Fragments of the history of fashion

Date of publication:2011-2   Press: Jincheng press   Author:Tang Jianguang   Pages´╝Ü169  

Tang Jianguang, after graduation from the university has been engaged in the news work, has served as "Chengdu Business Daily" reporter, "Newsweek" Chinese chief reporter etc.. Over the years, he continued to deepen to the forefront of events, facts with unique vision, as a "pioneer" magazine editor in chief of national history, he wants to give the reader a new feeling, the history is like that, that can so see history.
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The copyright page: illustration: today into the fashion store pick a tie people, will not buy the wrong, because the tie their minds due to determine but style. But if we explore to the depths of history, will find the tie looks ever change unpredictably, if only defined as simple "neck strip textile decoration", "fashion historians will tie the end there for a long time" argument was flush with shame. From four hundred years to four thousand years, seems to have Shi Ke exam, but if put them in front of modern, but would certainly have been questioned: these things is really a tie? The neck strip textile decoration of the earliest, appeared in ancient egypt. Compared with the tie, called "short Cape" seems to be more appropriate. From now on the remnants of the murals, we can see that the Egyptians used a rectangular piece of cloth wrapped around the neck and shoulders, around the entire. Although the look and modern tie be quite different, but the function is similar: the modern men's tie in the formal occasions, is a symbol of social etiquette, and the ancient Egyptians, tie, it expresses the wearer's class and social status, people can not wear a tie, nobles are eligible to wear. After thousands of years of change, now tie shape has been unable to find and similarities in ancient Egypt, but as a symbol of identity or class, seemed to be the modern people completely inherited. USA cultural critic Paul Forsell in his book "style", "general belt as important markers for distinguishing between the middle class and the common class". Even many informal social gathering the invitation, will remind invited people to "tie", as the owners and other guests respect. Most people would think, a tie is a purely western style clothing accessories, but careful people will find that, China history can also find its traces. In China unearthed in Terracotta Army, we can see the wrapped strip textile warrior throat clearly. In the Han Dynasty established a regime, the soldier with the tie will quit the stage of history. Although the literature also has a "tie" message, such as "history of the Song Dynasty - five Zhi", "Beihai county silkworm weaving silk tie, as" a word, but here the "tie" refers to the ancient collar trim, rather than individual clothing accessories. Tie back again, already two thousand years later.
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Wig: Vanity tufted hair perm: father and his perm machine mask: contradiction tie safety fears and: from predator to the rich men's sons corset: Devil curve of the history of sculpture Bikini: crime or beautiful? Little black dress: Century romantic men's underwear: a name for the fig leaf flag pantyhose: latent high-heeled shoes for five hundred years: Ten cm on the landscape of human body: the way forward? Go back? Shoes Myth: Why did the ancient Greeks right does not wear a shoe Waltz: change two hundred years: 120 years of legendary Moulin Rouge in bath: bath from the music to the hundred years no baths sunbathing: Indigo between "medicine" and "cool": "the midnight sky regression to reproduce the colors in World War II": British first poster girl melt sword as the needle: in Paris during the war against the @##@ fashion The judge why head always wore a wig? The Titanic woman why want to strangle ourselves as a bee? Little black dress is to beat many fancy clothes into the eternal classic woman wardrobe? From the fashion we have always more or less look to a point when the shadow. These shadows or deep or shallow, or far or near, but does not preclude the love of truth we find by hard and thorough search along them, touch when social life mark, explore the essential meaning of fashion.
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Fashion, is rich leisure class will have the right to recreation, culture, or crazy together to create the "emperor's new clothes"?
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  •   Love fashion. A look at the fashion magazine.
    but you know their history?
    this book can be more clear understanding what you interested in fashion.
    what things are his history.
    especially those classical.
  •   The text written in a very good ~ ~ the refining than boring interesting fashion history
  •   Human is the beauty of human evil, though sometimes, have a look the history of human pursuit of beauty, ha ha.
  •   Rare footage of rare historical, not only learn knowledge, but also can be used as data collection.
  •   After reading, but think not that I want.
  •   I feel very good, very satisfied
  •   All right when you can have a look over,
  •   Roughly through the book content, feel good, but thin.
  •   After looking like it.
  •   But the thick point is good, the price is relatively a bit high.
  •   For fun, long knowledge
  •   See time is very relaxed, every article very vivid and humorous for some interesting things can have a lot of understanding
  •   A piece of debris, achievement clothes fashion beauty.
  •   The title of the book is very attractive, but the content of scattered, do not understand the design history, culture and art history at people with some difficulty.
    but I think the editor's intention is very good. Can be used as a class leisure entertainment, relax books watch.
  •   If you have time have a look the picture not prose style
  •   Good packaging paper is very good also roughly doubled the content of not what professional
  •   You want to name, about the history of fashion pieces, many fashion tidbits, though most people know, but still can be used as essay read
  •   The quality of the book can also be, but there is no imagination of so good, the contents of a little less, Fanfankan can still.
  •   When the rough understanding of fashion history.
  •   Very good book, but is split after the hair fast
  •   The content is relatively simple, the picture is less is not very fashionable
  •   Into the fashion to the long river of history, reflects the evolution of costume is how to influence human, natural environment. Illuminating a book. Development can letting me see clothing from the deeper angle.

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