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This book from me in the past ten years (1999 -- 2006) part of the text published in various newspapers, is sixty articles. Content is more complex; but in the compilation process, but found that the long or short articles, directly or indirectly, or two and I heart problems or hidden: the first is the traditional culture and modernization of our problems, the second is my view of two kinds of Chinese and Western heterogeneous culture. And return node is our suffering and rough people how to sustained and effective 'Enlightenment'". To sum up, almost belongs to the history and Humanities range. This is my study of Western civilization and Chinese civilization can not leave instantly and coherent thoughts. In two years I will be eighty years old, so from the collection may see some mental state I age. I'm not too will face the "margin", even if is long, the so-called "system" of the article, also is more like casually write, not many of the old and the new "terms", is "prose". These articles are only crude to roughly similar 编凑 together, there is no strict classification. Finally, the name "set" into the collection, from the familiar Gong Zizheng Qing Dynasty poem "Luo Hong is not a heartless things, into a more Huhua enriching the soil" meaning, because it symbolizes the expectation of the future. I sincerely hope that our children will live in a more bright, brilliant sunshine. Chen Lemin at the end of 2007 4 in Beijing in @##@ Fangguyuan cottage A philosopher's "confession" a few days ago a few familiar friends chat, talk about what is the western scholars "postmodernism", which referred to the French "structuralism" Louis Arduse Marx ". I said I was twenty years ago had seen the man, in the first two years of his "wife". Al Duce is "modern", I say not clear, at least with a little part of it; he is in recent years are here "post" the experts as the "master" of the Foucault teacher. So, I borrowed from a long in Beijing French friends at a Al Duce had written, published soon autobiographical "Confessions", the title of "The coming days would be long.". I have some interest in the book, just because I have the same author once, but this book focuses on the narrative, I can understand. It was 1977 or 1978 I went to Paris for a meeting, a friend said Al Duce would like to see a Chinese come from Chinese. So I "to" in the China embassy Paris reception room to talk with him for more than an hour. His purpose is very clear, is to listen to the just concluded the "Cultural Revolution" what's up. He said he admired Mao Zedong, like "on practice" and "on Contradiction", because there is not with himConsistent. The problem is that he can not understand, how could such a philosophy to make a "Cultural Revolution" as absurd. He gave me a copy of his book when breaking up, but I can't remember the long book, and the book was I to know what place; really sorry for him. Finally, he said very sincerely hope to have the opportunity to Chinese to have a look, but not now, because of the relationship between law and Chinese is not normal, but he is common Party member. He said, he was the first to see the "Stalin doctrine", so not for the PCF leadership capacity, be regarded as "heresy"; then the CPF also public criticism of Stalin, but his "heresy" cap but not therefore be removed. At the meeting two or three years later, one day is 1980, suddenly he heard his old wife of eight years, Elena just hands strangled! This news makes me surprised, philosopher and "murderer" how even up! Later found out he was a psychotic episode did at that time, so the court announced that "not to prosecute". He was sent to the hospital. In 1991 I went to Paris, living in the PLM area fourteen Street Hotel, although less than the bustling street, but also the heavy traffic on the street, and at the back of the hotel has a very quiet and clean street, there is a like a villa garden, through the closed ornamental gates can be a path to see the two rows of tall poplar and trees, two hundred meters long, straight to a simple story. As the early winter, leaves scattered on the ground, was a bit desolate. This is the original St. Anna psychiatric hospital; Al Duce had more than once lived here. Reportedly, Foucault et al also lived. Strange happenings. Why did these "thinkers" have a psychological problem.) Al Duce for "not to prosecute" did not feel the slightest relieved, because it deprived him of the chance to answer back. His wife's feelings are complex, not only have love, and fear; two opposing character, who also not who, tortured. Al Duce had been faithless, but without success; once separated, and they think of each other. He later said, that morning, Elena was still asleep, he went to comfort her, somehow, his hands in his wife's neck by touch to tighten, he suddenly wake up, found that his wife had died. He be convulsed with fear, shouting "I strangled Elena!" Al Duce since 1985 in the spiritual exhaustion handwritten this to emerge in its totality autobiographical "confessions and pain in the". He is in "roll" in say, if you want to stand trial, this book is his statement in court; due to non prosecution, he didn't like to hide in the heart, and determined to expose themselves in the world. I want to buried in the bottom of my heart the pain is the most difficult to bear, this is probably writing this book was. I hurriedly read, decided to recommend to a press, and found a serious translators for it. Always say, life is not easy; and the understanding of a person, especially why he made perverse sense things, it is not easy. Al Duce was a philosopher, it should be clear and strong mind, but he was "clear" the spirit is not normal degree. His childhood and youth is spent in extremely distorted in the home environment. The father of a tyrant, perverse in temperament, to treat his wife and son very rude. My mother is a loving virtuous traditional woman, I always read the dead husband -- the name "Al Duce's uncle -- so with her ex husband Louis" as the name of the son of. Mother loves him, is the overlapping of two person's love. Al Duce had formed the "Oedipus complex, Pu" introverted and eccentric. The deep psychological ill affected his life. After stepping into the society conflict between mind and cram in too many thoughts and beliefs, twisted together inextricably bogged down in. Ecole Normale Superieure,Pari is the cradle of training philosophers, new ideas a lot of strange and eccentric of the century for this. Al Duce accepted the classical philosophy of education system here, made from Nietzsche to Husserl's philosophy, made Lacan, Kang Jilan, Roland Barthes, Foucault, and he almost period "new ideas" scholar. His family is a traditional Catholic family, in the youth of unyielding faith in the original. The Second World War at the beginning of enlistment, was immediately captured by the Germans, the shut in Germany for four years. After the war, known to participate in the "resistance" of Elena, is "the arrow of love" shot. It is at this time, Al Duce's "Catholic skull" with love "into the Marx doctrine". When the French intellectuals "left"; for the young Al Duce, Christian and Marx's as you. Then take care, he joined the French Communist party. But soon he found that something is not quite right. He was the first for the PCF leadership only Stalin follow sb.'s lead skeptics. For example, he found that represents the equivalent of "the Communist International" nine intelligence agency sent at the time, a Czech nationality young actually order people about by arrogant to issue orders left and right on the method of leadership, even the general secretary torez et al have to respect him three points. He was confused about many things and distress. He understands what is political theory, philosophy, but philosophy and politics are always "two pieces of skins". So he decided to get Marx's "inner world", to observe Marx observation of the outside world "experience", thus he became the "structuralism the Marx doctrine", and to "defend" and "Marx read (capital)" two title in the world. He lucid, sometimes One's mind is wandering., awake confused when drilling philosophy, mental health. When I met him, he was conscious of nature. Read the "The coming days would be long.", a very prominent feel is, people need to learn to "repent", of course, is the genuine "". "Confession" is truly own analysis. At the same time for others sincere remorse, also don't berate; because everyone can have a own not everyone can understand the "extraordinary period". After Al Duce finished writing this book, certainly feel more relaxed, quiet a lot. He wrote: life, despite the ups and downs, still can is good. I am sixty-seven years old; although no longer young, but in the feeling, I still me...... No matter. It is about the past, IConscious young forever. He seemed a thing he HF exhaustion engineering, relieved to sigh: "is, after all The coming days would be long!" Sure enough, he released immediately after the investment philosophy of intense work. But his body is bad to the extreme, also had an esophageal resection operation, with disease waste body wrote several articles about the "pending materialism", "philosopher Maki Japheth Lee" and other words. Before the publication of the last book is about philosophy and political talk. In 1990 he left the world with a heart attack, at the age of seventy-two. Since he strangled Elena, the press has surrounded him. One newspaper headline "comments by his madness, communism, love"; meaning is the philosopher's mind confusing, so that with the touch of a way to kill the closest people. After his death, his nephew Francois Bodael left all his private archives, together with the large number of draft, all donated to the "contemporary memoirs development research institute". In 1992 April, "The coming days would be long." first edition published the same year; autumn, "Al blocked the society of friends" set up. Al Duce life in the last five years may be a lifetime of "mental disorder" minimum period; however, he relieved, death is approaching. In 1999 May in Beijing in Fangguyuan ugly Huan her "besides" in June this year, Zong Pu sent a book, that is her long "besides" second "remember" Eastern tibet. Ten years ago, my wife and I went to Zong Pu's home, Mr. Feng Youlan has over ninety years, and lost its clever, walking is quite hard, Lai Zongpu and Mr. Zhong De serve. The old man is still clear thinking, "new" history of philosophy Chinese seventh copies (the last one) has just completed, the last chapter "summary", the length is not long, the speech very simple, concise and extremely, clearly is the summary of the life of Mr. Feng, read it will feel the old gentleman "extremely road the doctrine of the mean" state of mind and finally find themselves when joy and ease. Zong Pu, the conception of "long four volumes besides", "Du Ji first" has come out, touch still retains the "prose period" in light of the implicit meaning, which adds to the humanities and history of concise and heavy. That day, Zong Pu showed us Mr. Feng as she celebrates sixty birthday today have read quite widely poetic couplet: "a hundred years old send airflow, one pulse Oncidium Chuan III; four volumes written eight years vicissitudes, hung snow in Shuangcheng." On the "family", Zong Pu not specialize in philosophy, but her cultural literacy cannot do without "a heart" inheritance. Couplet refers to Zong Pu's literary creation, especially "besides". "Shuangcheng" refers to the period of war of resistance against Japan north school south, and in the day of victory back north of Beijing and Kunming. Volume second title "Eastern Tibet", the book is a "hidden" word eye. "Ming Lun University" has moved to the southwest border of urban and rural areas, is to "start" a hard, make do with whatever is available since Needless to say, especially to escape the Japanese invasion forces bombing raids. In such a dangerous situation, a group of senior intellectuals wisdom, brave, understand the important principle thoroughly adhere to their learning and western humanistic and scientific spirit, cultivating the next generation, they always do not forget their duty, I won't change any day. Zong Pu then belongs to the teenager, in that kind of environment and atmosphere, following the fathers, uncles, impression is profound and natural. Literary works are not "seats", focusing on writing the spirit of that time, write that the intellectuals in the period of the pursuit of knowledge, desire for national liberation and freedom. The plot of the book, stories are permeated with the spirit of. Zong Pu wrote "Eastern Tibet" write very not easy "". From "south" after the publication of record, she definitely in broken and tedious "housework" under the burden of continued over ten years. Then to deal with Mr. Feng variety left behind the transaction, the consolidation of Mr. Feng multitude presentation, is a great project to be one's unshirkable responsibility. "". All these, though Mr. Zhong De participation in management, after all, to take the time and energy to her writing considerable. Then head disease gradually and rapidly increase, although not completely blind, actually "farewell reading" (an essay by Zong Pu), "Eastern Tibet" can only rely on the oral end article, however, between the lines of each visible scrutiny. "The eternal things, gain and loss Cunxin know", the joys and sorrows, Zongpu own is the best way to respond. My house, too far, the rare meeting, only by telephone that how she struggled with pain: when a splitting headache, when eye again, when they went to the hospital, etc.. I is a long-term one, know to write something even in pain. The North held Mr. Feng Youlan min Shou anniversary, we went to the. When the "Eastern Tibet" has been published, the first two chapters of the "harvest" was first published in. A few years, Zong Pu obviously old many, walking need someone to hold. The topic was mentioned besides "progress". She said "Du", "Eastern Tibet" is "West" and "idea" the North to. We encourage her to finish the two volume in any case, because like her real understanding during the Anti Japanese north school moved to the south in the whole process of the seniors style, is not much. "Eastern Tibet remember" the launch date, "Du Ji" also reprinted. This kind of novel from content to style is extremely rare in nowadays, people read as on mountains and rivers, such as the history of vegetation, as seen when customs, into the. The novels of Zong Pu a special the former; before the age of ninety until his death, still writing, translation is "cherish life, life size and not published manuscripts. After his death, his friends had "collected manuscripts published, for the benefit of students" debate, because I do not know the whereabouts of Rotary's, things to come. Later, Huazhong Normal University established remains finishing group, planning to publish posthumous "critique of pure reason," the ten or so. I think I do this is the first book of the 10. (translation by Wei Zhuomin translation of the original, Cao Fangjiu, Tang Youbo.) Mr. Wang Yuanhua's "preface" also said that "he studied both Chinese and western, know, ancient and modern fusion, very important". His rigorous scholarship, is "an Li, the daily". This version of the text itself and notes, which are can be seen. From time to time I control English version and translation of Zhuo livelihood students, often lament the seriousness and skill. I hope the central China Normal University, Webster's posthumous manuscript finishing group, not because of the possible difficultiesDifficult and interference interrupts the unknown to the public, but Kindness knows no bounds. work, not only to comfort the predecessors, but also for academic promotion. This book only printed two thousand copies of books, contrast now raise a Babel of criticism of some "best seller", I feel very not the taste. Also translated "XinDa Ya" read "" XinDa Ya "origin" ("Wenhui weekly reading" September 4th Liu Zili Wen), leads to some ideas. About the so-called "origin" problem, Yan Fu cloud "translation difficulties XinDa ya". Liu Wenyin Shu Zhan Wen, said Mr. Qian Zhongshu in "the Jin Wen" found in a Buddhist translators Zhiqian had translated by XinDa Ya three can not be said. Therefore said "XinDa Ya" non since Yan Fu. This can not be said no reason. Yan Fu engaged in translation, is always the Jin Tang translation of the things, also said he had not "noted with Jin and Tang Dynasties celebrities translation principle". But I don't know if Yan Fu "XinDa Ya" source Zhiqian empirical, because people with speech and the coincidence is not uncommon, Zhiqian in front, Yan Fu the younger one thousand seven hundred years, can explain these three words Zhi Qian first said, but not necessarily show that the latter is due to the former. As for Mr. Yu Yingshi called Yan Fu "XinDa Ya" this since the beginning of the nineteenth Century the British Title's translation three principles (see Liu Wen, not all cited), I still think that if there is no strong evidence, then that may seem far fetched, do not see what is the relationship between the two. It was Yan Fu himself has a view, found in the "evolution" of "translation cases". Yan Fu said: "" easy ", modification and genuineness; son, expressiveness, and no words of text, do not far. The three is the article on the right track, that is a matter for the translation model. So XinDa outside, the ya." This is Yan Fu what are the. The above is about the "origin" problem. Which I think some of the "origin" outside of the problem. Yan Fu to XinDa first, especially the "Ya" word. Only the "elegant" word There is much fineness in, not only for the beauty of diction. There is more to something in the range of important thought. Yan Fu think long-term and weak Chinese, roots in people without; book translation to XinDa ya, is to educate the enlightenment. Let me do some "plagiarist" work. Wu Xu defeat after defeat in 1899 and Jia Wu, he wrote in a letter to Zhang Yuanji: complex since since the fall, then the day when, examine the personnel, but not to sleep. But the end that people not to open, then conservative restoration two no one can. Even in today for one thing, or as is, but to the person with insight and handsome husband after truth, just one more day, is not to perish Xu Yanhuang species was unfortunate; that was temporarily between, also will have one day of recovery. So one million margin, but the book translation from class...... Then, in 1902 and his "(Diplomacy) Master book" said more most incisive: today our most patients, not fool? The non poor? Non weak? The size, everything can more the fool, this poor treatment, the weak are available for. And three, especially in the more the fool is the most urgent. What then? So my day the poor, without knowing it, and by our ears. Since today, who can more fool, will try to make gas the chap hand cocoon to beg. But for the time to ask, which 若西 also, don't count if it is new. A tract on this, cause we to fool away, and by the stupid poor, although for the dear father, King division and strict, and will be abandoned, and both have. A tract on this, enough to more foolish men, and is weak, you poor play therapy, although for barbarians beasts, and the teacher, and behavior whether has. What then? The threat of China Cheng sorrow, and thousands perish Xu even the pain. This kind of change is not seen in the writings of Yan Fu, pick out two words, I think about the most complete, the most thorough. Conclusion is "today national Zhao established schools, but in the non, non urgent the old. China the free, Western learning, is a pressing matter of the moment is western ". Yan Fu from the translation of "evolution" has more choice and many other works, the intention is that educate, enlighten the people. Yan Fu translated the book lies in the enlightenment, very clear. Now say, "for ya". Yan Fu finally chooses the pre Qin Han and Tang Dynasties ancient prose body, because he translated book is see what one has never seen before, have never even heard of it in China; it must be made at the time of reading bureaucrats can accept, can look down, to convince them, when reading people is conservative, non word chapter ancient Olympic cannot "conquer" they. Liang Qichao criticized the strict translation too elegant, Yan Fu replied that the translation of the book are "academic deep Ze" book, not for primary school students, to read more books people; not by these people, can not do anything in Chinese open to new ideas. "Evolution" preface to Wu Ruguan although feel to classical translation of Western books is "Pi Chi instead of into the", but still in favor of him not in popular style, because "language, Mandarin Chinese, said," like the style, to be touched; not moved by the people, also not up: "general who despise not Gu, smart. Why?" So, Yan Fu's "XinDa Ya", especially the "elegance", have the same stupid fight meaning. Yan Fu this is ancient, the translation of Western books, so that American empiricism liberalism as the new China not, can appreciate, can be read through the night of the week the Tang Wen Yun into China, is a great pioneering work of Yan Fu. As Yan Fu was doing, that is another question. We can imagine, just "tianyanlun" opening words: "Huxley alone in a room, in the south, side sill realm, I in a few, but imagine two thousand years......" For some people, is reading to release volumes. Now have I. What I mean is: in the final analysis, Yan Fu's "XinDa Ya", regardless of its origin and the why, it is clumsy work problems of the paper, and more important, is to "make such fearful about change". Yan Fu as the first man to introduce western do is enlightening work, its significance to a much longer, since the undying. I have some people say, we have no need to "Enlightenment", thus to sniff at. In this regard, I would like to ask: today we went to Yan Fu for more than a century, we don't really has been out of the "age of enlightenment"? In 1999 September in Beijing in @##@ Fangguyuan cottage This book. The author in the recent ten years (1999-2006) part of the text published in various newspapers, is sixty articles. Author Broadcom western, especially the enlightenment. The article orEye Europe's traditional culture, or meditation Chinese modernization, permeated with the ideological streamer, change warmly. This book is suitable for all age classes of readers. Kant in 1784, which the French Revolution broke out he wrote five years ago: "perhaps a revolution can overthrow autocratic despotism and greed and power seeking oppression, but it will never produce a true reform in ways of thinking; and the new bias is as old as the broad masses of people, will be the lack of thought control trap." Here, Kant pointed out that the two "enemy" enlightenment, that is to power as the center of the despotism and exists in people's folly ". So, an old way of thinking is rooted deep in the previous social enlightenment, thoroughly reformed, public enlightenment, never say "outdated".

European thought in Europe? Why is Chinese Chinese? Author Broadcom western, especially the enlightenment. The article or at the European traditional culture, or meditation China modernization, permeated with the ideological streamer, change warmly.
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Chen Lemin (1930-), China Academy of Social Sciences researcher, the former director of the Institute, a former president of the society of europe. Has long been engaged in "folk diplomacy", international politics and Chinese and Western history and culture studies. A "Western Europe international relations major works: 1945 - 1984", "the" idea of Europe "philosophy of history", "De Gaulle", "Mrs. Thatcher", "the drastic changes in Eastern Europe and reconstruction of Europe", "the postwar British diplomacy history" (chief editor and writer), "history of western diplomatic thoughts" (the national social science fund the project director, editor and writer), "the process of European civilization", "sixteenth Century", "the Portuguese Tonghua is indifferent to the ocean -- a hundred years of ups and downs of revelation" (second "Europe: separation and combination, decline and resurgence" and "afterword -- globalization and Chinese"), ("Chen LM set", "fifteen" and other European civilization. Translation is "the existence and nature of God's dialogue" etc.. And the essays "Wen Xin Wen", "the thing" (shore and Zi zhongyun Collection), "window" broken ink etc..
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Objective a philosopher "confession" Zong Pu "besides" also said that "the critique of pure reason" in translation, the translated "XinDa Ya" "Yan Xie Book postscript" to read "a scholar class association about the draft" and Zhang Taiyan "to read" Zhao Fusan "Quan Yu read history of European thought" notes the world peace prayer -- Reading Takeuchi Mi "of Sino Japanese relations I view" young Engels's play "Bohr file" and other books about Cheng Yanqiu and "Hong Fu Chuan Cai tomb" about Chinese and Western Historiography -- a man reading Lei Haizong "outline of the history of western culture" has the feeling after dream sketch on the style of Dong Qichang "Tang monument hundred choose" spirit in memory of Dong Leshan learned his high mountains afar off Li Li Man -- remember reminds me of a foreign old scholars have elegant gentleman -- academia there are bright spots with straight China cultural celebrities manuscripts library review Chartres Cuba Paris Su hot Xiang "adjustment" on the eve of the Tsinghua Yuan yesterday, "triple Coffee"...... A story about "book" the book and I book a "letters" asked why I entered the civilized history of Chen Xujing and Chinese culture to the "East West" an old topic: when to start Chinese backward? A concept of history -- the source of tradition and modernization and other European civilization answer "History Teaching" reporter asked history lies in the truth of his "Western learning period" Yan Nan yuan 57 context I read von with -- from Bourne Stein to Blair unconsciously liberalism thinker Tocqueville from a drop of water into the host -- Leibnitzle Bbu Nitsch and China -- on "Confucianism" and the European Enlightenment Kant Kant's theory of Enlightenment -- gossip read Kant "answer this question for Mr. Feng Youlan one hundred and ten anniversary birthday of Albert as:" what is enlightenment movement?" "We also need to" Enlightenment ". Xu Guangqi heard Xu Guangqi tomb tomb rebuilt says Xu Guangqi and Bacon read by the cross two" justice "," desire "resolution to turn the page to add a" officer of honour "? Why is Germany? History Is it right? "Rational"? -- "history" and "madman in order from the country" to science -- "mysterious Pyramid" in the preface to the translation of Zweig and Erasmus "-- an ancient dream versions -- Erasmus pass" in order to "fool" in the preface to the translation
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