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"The 100 book (volume one):" Platon "ideal country": Legislative, administrative, judicial separation control principle, from Platon's theory of the state of nutrition...... Jefferson "Declaration of independence": Marx called it "the first human history of the Universal Declaration of human rights". Adam Smith: "the wealth of nations" representative of bourgeois economics, author Adam Smith is known as "the father of modern economics". Harriet Beecher Stowe "Uncle Tom's cabin": the modern historians generally believe that the book is one of the important fuse USA civil war, author Harriet Beecher Stowe was leading the war Lincoln referred to as "launched the civil war woman". Marx "Das Kapital": This is the human history's greatest works. Einstein "special and general relativity on:" this is the history of Science in an epoch-making works. Dewey's "democracy and education": This is the classical literature in the history of educational ideology. Toynbee "historical research": his thoughts illuminates the vast history, but also to some theory; truth and intuition with generation of great poets, the historical support up. Keynes "employment, interest and money": since the book was published, the western world appeared to be in fashion in one's time "Keynes doctrine", its influence throughout the western economic theory, economic policies and ideas.......
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The contract once established, the wife will be subject to the husband's obligation. So, the monarch will not always obey the will of the people, because the truth is the same, only is when any contract, contract after its establishment, subjects must assume the obligation to obey the monarchy. He thinks, the monarch is not only exists for the welfare of the people, there are many government is based on the common interests of ruler and subjects for the purpose of. Many governments to be put to the welfare of people for the purpose, the king is set up for justice. However, people not in the king, because the protector is usually exist for being protector. Activists are protectors on the exercise of power. Some people say that, to be the protector protector is not qualified, can remove him. So the king should be so, Grotius and not to regard it as right. Because of the existence of protector on more superior, but not in the government over another advantage exists, so we as long as a monarch or a group of individuals. Grotius advocated monarch power theory has its historical reasons and the root class. On the class, he represents the interests of the big bourgeoisie, the incompleteness of the revolution, because the Netherlands revolution is the result of nominally established Holland Republic, is actually half monarchy, aristocracy is still relatively strong. On the other hand, Grotius in feudal Europe, he himself was Louis thirteen of the funding, and "the law of war and peace" is a book written in french. These will affect his political position.
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