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Date of publication:1970-1   Press: Shanghai Translation Publishing House.   Author:Simon Cox, Simon Cox (USA)   Pages:271  

I came to London in April 2009, held in 厄尔斯科特 Exhibition Centre London Book fair. I originally intended to be with friends and my UK publishers meet, have a look the way the latest publication. However, I entered the exhibition hall, feel what great things happen. The hall was crowded with people, the air filled with excitement and anticipation of the atmosphere, the people face could not smile. Then I realized what had happened. Dan Brown's new book to be pushed out. This is the crazy waiting and debate began nearly five months of curtain. The various clues and hints are constantly emerging, and each sticks to his own viewpoint, thousands of Webpage filled with bold conjecture. However, let us back in time, the hour hand back in 2003, Brown published his first book of the Robert Landon series suspense novel "the Da Finch code". At the time, Dan Brown was a just began to have some famous writers, a few this mystery novels, one of them is the first to Robert Landon as the main character of the novel "Angels & Demons". The book flat sales, so Brown's publisher has decided to "the Da Finch code" in a bet. They bought the book readers, to the bookstore, the reviewers and traders sent free of charge ten thousand. This strategy has been successful, very fast rise in sales of solid. At that time, I am in a America called "phenomenon" news magazine editor in chief.

"The Lost Symbol" has launched many magical riddle, as we have no doubt, "crack" just let us see the answer. 2012: the ancient Maya predicted that 2012 is the year of human destruction, with the 2012 this doomsday is approaching, people can not help but to our earth care-laden uncertain future. August 12, 3114 BC, Venus (the LORD God Star) was opened last Mayan age curtain. In this era of the last day, December 22, 2012, Venus, the sun and the celestial connection between the Pleiades and Orion will once again displayed in people's eyes...... Therefore, it is now a symbolic "death". Afanda in "the Lost Symbol" at the end, Marak put 阿克达 cutlass at his father Peter Solomon hands, hoping to borrow his father's hand to kill him this step astray son. Notably, Marak put 阿克达 Wu knife on the Peter Solomon that only with the left hand. We were told, "the left hand is the" dark and sinister, but Peter Solomon lost the right hand is the plot no design is very simple, and there is no other way, he can only use his left hand to grip the knife. Alchemy in the legend, Hermes Tysmergis Philoctetes made an amazing piece of jade tablets, inscribed with the alchemy of Upanishads, only read it will finally gold success. "Green book" alchemy classic textbook, seven conversion steps depicted in the book the elusive making magic stone required. Follow the God or the pursuit of their own sublimation, is the ultimate goal of alchemy. The alchemist explained that this is the only thing that ultimately, this gives the alchemist source power, to create the magic stone and ever-young medicine. Pyramid has made many scholars very infatuate is, in any of the Pyramid ancient Egyptian has never found anyone buried corpse. This also caused speculation, that the general Pyramid, especially Pyramid, in fact not the tombs of kings, but similar to absorb the Protestant church ceremony held at the temple. As the cosmic Nebula map, each Pyramid corresponds to the particular constellation of heaven...... The effect of combination of Pyramid America seal the eye of God and below a truncated together the whole pattern is very eye-catching, in the blend of seal, both together, above the eyes do seem to fill the gap below Pyramid. Pattern means very clever implied that only in the Almighty God under the protection of national happiness, to Ankang. And "the Lost Symbol" in such a pattern, also may be more inclined to metaphor refers to the transformation of the individual human wisdom is deepened, the human spirit from the original crude state is grinding into a fine stone more beautiful.
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Simon Cox is USA writer and historian, author of several popular global best-selling books, including "crack" (the Da Finch code) (2004), "crack (angels and Demons >" (2004), "the Dan Brown companion" (2006) and other series. His study of history books have "ancient Egypt", "Atlantis", "King Arthur and the Holy Grail" etc.. In addition, the famous regulars he lecture series of. Broadcasting British Corporation called him "the hidden world historians".
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The 2012 a. 阿克达 alchemy full eye. "Washington" ancient holy Sir Francis Bacon Boaz and Jachin and Konstantin Brun Mudie Houses of Parliament cernea sect Central Intelligence Agency -- the national security agency ring dot Aleister Crowley notes symbolic pattern Albrecht Dioleelohimbenjamin Franklin Freedom Square Masonic Masonic cipher the great architect of Pyramid America seal Manley P Holzer the mysterious hand Heri Dom Hermes theosophy temple hall thought science society "Klip Toth" Thomas Jefferson Pierre Lang Fang Lynn Mctaggart Library of Congress square "I" from Sir Isaac Newton digital symbols, really a god east star of the magic stone & tail snake pineal brain Rosicrucian Royal Association and the invisible college Scotland etiquette Masonic Solomon seal / Jewish Star Shriners Mormon scriptures to Smithson Joseph Smith and Smithson Museum support center Salomon temple George Washington Washington Washington Masonic Memorial, Washington Monument in Washington State The Cathedral of mysterious doctrine of Judaism classic "Zohar"
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Philosophy of history spread so far and teachings attributed that Hermes theosophy had formed a large paper Hermes school belief literature. The maximum the retained world together can be said to be "hermeticism", a total of eighteen articles were written by Alexander, the Greek article. "Hermeticism" is considered a written in the third Century, the legend is Philoctetes written or dictated by Hermes Telis 墨吉斯A, as a branch of the Theosophical schools spread to seventeenth Century. In retrospect, this anthology actually is scholars concentrate in a fairly long period of time to work. The first anthology was summarized in this paper, entitled "second shepherd" is about a called "shepherd" higher wisdom level people to teach the preaching of Hermes Trismegistus, and the other is recorded Hermes disciples and Hermes philosophy, the secret wisdom and mystery of the universe and many other aspects of dialogue. Although the collection is in the Greek language writing, but people think. Author of various articles more inclined to agree with the Egyptian ancestry, in the sixteenth part it is the Egyptian than Greek view: "in the language of our ancestors in this, his apt. The Egyptian language meaning and pronunciation has a noble quality, its can reflect the vitality of the body." In contrast to it, they think the article translated into Greek, appeared "greatly distorted translation". Although people do not generally recognized the main source of these mysterious articles can be traced back to ancient Egypt, but the anthology style really embodies the consistent tradition of Egypt, which deals with the wisdom of articles usually teach son to father or appear sages teach their disciples form.......
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