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Huang Zhuoyue, born in 1957. Professor, tutor of doctoral students of College of Humanities of Beijing Language and Culture University. Doctoral discipline leader art, Institute of Sinology, BLCU International Cultural Forum moderator. Once the access to multiple countries and gave an academic report.
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The Williams “ three ” deep understanding, need to contact his relationship with Eliot. So, we can see, Williams “ three ” was, to a large extent by Eliot (T.S.Eliot) directly affect the definition of culture mode. This can be proved from several aspects. First of all, the culture as a kind of containing a number of meaning, conceptual phenomenon based on history, rather than from a single, subjective dimension to determine the cultural meaning of — — the cultural stratification is Eliot in the earlier that has been set up. Even in the culture into three levels to this point, Williams also inherited Eliot's approach. Secondly, it is particularly important, the third level of the Williams culture, is also the most basic level to recognize, the so-called culture of &ldquo ” society; definitions, or cloud is “ &rdquo the whole way of life; (in later “ &rdquo special way of life;), also from the Eliot “ the whole social culture, ” “ &rdquo the whole way of life; formulation, and also like Eliot's will as a whole “ ” method based approach, which can be used to contain several other levels. In this respect. Can say, Williams is not the concept of the right of invention take forcible possession of, or as some scholars have cloud is a unique invention of Williams, but that is since nineteenth Century the development thought of British social culture and gradually established a historical concept, and to Eliot the representation theory of Williams, and my objective is to reveal the subsurface of this thought, and through “ the next turn language ”, which can connect with new democracy, with a distinctive color of the concept of culture, as a mark on the contemporary cultural theory. Once again, from the third levels of the “ the whole culture of ” and also leads to “ co culture ” the concept, which is in accordance with Eliot's set ideas derived. According to this deduction, since the whole social culture is a kind of facts and ideas, will surpass each different classes of the culture and the related concept of the culture, at the same time, it also goes beyond the single cultural orientation since nineteenth Century by Coleridge, Arnold, and Weiss critics that, the common culture of society as a whole is the cornerstone of all branches of culture, to those in the past are excluded to the edge of the popular culture into the experience in an equality. Of course, even if only for three kinds of meaning of life, unlike in Eliot place is also a lot of, although this may not one one details, although there is little can mention it first explained, namely two layered foundation is different. Eliot is in accordance with the combination of hierarchical society with population, therefore three significance level and the performance for the individual culture, community or class culture, social culture. While Williams is mainly from the concept to be layered, and extension and the referential object. This is because in the view of Williams, the first is the product of culture, the construction of a concept as the so-called: “ the cultural development of the word, records the human and social, economic and political life changes a lot of important and continuous reaction of … … ” “ cultural conception of history, records reaction of &rdquo we to the common life change state of a kind of thoughts and emotions; therefore, after a comprehensive,, shows the three main ideas emerging patterns, namely the ideal culture, as an intellectual and imaginative works and culture, society or culture as a way of life. From today's point of view, the hierarchical method two theorists have their own reasons, are based on the path to solve problems on their own and put forward. To Eliot, he was the first to concern and solve the problem of cultural differentiation and division, and Williams first concern and solution is a cultural monopoly and culture free of the social problems, it will naturally lead to different hierarchical standard, and the two theorists think all of these problems can the whole society with “ ” dimension of thinking to detection and the saved. Since in the whole society and life level of understanding for the purpose, so many of the ideas of the two thinkersThere may be overlap, such as two people have advocated the common culture, anti individualism, anti elitism, although there are more aspects will be the ideological differences between the two.
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The definition of "culture": the starting point of the Raymond Williams
"screen" theory of the occurrence and expansion of
"new era" theory: a new subject and new political
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Angela Macrosby and Bermingham's cultural identity: identity > after @##@ Laclau's Theory The book is divided into two sections. The first section mainly for the analysis of a number of major events, the selected event or topic is the history of English culture is the most important. Research on some of the core members thought belonging to the second section. Like Hebditch, Tony Bennett, Merck Robbie thought basically is domestic and international the past did not specifically with long research, Laclau research has been, but this book selected is a special angle of view, interpretation of features from the topic significance and cultural studies on the connected unearthed "Marx doctrine". Seen from above, the book, although not in the system of integrity to compile your own goals, but some of the key "nodes" make a penetrating analysis of, which also shows the cultural research more abundant connotation and profound.
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"British cultural studies: many special events and problems" in the international academia has not yet involved is not deep or quest, unique and leading in the international dialogue in the area.
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