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Human life, the earth is beautiful, its beauty lies not only in between heaven and earth landscape. It is thousands of years of human being creates civilization. In order to retain the once glorious. People made various efforts. One of the most influential of the initiative is the UNESCO in 1972 through the "protection of world cultural and natural heritage", and it also set up a UNESCO World Heritage committee. Its ultimate aim to establish is called on the people of the world to make a positive contribution to the reasonable protection and restoration of the common heritage of mankind. Advocate for the protection of cultural heritage, natural heritage, its significance not only to retain the once glorious and resplendent ancient civilization and Jixiu natural attractions, it is more important to remind people to protect the environment for the survival of human beings, for themselves and create a better environment for future generations. World Heritage consists of cultural heritage, which is the ancient birthplace of human civilization ruins, ancient buildings with unique style, characterized by a certain culture heritage; world heritage also includes natural heritage, is refers to the steep mountains, deep canyons, mysterious forest; and the double Heritage (cultural and natural heritage has), such as places of historic interest and scenic beauty and natural scenery gain by contrast. So far. The total number of world heritage has reached 878. These heritage distribution in various countries and regions in the world. Such as the Nile basin of the ancient Egyptian pyramids, Ganges RIver River, Statue of Liberty, India Taj Mahal American China ancient the Great Wall, and unique style with European and American architecture, mysterious paintings, plus the distant era of air of different ancient sculptures. These art treasures with a superb collection of beautiful things of the world cultural heritage corridor. As a UNESCO world cultural heritage is ceaseless and perfect, now joined in the "human oral and intangible heritage", China Kunqu and Guqin have among them. In order to meet the brilliant culture and mysterious natural mystery Xunyou, add a selection of the world cultural and natural heritage, the famous representative, through the detailed description of the data and the most characteristic pictures, let every reader roaming among them, be personally on the scene. Let the reader can feel close to the ancient civilization, primitive nature, as well as the charm of the humanities and natural add radiance and beauty to each other, the implication ambiguous to beautiful scenery of history and culture. Hope that this book can let you discover the magnificent mystery of nature and civilization development path, to have sincere admiration from the bottom of my heart to the human and the great power of nature. And to recognize the importance of the protection of the world heritage. Thus the real love of the environment we live.

Scientific knowledge is the ladder of human progress, explain profound theories in simple language Wikipedia knowledge is become readers shortcut approach to improve its store of knowledge. This series is comprehensive, the astronomical geography and the humanities social contents, focused and comprehensive display in front of the reader. In the new era and new learning concept request, we try our best to arrange and edit of the latest scientific and technological achievements and the humanities academic trends in today's society development, and strive to make every reader can learn the knowledge in a relaxed and pleasant reading, making talents. This book is one of the Chinese "inspirational" Encyclopedia "World Heritage".
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The world heritage of world culture heritage selection mechanism and the selection criteria of world natural and intangible heritage of Islam in Cairo city Africa Memphis and Thebes and Pharaoh Pyramid cemetery cemetery Larry Bella monolithic churches Lamu old town Kenya Mountain National Park Mountain National Park Asante traditional architectural Drakensberg Park of American Quebec historic district Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks Wood Buffalo National Park Waterton Glacier International Peace Park Independence Hall Olympic National Park of Huangshi national Statue of Liberty Park Mammoth Cave National Park, Yosemite National Park, Redwood National Park, Grand Canyon National Park in Hawaii Volcanos National Park of Hawaii historic city of Mexico Bobo Carter pater fire hillside monastery of St Francesco petroglyphs 卡拉科姆鲁 Maya city Cocos Island Ocean Park, Pan Maya site colonial city of Santo Domingo, palace and ancient castle Rami Paz historical park the ancient city of Paramaribo ancient city of Su Kelei Manu National Park Arequipa city of Machu Picchu ancient temple NASCAR and 胡马纳 grassland lines Tuula Panu I National Park (Easter Island City of Quito) Congonhas Temple of Jesus ou Rupp rettew City Iguazu National Park in Brasilia the Atlantic coastal forest reserve 洛斯马诺斯 rock Glacier National Park in San Augustin, Beijing the Imperial Palace Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor Terracotta Army archaeological sites in Asia: Mount Huangshan Anhui ancient villages Xidi, Hongcun Lhasa Potala Palace Koguryo tombs group Wangcheng and Vietnam Ha Long Bay Angkor Wat Philippines Rock church group Bamiyan Yamase Taeheeryo Damascus City Ashur Jerusalem Ancient Kyoto shrine and temple ruins in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park Shirakawa go and five Drum Mountain ancient European village Moscow Kremlin and Red Square in St Petersburg Prague History Center Auschwitz Concentration Camp Mycenae Vienna City Berne City vatican city acropolis Olympia dam site Potsdam Palace and garden of Brussels Palace of Versailles square and Garden Palace Fontainebleau Tower of London Oceania Great Barrier Reef Australian Fossil Mammal Sites Kakadu National Park in Western Australia Shark Island Tonga Lillo National Park, New Zealand sub Antarctic islands and Hird island and the Macdonald islands
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Africa Memphis and Pyramid cemetery said, before the Third Dynasty of ancient Egypt, regardless of nobles or civilians tower. The fourth dynasty Pharaoh, more people died, was buried in a mud brick rectangular tomb, plus the excesses, tomb building the ancient Egyptians called it the "Masita Ba". Later, a smart years. Xing, then there is three large golden light call. Tom Holt, he in the Egyptian Pharaoh Djoser design for the tomb, using a new method of building. He used a rectangular stones hill next to replace clay brick, design scheme and later improved mausoleum, finally designs a level six ladder -- that today we look at PyramidThe first form of Pyramid. Pyramid climate is extremely high in the Third Dynasty Pharaoh, Pharaoh Djoser he will his tomb built six trapezoidal Pyramid 60 meters high. The fourth dynasty of Pyramid is the largest, such as maximum Khufu Pyramid. Because people's strong opposition and Pharaoh financial activities, the construction of fifth Dynasty Pyramid scale is obviously not as good as the former. The sixth dynasty local forces grew, state governors have independent, Pharaoh's centralized cease to exist except in name. With the national strength decline, Jian Pyramid wind also declined. For a specific number of the ancient Egyptian pyramids, people always say different, some say there are more than 70 seats, some say there are more than 80 seats. The Egyptian government in January 3, 1993 announced: "a Pyramid found in Giza area. This is the greatest archaeological discovery in the world, making Pyramid the total number of 96." The Pharaoh of Egypt is the master of Pyramid. Pharaoh and the title meant "live in the big house". Pyramid is not only the problem of the pharaohs, the Pharaohs concerned about death, mainly makes the material aspects of the preparation for the afterlife. Belief in the afterlife has become one of the main features of Egyptian religion. In Pharaoh, death is not the end of power, so the Pharaoh's death with spices and other drugs on the body to prevent rotting corpses, then the body (Mu Naiyi) and the needed food and other things together in great Pyramid. Pyramid base is square, surrounded by a four equal triangles, looking like Chinese characters of "gold" word, so the Chinese translated as "Pyramid". In the kingdom of the early, the sun god is regarded as the kingdom of God of Egypt, Pharaoh is regarded as "son of the sun god". "Pyramid" is the inscription reads: "the sky into the radiance of your own, so you can volley of heaven." Although experienced the vicissitudes of life, the ancient Egyptian Pyramid and Sphinx still stands in the southern suburbs of Giza City, the Libya desert of Egypt, the crystallization of human wisdom seems to convey to people from ancient times of information, the information that a lot of people come to visit you have a distant memory, in ancient times there must be some kind of power endless things, but with the passage of time, it gradually disappeared off the face of the earth. Pyramid and the construction of Sphinx is located in Giza, where everything is very sacred, although has experienced thousands of years of history, but still maintained the original style. Giza Pyramid grand appearance, is located in the plateau, across the Nile and the old city of Cairo across the sea. Expert evaluation, is located in Giza of Pyramid is composed of fourth dynasty Egyptian pharaoh Khufu around twenty-sixth Century BC ordered the construction of a, used as Pharaoh after the death of the cemetery, second great Pyramid and Sphinx is in the later Pharaoh Khafre built during the reign of. Khafre's son that after a president Flamen Kavula ordered the construction of third large and small Pyramid Pyramid. The Pyramid east wall built a special as a funeral with temple, there is a sloping path here, has been extended to a temple door in the side of the Nile River front. The dead Pharaoh was transported to the ship shore is the path to another world. Giza plateau in the East is the Sphinx and its related temple, near some buried high officials and noble lords of small Pyramid. Near Pyramid, the Nile also built several dock, still parked a dozen already decadent small wooden boat. In 1954, a boat people will be close to the side of Pyramid from the shore removed for repair. The ship was found after repair, the ship is 43.3 meters long, signs and used is very obvious, maybe will pharaoh Khufu's body from the palace along the Nile to Pyramid used this boat. Giza ancient buildings is an organic whole, everything here is not only the deification of Pharaoh and high officials and noble lords who died, also expressed admiration of death itself. This ancient building group remains are constantly in front of people exposed.
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