. No wonder Li Changsheng sighed: big and soul essence is not warlike, randy. Pen walked here, ready to "ending", do not want to Taiwan "&" press to send me his new book "gossip" Tokyo bay. Open directory, immediately see "funny geisha" table of contents. Street woman is a persistence of Japanese history, it is the people always enjoy it to talk about, but also the author repeatedly chewing material. But as Li Changsheng writes so well, after all, not many. Li Changsheng wrote drinking, write write write whaling, streetscape, bookstore, write the Ukiyo-e, write songs are wonderful, died, delicate and brilliant. Narrative, talk in an impressive way; shaped objects, not to mind taking the trouble to write, genuine Baimiao Kung Fu. Don't understand: his pen is how to practice? Bland trivial had high perspicacity, fully and delightfully simple see deep -- not the years baptism, not the challenge of life, the literary realm is not up to the. Two January 2010 in Beijing Shou Yu Zhai
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  •   Imperceptibly, still cut these are not familiar with neighboring words, but through their reading, think the neighbors very interesting.
  •   The only disappointment is a book without pictures
  •   Very good book, you can buy to try to read.......
  •   After the sale, price is still relatively high. The content can be, "choose" set. Paper is bad point.
  •   Looking at, the more depth
  •   The prose description, not very system. I hope there will be a comprehensive system or more in-depth introduction to Japanese books. Know yourself as well as the enemy can ever victorious. Chinese ordinary people for they do poorly understood, instead they have for us to study very thorough.
  •   Worth a read, can understand a lot of information!
  •   Well, I have a look. Can give some help
  •   The contents of very rich very good-looking
  •   Prose, readable not strong
  •   Some regret, is too shallow.
  •   Read feel boring, can't read
  •   This book is very good, let me more detailed understanding of Japanese culture.
  •   Author Tahiro Hiroshi, the great amount of information
  •   Know more about foreign countries, especially neighbors is good to see this book is a little like a magazine, and as small as novel, prose......

Culture @ 2017