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An important factor in determining the overall social development is a spiritual wealth, the national spirit and national culture. Christianity is a strong cohesion of Russian spirit in life, had a great influence on Russian culture. This book tells the relationship between root, Russian culture and orthodox since ancient times to the stage of development at the beginning of twenty-first Century each different and culture and religion in the world, discovered the law of development of traditional culture background and change characteristics of Russian culture and the orthodox. The book for the first time into the precious historical materials, has not previously been published a series of the most important facts, anecdotes, Russia different social strata of various customs and historical development of important historical figures, the main works of art and literature, philosophy of religion, so that readers have a sense of be personally on the scene. The diverse views, made a profound analysis of the different cultural phenomena, brilliantly expounded the relationship between get along swimmingly with each other between the orthodox and Russian culture, reflects the Russians values, religious philosophy, aesthetics, history and nationality issues.
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Author: T.C. (Russia) 格奥尔吉耶娃 translator: Jiao Dongjian Dong Moli T.C. 格奥尔吉耶娃, Russian doctor of philosophy, UNESCO Professor, philosophy and cultural history, academician of the International Academy of informatization of UNESCO Centre for international education system culture director T.C. 格奥尔吉耶娃 women working in the Russian Academy of Social Sciences for many years, the history of Philosophy, Russia the history of Russian culture, history and current situation of course. The research work, is committed to the philosophy of education and culture development, a prolific author, rigorous scholarship, original ideas, work characteristics of novel. She not only often take part in the International Conference of philosophy and culture, but also personally presided over such beneficial education system development and reform activities, she is very respected Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, still influence on the world in depth study of Chinese Culture -- confucianism. Jiao Dongjian, born in 1955; Dong Laili, born in 1957. In 1982 and in 1984 graduated from the Hebei University Department of foreign languages of Russian language and literature, University of the Arts, Russia Moscow State Institute of culture culture: now works in Moscow since 1990, engaged in the teaching work at the same time, the common translation and publication of Russian culture and the arts of the monograph: "dozens of Russian cultural history", "Shostakovich", "Oistrakh", "Negoz Tan Yi Lu", "Stravinsky", "he", "Luo Bo's biography", "Contemporary Russian pianist close-up performer and technology", "music", "psychology of Contemporary Russian musicians interview", "Diaghilev", "International Music Festival ten Tchaikovsky International Music Competition silhouette", "the Russian contemporary oil painters" etc..
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The original author induced Chinese reader
the original book preface
the first chapter of Christian history
second chapter dignity Ross baptized before and after change (5-15 century)
third chapter 16 to seventeenth Century orthodox in Russia political and cultural life of the characteristics and functions of < br > Fourth chapter of the status changes of the Russian Orthodox Church in eighteenth Century Russia to the European civilization from
fifth chapters of the Russian church active orthodox lofty ideological and moral in nineteenth Century in Russian culture reflects the
sixth chapter at the end of nineteenth Century to the beginning of the twentieth Century Russian religious philosophy of Ross and the revival of the western culture influence
seventh chapter revolution, Soviet and post Soviet Russian culture and the Orthodox Eastern Church
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The copyright page: illustration: Byzantine church building has two basic forms: a rectangular Hall of the church and the figure ten foundation and the dome of the church. From the layout point of view, with a rectangular hall church is a longitudinal extension of the building, its internal general stood two rows of tall columns, they will be rectangular hall is divided into three, five or more of the palace, a lobby hall, main hall, hall area; maximum, than in the on both sides of the side hall higher than many; not in the basilica altar in the eastern half dome, above is a projecting entrance is located in the west of the church. Near the eastern end of the north and south sides of the side hall and hall and longitudinal vertical cross, so the plan of the church building format is major Christian symbol "ten" rack. Another church building format is "ten" foundation and with a dome of the church, this format with obvious Oriental characteristics. From the design drawings, the church is a square, column four thick church space into nine mesh, mesh above each have a circular arch, the arch support the central dome church. Dome symbolizes the sky, connected with the dome vault vertical cross, also formed a square "ten" rack. Later, Western Europe began to accept the basilica architecture format, and the Byzantine and Eastern countries have adopted second kinds of construction scheme, namely the foundation was "ten" shape with a large dome of the church building format. Most churches of the Russian Orthodox Church all belong to the "ten" shape building format. In the middle ages all Christian ceremonial buildings, although there are various differences between each other, architectural style, style, technology and internal decoration are different, but they all belong to one of the two building format, either that the Basilica, or "ten" shape foundation and with a dome church.
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"Culture and belief: the Russian culture and the Orthodox Eastern Church" was published by the Huaxia publishing house.
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  •   The diverse views, made a profound analysis of the different cultural phenomena, brilliantly expounded the relationship between get along swimmingly with each other between the orthodox and Russian culture, reflects the Russians values, religious philosophy, aesthetics, history and nationality issues.
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