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"Bushido" is the author of American recuperate in Pennsylvania state in 1899, a foreigner to traditional Japanese Bushido know very little about, is to introduce and use English. Author dear with Bushido education at an early age, the paper quoted a lot of Western history and literary allusions are compared, for foreign readers to read and understand. The book caused great interest of foreign readers. The L3 version from 1900 to l905 six years was reprinted ten times, has been translated into many languages, occupies an important position in the world of books in japan.
Author brief introduction

Nitobe inazou (1862 a 1933), the international political activist, agronomists, educator. Born in Morioka city hand Japanese Rock County, Sapporo Agricultural College (now Hokkaido University) graduate. He once served as Deputy International Alliance, the founder of Tokyo Women's university. He is from 1984 to 2004 asked flow using Japanese bank note five thousand yen coin character.
Catalogue of books

The first chapter as the ethical system of Bushido
second chapter the origin
third chapter decency and justice
fourth chapter fearless courage, perseverance spirit
fifth chapter kindness, sympathy
sixth chapter ceremony
seventh chapter honest and sincere
eighth chapter honor
ninth chapter and tenth chapter
Knight education and training
eleventh chapter self-restraint
twelfth chapter Dutch act and revenge custom
thirteenth chapter knife,
Sixteenth Chapters are the soul of the samurai Bushido influence
fourteenth chapter of women and women's status.
fifteenth chapter of Bushido?
seventeenth chapter Bushido future
Chapter excerpt

The copyright page: as for the strict moral teachings, is the most abundant sources of Confucius Bushido Confucian teachings. His explanation of master and servant (Jun Chen), father and son, between couples, young and old and friends of the five cardinal relationships, further confirmed in his works from Chinese successor before, our nation has instinct recognized these ethics. His political ethics, that calm, generous, the wisdom of life, is very suitable for a ruling class. Confucius aristocratic, conservative style is very suitable for these warrior statesman requirements. Confucius, Mencius exerted authority influence on bushido. He is strong and rich democratic color theory attracted those compassionate person. Mencius theory was considered a dangerous, subversive of the existing social order, so his works has long banned. Even so, the master of speech or in the Knights hearts take root. Kong Meng's theory has become the main textbook, the young man the Supreme authority. However, only familiar with the two saints of the classical or not by the lofty respect. There is a proverb. A only know Confucius theory is "a read" the Analects of Confucius "do not know" the Analects of Confucius "". A typical warrior to a literary scholar called bookworm, another one is the knowledge to exudes the smell of vegetables, in suitable for eating before must again cook. A little reading a bit pedantic, a reading more people will be more pedantic, both unpleasant. In fact, the author's meaning is, only when knowledge is absorbed into the learner's head and revealed in his character, is the true knowledge. An expert knowledge is seen as a machine. Knowledge itself is regarded as belonging to the moral emotion, human beings and the universe is thought to have the same spirit and moral. Bushido cannot accept Huxley's view, Huxley thought that the universe is not the change process of moral factors. The understanding of knowledge is like this, it is not itself as the ultimate goal, but as a means to gain wisdom.
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"Chinese translation of classic 06: Bushido" published by Yilin press.
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  •   Niiwatabe Ina the first to foreigners on Bushido Bushido is written, easy to understand, is to understand the Japanese culture must read classic books, the author objectively illustrates the sequence of events, the fate of ups and downs, suggestions and another classic book the chrysanthemum and the sword with the effect will be better
  •   This is the Japanese scholars for writing the book, the paper introduces the history from the period of Meiji Restoration of bushido. No doubt, the Japanese people's understanding to outsiders, there is a great help. This book should be read in conjunction with other several discussions about the Japanese people's books, especially "the chrysanthemum and the sword".
  •   Exquisite packaging. The symbol - Bushido and Japanese cherry blossoms, a flower is the Japan open. It is helpful to understand the Japanese culture. Reading.
  •   Introduced the development process of reform of Japan after the Bushido.
  •   Japanese Bushido culture by learning
  •   Japanese Bushido is almost the apprentice in the Tang Dynasty
  •   Reading this book to understand, ethics and value of Bushido original is the original concept in Chinese traditional culture!
  •   A short book, but very interesting, mainly about the moral, spiritual, development,
  •   How do you play as Bushido in the island, but you dare to go to his house and do evil all kinds of evils, I'm sure you do. Not with you the same level as sb. thought good to bully me. We applied a courtesy to the gentleman, the rogue can burst its head.
  •   As an important works of Japanese theory is to look at the thin not what pear
  •   Love, the small Japan, hit the small devil!
  •   A book about Japanese culture book, although it is don't like Japan this country, but it is on the national admiration, there are so many worth our the Chinese nation is a place of learning, to defeat the enemy must first understand the enemy, this book is very enlightening value for me, it is worth reading!
  •   Reading this book, you will find that Japan is a spirit of the nation, Japan today, is a reason, this book gives us a point of view, an understanding of the Japanese point of view.
  •   A very suitable for understanding the Japanese nation in a book, and the chrysanthemum and the sword is a good match
  •   Five yuan of money to understand the Japanese samurai, it is worth
  •   To understand the Japanese nation, this is a good book
  •   For the interpretation of Japanese militarism is in place, the recommended.
  •   Understanding of Japanese culture, but also confirmed the strong China culture
  •   Can learn a lot of
    facilitates the understanding of the Japanese nation
  •   This book I learned it from a school headmaster. Should be very good. I haven't seen. O (∩ ∩ O _)
  •   The teacher recommended the book, very thin, very interested
  •   To buy a friend, very classic, see.
  •   A bit of a surprise that the contents of this book are of this type. To tell the truth, as I imagine is not the same, some type of thesis feeling ~ but still good
  •   To help students to buy the book, very good
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  •   The book is the doctrine of the mean, but the service is good
  •   Speak very thorough.. Although I was used to make up the number of free shipping ~: -)
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  •   All types of daughter love.
  •   Awesome.....
  •   Want to understand the contradiction of the nation
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  •   It also to the special issue..
  •   Not only understand Japanese bushido spirit, from which we can understand the Japanese, can help us to understand some very strange action usually Japanese made.
  •   From the Japanese Bushido can understand.
  •   Bushido spirit have to mention it, a spirit of Japan
  •   After all, only a thin book, so you really have to understand the essence of words or less a bit superficial or good, have a look.
  •   Japanese writing their own culture book, really good, recommend!
  •   On Japan's understanding is very helpful.
  •   Japanese metamorphosis extreme based on this, the Japanese side despite the promotion, but also harm others breed
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  •   The book cover with small pits too lazy to change too much trouble too cheating
  •   Thin, also did not see
  •   And the previous version, the translation may be more as literal translation, I think that this is I have seen before the Bushido, the two books.
  •   Explain the samurai moral classic, let you understand the essence of Bushido
  •   Not a little knowledge seems to be very difficult
  •   Although the paperback but paper and printing are very good
  •   Very good, feel bought the chrysanthemum and the sword, this is added.
  •   I like Chinese translation of the classic 06: Bushido book printing quality is very good understanding of Japanese Bushido this book of great help

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