Freedom Square

Date of publication:2011-10   Press: Shandong Fine Arts Publishing House   Author:Wang Peipei   Pages:311  

Under the pen name Maggie
Wong, a freelance writer, was born in Jinzhou city of Liaoning province. Graduated from the Journalism Department of Huazhong University of Science and Technology in Beijing, had more than a year, settled in Shanghai since 2006.
typical after 80, love will take one's ease way of life and work, love go ballistic travel, love photography, hope to have the opportunity to become the amateur photographer.
know luxury lifestyle, you always enjoy it to travel.
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Frankfurt is well known because it is the world's busiest station of the transfer, many travelers pass by in hurry, I never stay. However, perhaps it is because of this unique city Frankfurt personality, to make the city more inclusive. One was named "Romans" medieval buildings, located in Frankfurt City Center Plaza, the square will be called the Roman plaza. Now the Roman square, is no longer just a simple square, is the center of Frankfurt, and the "Roman" this building has also become one of the most important landmarks of Frankfurt. In fact, from the beginning of the middle ages, the Roman Plaza has become Frankfurt city center square. As the market and commodity exchange, the place at that time by the local business Italy businessman named. In addition, the Frankfurt political rallies and the court also held here. For Frank Fu, Rome square, is of extraordinary significance. The center of the square there is a built in 1541, the goddess of justice like a fountain, the water flow in the pool in the jet does not cease, and the time is like the water, from the Middle Ages to today. In the Holy Rome empire period, when the emperor crowned goddess statue, fountain next to it spewed red Wine for public use. Skyscrapers are more impression on Frankfurt, and the Romans square has become a relic of the history of Frankfurt, this is the modern city only preserved medieval street style of the city square. And that one was named "Romans" old house, also already in 1405 March 11th by the Italians and the next one was named "golden swan" building together sold to the City Council, became the Frankfurt city hall, and in this atmosphere after more than six years of vicissitudes of life.......
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Square Plaza overview of the origin of
square historical development and evolution of style
PART 2 stop time Europe Square
"impression of Germany"

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Cologne Bremen "Czech impression"

Prague "Hungary" Budapest impression

"Austria impression"

"Vienna Spain Barcelona impression"

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PART 3 other world plaza introduced
London -- Trafalgar Square series
Dublin -- temple bar district
Madrid -- large square
Seville -- Spanish square
Milan -- Cathedral Square
Stockholm -- The City Hall Square square in the city centre of Oslo --
Nansen square
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Athens -- Amsterdam -- Dam Square Plaza de la Constitucin

Paris -- the building square
Siena - Campo square
Burger -- Nuremberg -- Grand Place municipal square

Lisbon Zurich -- Cathedral Square
-- Commercial Plaza, Slovenia -- Warsaw -- 普利斯伦 square

postscript @##@ old town square In Europe, there are too many city and local cultural plaza cannot experience, there are more hidden behind the mystery of the medieval legend even further in the square to explore, as is the square itself, although the concentrated culture, art and life style within the limited space, but can always to travelers more infinite longing space.
if the life and history of Europe is also attracting you, this "Freedom Square" then please will follow Wang Peipei's experience, a person's travel, from the beginning of European city square, feel this piece of continental deep and beautiful.
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