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Date of publication:2010-1   Press: China Intercontinental Press   Author:Guo Bonan, Bao Qianyi, Ai Meixia, Wang Pingxing (USA).   Pages:359  

Authors: Guo Bonan Bao Qianyi (Translator: Ai Meixia Wang Pingxing @##@ USA) The copyright page: "Period of Vietnam's belonging to the north" In 111 BC, the Han-dynasty Emperor Wudi "pacified" the Nanyue Kingdom then under Zhao dynastic rule, and set up ten Jun, or prefectures.From this time on, Vietnam officially entered the territory of central dynastic China.Historically, this is referred to as the Period of Vietnam's "belonging to the north." Chinese culture and technol-ogy entered Vietnam and contributed to economic development and soCial ad-vancement in the basin of the Hong Ha, or the Red River. 109 BC World Ancient Rome Panaetius (c.180-109 BC) Panaetius was a key member of the Stoic School of Philosophy in ancient Rome.He empha-sized ethical behavior, and he integrated the public spirit of Rome with the phi-losophy of ancient Greece, stimulating that school of philosophy and its fur-ther propagation by Romans.His best known work is called On the Appropriate. 107 BC Ancient Rome Military reforms of Marius As an administrator, Gaius Marius (c.157-86 BC) implement military reforms that included abolishing the wealth quali-fication for being a soldier and that al-lowed poor citizens to serve.The reform resolved the problem of sourcing sol-diers at the time and strengthened the army.People from villages who entered the army with no assets were only loyal to their own generals, however, which led to divisiveness and attempts to take over political power. 104 BC Taichu Calendar The Taichu Calen-dar was the first fairly complete calen-dric system That was in use between 104 BC and AD 85, during the Han Dynasty.Based on previous calendric systems and astronomical observations and records, the calendar had included, for the first time ever in history, the 24 solar terms that reflect meteorological changes and forecasts of solar and lunar eclipses. Sima Qian writes Records of the Historian Sima Qian (c.145 BC-? Was a historian and) writer of the Western Han period.During the reign of Emperor Wudi, Sima Qian was the appointed historian of the Han imperial court, and was solely in charge of the compilation of historical records.
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"The pace of development of Chinese and foreign civilization civilization concise process (English Edition)" published by China Intercontinental press.
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Preface Explanatory Notes Paleolithic Period Around 2.5 million-12000 BP Neolithic Period 10000-2000 BC Appendix:The Legendary Period of China Around 2550--2140 BC The Xia Dynasty Around 2140-1711 BC The Shang Dynasty Around 1711-1046 BC The Zhou Dynasty 1046-256 BC The Qin Dynasty 221-206 BC The Han Dynasty 206 BC-220 AD The Three Kingdoms Period 22o-26o AD The Jin Dynasty 265-420 AD The Northern and Southern Dynasties 420--589 AD The Sui Dynasty 561-616 AD The Tang Dynasty 618-907 AD The Five Dynasties and Ten States 907-960 AD The Song Dynasty 960-1279 AD The Yuan Dynasty 1271-1368 AD The Ming Dynasty 1368-1644 AD The Qing Dynasty 1644-1911 AD Appendix Ⅰ Appendix Ⅱ: Bibliography@##@: Index Steps of Civilization is a concise reference bOOK With entries onmajor events in Chinese and foreign civilizations oaring from remoteant, query to the eany20century. The entries are objectively presented oased on recorus from historicaldocuments published in China and abroad, andthecomDilers navealsconsultedauthoritativeacademic WORKS and reference books. The some 1500 entries discuss briefly the developments of histoncevents incluaing their backgrounds aria results, and information onDersonages sucn as their times, AEEAS ana influence, The entriesof Chinese civilization and those ofothcivilzations are listed sideoy SIOE n a cnronological order Presenting Chinese civilizationn a global prsoective, we nape this may EAA to a comparativeunaerstandng of Chinese and Western civiizations.
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