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Author: Niiwatabe Ina (Japan) translator: Zhou Yanhong
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Montesquieu said that forbade the nobles, business is an admirable social policy, because it can prevent the accumulation of wealth in the hands of the authorities. The separation of power and wealth distribution makes the social wealth more balanced. As the "West Rome Empire last century Rome society" author, dir, let us to know, Rome Empire to noble business, resulting in wealth and power by a few of the family trust, which is one of the causes of the fall of Rome. In feudal times, business in Japan not to reach the height of free order. The negative nature of this industry, so that no social status groups gathered in. "A person called a thief, he is stealing." An industry by social belittle, then its practitioners will come very naturally to lower their moral standards. As Hugh Black said: "the normal conscience can rise to the demand for its height, is also very easy to fall into the expected it." Whether commercial or other industry, not a set of industry code of ethics cannot be traded, this need not say more. There is also a set of moral principles, between our businessmen in feudal times, if not, in the basic business embryonic state, such as guild, bank, exchange, insurance, check, remittance, will not be developed; however, the relationship between people in the outside and their industry, business performance is indeed consistent with the views of the their class. In this case, when the country opened up to foreign trade, only the most daring, the most use unscrupulous divisive tactics of businessmen to port, and a considerable period of time, the prestigious firm set up shop even when authorities repeatedly asked will refuse. Bushido spirit can't stop this disgraceful behaviour in business? We rub one's eyes and wait. Be familiar with our history will remember, after we open ports for foreign trade only a few years, the feudal system was abolished, with the abolition of the samurai's fief, to send their bonds as compensation, then they can bond free investment trade.
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The first chapter of the second chapter of Bushido Samurai as ethical system origin third chapter decency and justice fourth chapter fearless courage, perseverance spirit fifth chapter kindness, sympathy ceremony sixth chapter seventh chapter eighth chapter honor honesty and sincerity in Chapter ninth and chapter tenth Samurai education and training eleventh chapter thirteenth chapter twelfth custom knife self-restraint chapter Dutch act and revenge the sixteenth chapter, the fourteenth chapter is the soul of the samurai of women and women's status in the fifteenth chapter of Bushido? The seventeenth chapter of the future @##@ Bushido "World Chinese translation of academic works: the main content includes: Bushido" as the ethical system of Bushido, samurai origin, decency and justice, courtesy, honesty, loyalty, honor and sincerity, samurai education and training, self - restraint, Dutch act and the Revenge of the customs, the influence of bushido.
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