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Date of publication:2011-7   Press: Xiangtan University   Author:Hendrik William Orron   Pages´╝Ü343  

Edited by Hendrik William Orron's "geographic story" was written in 1932, few months America namely sold nearly 140000 copies, a year has always been in a "non fiction" of the most sales. The British version of the starting 130000 8000 volumes, otherwise Devin, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, Portuguese, Swedish versions available, sales statistics can not be regarded as human beings, publication history "miracle"
. In 1933, the book was introduced Chinese, then a three Chinese versions, then "geographic story" and has been re published, which has not been a geography book, with so many Chinese readers......
Author brief introduction

Hendrik William Orron (1882 - 1944), Hispanic America writer. 1921 wrote "the story of mankind", spring into fame, and renowned in the world. He is a great popular writers, great cultural popularization, published more than 30 books, his humanistic vision, through the language of wisdom will every aspect of human history almost all repeat it again, most of his works are popular in the world's best-selling book. Van Loon versatile, proficient in 10 languages, have a beautiful violin, but also paint, all his writings full illustration from their handwriting. His major works include "the story of earth" (also translated "van Loon geography"), "tolerance", "the story of the Bible", "and" the man of the world and talk.
Catalogue of books

1 human and home
2. what is the "geography"?
3. our planet: the characteristics, rules and status of the
4. map: the trials of a long journey wayfinding difficult
5. earth there are four seasons in
7. found in the ocean of European
8.: Ancient Greek connecting Asia and emerging Europe bridge
9. Italy: geography made the sea overlord or land power
10. of Spain: Africa and European battle of France:
12. have everything that one expects to find countries Belgium: pages decide her fate
13. Luxemburg: encounter history trick
14. Switzerland: four language different ethnic harmony: the late
15. German national
16. Austria: no applause national
17. Denmark: small in some respects better than power model of
18. Iceland: one of the Interesting Political Laboratory
19. Scandinavia Peninsula: the Swedish Kingdom and the kingdom of Norway local
20. Holland: swamp rising Empire
21. UK: little island, packed
22. Russia: country of the European or Asian country?
23. Poland: its own land, others corridor
24. Czechoslovakia: "the Treaty of Versailles" fruits of
25. Yugoslavia: "
26. another piece of the Treaty of Versailles" of the Bulgarian orthodox Balkan countries:
27. Romania: an oil Royal National
28. Hungary: Hungary or residual
29. Finland: diligence and wisdom to overcome the bad environment again
3l. found that Asian Asia and the world
32. Asia
33. plateau in Central Western Asia plateau
34. Arabia
35. India: people and natural mutual promotion and common development in Asia,
36. southern peninsula owner
37. China: East Asian Peninsula
38. North Korea and Mongolia: uncertain
39. Japan Empire
40. Philippines: Mexico territory
41. Dutch East India islands: small people dominion
42. Australia: the creator of the optional
44. Pacific Islands: no tillage non woven, still life
45. Africa: a contradiction and contrast with the continental
46. America: a most fortunate,
47. to create a A new world
Chapter excerpt

On modern people's indifference to. When human ancestors put aside the branches, cane and study hard with hind legs walk, must look funny. However, because of the clumsy walk, humans began to move from the original civilization. And those old masters, they won the savage violence and cunning of supreme rule on earth two hundred million square kilometres of land and sea. Now their fate and how? Most of them on earth has gone forever, only in the Museum of natural history, modern people can see them once dominated the traces of life. Some survived, but they had to drop your turn your, do the human animal, to please the Lord, put their fur, eggs, milk, and intercostal muscles, free of charge, contribution, and even the human is lazy. They had to drag some human human beyond one's strength one's power. Otherwise a lot of animal simply put their exiled to stay away from the humans place. And human believe those places are not worth a struggle, allows these poor bastards live, temporarily where reproduction. In short, the human become the planet every piece of land to allow all doubt master, only 2000 centuries (in the time river, this is just a moment). Also, the atmosphere and oceans now will be humans into their own territory. So prominent performance. Hundreds of millions of human members created, but, in addition to the magical rationality, human has the advantage of not more than the competition. Even so, I still have a little exaggeration. In fact, although the ability to reason and think of their own interests is a most noble form, but only a handful of members of the human species has privileges, most other members are not allowed to have the privilege of. So, thisSmall group of people, logical to become the majority owner. No matter how angry about this situation, most people who are leaders can only bend. Human progress has become such a strange and winding process. No matter how hard you struggle, but the real pioneer only in the tens of thousands of the numerous living beings in a _. Human pace will put itself to where? The who also unforeseen. Although human inherited from ancestors there wild, make the mankind itself between killing than human to animal or trees are more violent (the process of human civilization for the wild behavior deviated from the normal track), but in the past in 4000 under the guidance of the light of civilization, human is able to create a more brilliant future. The human footprint in almost every piece of land of the earth, humans almost mastered each resource on the earth. Even if there are wilderness, but with insight and wisdom, his profound superior guns. People will also gain the right to use the things of the world. The earth is our home, nature is the mother of mankind. She produced a rich food, let the human not hungry; she devote enough debris and forest, let the human building warm home; the pasture flocks, the orchid field of flax and Chinese silkworm weaving, allowing humans to resist heat and cold. Our home is wonderful. Nature to humans, generation after generation, only humans do a little investment, in the future will be able to enjoy. However, nature has its own rules. Her rule is relentless, and is fair, no room for a supply of sth.. Nature selfless love human, at the same time, she also asked the human must obey her laws, must obey the will of her. In a pasture, if can only accommodate 50 cows, and stocking has 100 heads, there will be a disaster, it is each ranchers have clear knowledge. Then, in a piece of land if only enough to live 100000, live 1000000 people, this means that overcrowding, poverty and suffering will appear in this area. Obviously, those leaders dominate the fate of mankind but ignore the fact. Moreover, many of the errors committed in humans is not the most serious. On the law of nature, human beings are another way to disobey: in extant species of human beings, the only kind of hostility. Dog doesn't eat dog, tiger does not eat tiger. Even the most ferocious hyena can also live together peacefully and fellow. However, the human is hatred, killing each other. In today's world, to kill its neighbours and make the fastest response, it is the priority of each country. Similar coexist, nice, this is the first law of nature. Human beings are openly defy the law, so we have to care-laden, human faces possible genocide news, because the human survival competition enemies in a moment eyeing. If human beings are unwilling or unable to continue to dominate the world, there will be tens of thousands of candidates waiting for the man down, he boarded the throne of king of the earth. Compared with the battleships and heavy layers of dense planet, a cat, dog or elephants or other what senior species ruling planet or more valuable. As the ancestors of human stupidity and ignorance, is misguided, in danger of misery. What humans decide on what path to follow? How to get rid of this wretched shameful human dilemma? This book attempts to poke dense fog, as human beings seek a bright future. Need time, need hundreds of years, self education step by step, a slow and painful. In order to find out the real way of self-help. Humans will awaken to this: in the same planet, we are all fellow travelers, are all neighbors, is a companion, but friend. When we understand that the earth is the only human, common homeland, in addition, no other place, we will be like a train or ship's tourists, learn to respect each other. We are on the same planet companion. Should share weal and woe, to pull together in times of trouble. Call me a dreamer, called me dream home, or simply called me an idiot. You can call the police take me away, or to call an ambulance took me to the insane asylum, I no longer have the opportunity to spread this unwelcome heretical beliefs. But. Please keep my words in mind, in the last human destruction is approaching, please take my words to remember. Those things humans will have to keep war, the new owners of the earth over the key to happiness for more qualified. This sentence is the only hope of human salvation: we have only one earth, we are partners and friends, all of them deal with the human world of happiness to shoulder the responsibility to. P3-5
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China modern writer Yu Dafu said: "van Loon's pen, there is a kind of magic", "dry and tasteless of scientific knowledge, he then write a, both adults and children, who read his book, have forgotten that Weiwei juan". Including compiled by Hendrik William Orron "geographic story": Greece, Italy, Austria, Czechoslovakia and other countries.
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  •   Dry and tasteless of scientific knowledge, he then write a, both adults and children, who read his book, have forgotten that Weiwei juan"
  •   To improve students' interest in learning geography
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  •   I very like typography, illustrations, overall very refreshing

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