Chinese civilization at the same time

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For a long time, our history books, basically isolated from history, namely, the history of the world and history and culture China separately, or historical and cultural co wrote and political history of light culture history, cultural comparison is not. Situation is not balanced and break the historical and cultural isolation requires getting rid of old ideas, Chinese and foreign cultures to compare is a complex and huge project. There are risks, there may be cultural and social impact of greater returns, as a publisher, we have the confidence and the obligation to accept the challenge. In three years, we invite experts in various fields of Chinese and foreign civilization on the content and form of repeated discussions and repeatedly demonstrated, then the multiple structure and continue to improve, finally construct the Chinese civilization with hitherto unknown "space-time" of a framework for 6 volume novel content rich writing scheme. Scheme of bold innovation in the construction of the framework, content planning to balance carefully, especially to have specific refine on style of writing. First of all of the final set has novel and lively characters compilation framework, this is a kind of balance display, ups and downs, thematic interspersed, graphic complementary architecture. Chinese civilization in this framework, can enjoy the panoramic picture shows the same freely. The starting point is to seek balance shows a visual form, breaking the general history and national history of compartmentalization, to control foreign civilization form in the human history, for Chinese and foreign long-term isolated from each other, mutual reference to the change that is happening in the world, especially the similarities and differences are in change, achieve the purpose. As the basic structure of the book balance of display, display for the Chinese and foreign civilization based on the content of the class on the same page in the page, on the left is the China, right side is the foreign. All categories, with Chinese axis, according to the chronicle down, foreign content in the same book can pull up and down to correspond with the China content spread, figuratively speaking, is "Like attracts like., Birds of a feather flock together., catch on". This guarantees that the mutual comparability.

"Chinese civilization at the same time," from China and carry forward the excellent cultural achievements of the world's point of view, the China 5000 history of civilization and the world's political, economic, social, cultural, horizontal display and longitudinal combing the integration, in order to show the Chinese civilization and the world civilization development, deepen the readers of a long the splendid Chinese civilization history of perception, as well as to recognize the uniqueness and richness of civilization in the world, interacting with each other and their interaction, the powerful motive force provided for the development of human civilization progress. The Chinese civilization is the important carrier of life and growth in nature, the unity of national spirit. The advanced culture of the world is also the crystallization of human wisdom. The comparison of integration, not only can show Chinese civilization has a long history of important traits and vitality, also can through this way to draw lessons from the development achievements of civilization in the world, for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation has a very important practical significance.
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He Chengwei ordered a Li Xueqin sequence published two Lin Yan pepper expert introduction: ad 1840- ad 1919 foreign civilization of Li Xi in the late Qing Dynasty (A.D. companion guide schematic diagram of 40- in 1911) in VS and comparison of Japanese political field winding, expansion of Globalization: the late Qing political and Western political Zhongyuan hate not back in the hand, President Yi: the Opium War in prison. Their jobs have been difficult for a hundred years, the body dead hate: Emperor Daoguang Lin Zexu China new changes: the second Opium War and revolution to be raging like a storm, within a few weeks of diffuse Europe: 1848 revolution for half of Jiangshan, leader of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom movement power: busy little dictionary: Tianjing turmoil the world proletarian United up: the first International Communist League country: the foreign concessions to establish small dictionary in the Chinese: first try Municipal Council of the dictatorship of the proletariat: May Paris Commune Revolution forty years of bloody week said of an empress, Empress Dowager Ci Xi commented: behind still have to maintain the European situation, safeguard the vital interests of the alliance: the San Juan William I open China modernization Harbinger: westernization movement from the IMC to North Korea to emissaries: the rise of the modern army sent envoys: Hunan and the Huai army detonated the powder keg of Europe: Berlin conference "Treaty of San Stefano" self-cultivation, regulating the family, country and the world, important Minister of the late Qing Dynasty: Zheng Guofan Hu Linyi's big, not occur even in a hundred years Li Hongzhang: British settlers flooded ZTE Mingchen rain cat and dog: India national uprising of Baja Toure Chappe opened the modernization of Russia of Russian Serfdom reform: Karim in war China on the territory of Foreign Wars: the Russo Japanese War "Treaty of Portsmouth" will raise edge not yet, Hunan children all over the mountains: total exercise Zuo Zongtang recovered Xinjiang revolution of October: the 1905 Revolution of Russia Dictionary: six three coup in France victorious and wins, China frustrate unbeatenly: Sino French war division, unified: America civil war Lincoln thousands of people together in tears, where is china: Sino Japanese War Jia Wu Dictionary: "Treaty of Shimonoseki" divide it like a melon, eyeing the eagle see: scramble for China spread large: with foreign invaders in comparative perspective into negotiations and the reformation, totally cut: Watershed Wu Xu reform and Reform in the late Qing Dynasty Meiji Political Bureau: Reform of the reform movement of 1898 coup Wu Xu Wu Xu Soul: Kang Youwei Liang Qichao primitive peasant movement: the Boxer Movement "mutual protection in the Southeast" stick and the Jin: at the beginning of twentieth Century America foreign evil spirits, ghosts made edge: the Eight Power Allied forces invaded the loose alliance Chinese Geng Chen claims all socialist parties: the second international Millerand cabinet event fully opened modern gate: new deal in the late Qing Dynasty to the preparation, constitutionalism has become a gray: constitutionalism visual angle: "King James the outline of constitution" and "constitution of the Empire of Japan" turning point of the modernization of Japan: the symbol of Meiji reform curtain down movement, a source of Japanese spirit: Emperor Meiji of Qing Dynasty Grave Digger: the new key of Japanese political modernization step The real road: free civil rights movement "Predator" policy: to achieve the unification of Germany Bismarck national independence and national unity: the rise of Italy unified Cavour system view of education in the late Qing Dynasty, a new comparison: the education and western education of farmers desire infinite good, kinda just Utopia: "Chinese land system" in the world the only library system with no don: the emergence of modern education of overseas students Chinese: modern education science knowledge is the most valuable: Science Education Spencer cross page picture: University of Paris Sorbonne University: the modern shape of Peking University the hand that rocks the cradle also pushed the human future: the educational thought of Montessori the mother of Modern University: University of Berlin the father of modern education in Germany: Humboldt economic economic vision is monopoly of the world, two of China eastward: economy in late Qing Dynasty and the western economic stimulus to the economy development, open China Modernization: the Westernization of the military civilian industry Jiangnan manufacturing Bureau will work with legacy, said: Generation of Zuo Zongtang Zhang Zhidong cross page picture: Jinling machine manufacturing bureau made after the gun to bid farewell to the age of steam, into the electric era: the second industrial revolution, the invention of the automobile sea memory confidant, Tianya Zorpia: the disintegration of the invention of the telephone Edison the old way, mode of production change: the national capitalist industry produce Fachang machinery plant and the capital, together earn a lot of money: monopoly organizations formed the capitalist world market formed...... And the artistic thought of science and technology in daily life (1912- A.D. 1919 AD) VS Europe and the Japanese political cultureThe art history of thought science and technology daily index keyword index figure index works index
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Illustration: the late Qing Dynasty (A.D. companion 40- A.D. 1911) in VS Europe and the comparison of Japanese political field winding, expansion of Globalization: the political and the western politics after the Opium War, with the invasion of Western powers, the development tide of modern Chinese to conform to the history of the world, to learn from the west, modernization. In politics it is the capitalism, from traditional authoritarian system to the modern democratic political system. Wu Xu reform is the beginning of the democracy movement in China. The reformist political change by means of imperial power, the main piece of civil rights, Congress, constitution, constitutional monarchy. Wu Xu reform failed, reformers wish didn't come true. Since then, the Qing government implemented the "New Deal" reform, comprehensive reform in the army, the political aspect, the implementation of constitutionalism, the reform bureaucracy, which built up a new army; and the constitutionalists to Advisory Bureau and the Advisory Council for the foundation, using legal means to oppose tyranny, launched a petition. Although no final realization of constitutional, but it promoted the Chinese modern democratization. The mid nineteenth Century in western countries, the transition from feudalism to capitalism in the world big development period. Unified national movement, surging reform movement and the revolutionary movements across Europe and North America, the feudal system was destroyed, the bourgeois political power. The capitalist system established in the wider range. During this period, the western capitalism invaded gradually wide, Africa in Asia and Latin America, put them into the road to capitalism, become their vassal. Beginning in nineteenth Century 70 years, in the promotion of the second industrial revolution, capitalism from free competition to monopoly stage, into the stable, the rapid development of the "golden age". The major capitalist countries such as Britain, the United States, method with expansion into the "empire" period. In order to adapt to this new situation, the bourgeois adjustments in politics, in order to ease the class contradiction and class struggle. Thus, the international labor movement is also relatively mild.
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