Chinese civilization at the same time

Date of publication:2009-7   Press: Shanghai literature and Art Publishing (Group) Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Jinxiu articles)   Author:Lin Yan Jiao, He Chengwei.   Pages´╝Ü317  

"Chinese civilization at the same time, the song and Yuan Dynasties rise: VS kingdom" published for the first Wenhui Peng's outstanding book publishing fund. Purpose: to fund financing small and medium outstanding book publishing. Open, fair, justice, is conducive to the prosperity of the publishing cause.

Illustration: the Song Dynasty (960- A.D. 1279) VS Arabia North European Japanese politics before and after the separation of the three VS and since warlords and Zhao Song Dynasty lasted 300 years (960-1279 years), the Northern Song Dynasty and the Southern Song Dynasty of the 9 emperors. The main territory in the Chinese, mainly political pattern is before and after the Three Kingdoms -- early Northern Song Dynasty, Liao, Xixia and late Southern Song Dynasty, gold, Xixia, was finally in the north that swept through the Yuan Dynasty one one flat out, become a part of the Empire of Mongolia of be in fashion in one's time. The Northern Song Dynasty Song Taizong since the two northern expedition after the defeat, the Liao is on the defensive, less negative more win. So far, a war, Song Zhenzong was forced to travel, a war alliance, more than hundred years both sides maintain peace. After the rise of the Northern Song Dynasty to Xia, a military advantage, repeatedly defeated, only in the Fan Zhongyan et al rectification to stabilize the frontier. Western Xia and Liao also first between war and peace, hit. Accept the song, Liao canonized Xixia nominally, but in the northwest, laid the situation of Three Kingdoms, until the death in Mongolia. Arrest and the beginning of the twelfth Century, the northern Jurchen rise, while the Northern Song Dynasty and Liao is said of a corrupt regime. Since Taoism play Liao Tian Zuodi decay, enterprising, eventually perish. The experience of Wang Anshi reform faction and toss, main faint treacherous court officials, in the sea of UNITA dig one's own grave. The Southern Song Dynasty unified the north, just rely on a number of patriotic general saved Jiangnan half. Yue Fei killed, Han Shizhong retired, the Southern Song Dynasty no command to tremble with fear on hearing of the Jin army, resulting in Longxing Kaixi two northern expedition fiasco, and humiliation still. Lian Meng out gold, just one song Luo, caused by war, decaying of the Southern Song Dynasty to support, loyal righteous fought, still fall in pressure mountain. During this period, Europe is an ambitious and situation. In Western Europe, from Frankish Kingdom yuxu, Deutsche Isaacson Dynasty firstly rise, Otto I was crowned emperor of South Italy, Rome. Since then, Italy and Rome (Holy) was crowned emperor, became ruler of Germany dream. But because the feudal forces become stronger, the weakened, the Holy Rome empire the title of emperor often exist. Only Hohens Tao Fen Dynasty of Frederick I, Frederick two generation sun of a few people, is a powerful monarch. In Western Europe, to establish the Norman conquest and Capet Dynasty, opened a prelude to the enemy. The unified British territory in continental Europe has seriously hindered the french. From Philip II, France gradually erode the British mainland territory, Britain gradually returned to britain. The contradiction between the two sides gradually upgrade, the hundred years war has been the clarion call sounded faintly. Fire and water in Christianity and Islam is, led to the rise of the crusades. Western Europe various countries are involved, and the Arabia world around Jerusalem long contest, staged scenes of surge high and sweep forward war drama. Byzantine experienced a golden age of the Bulgarian Macedonian Dynasty, attacked and destroyed, but then gradually decline, and in the Fourth Crusade was shattered, although the Zionist, not brilliant. In Eastern Europe, Kiev Ross and become the main melody. The mighty Kiev Ross threatened to Byzantium, but work not completed. Archduke Vladimir implementation of the orthodox education, promote the spread of the orthodox church. Due to internal division and prairie nomads from Kiev, Ross gradually fading, the Mongols conquered powerful.
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