Between tradition and change

Date of publication:2010-10   Press: Jiangsu people's Publishing House   Author:Qian Chengdan Chen Xiaolv   Pages:360  

The copyright page: Bosworth battle victory, Henry Tudor to convene parliament, the claim to the throne to parliament, and to conquer and hereditary power as the basis. Parliament admitted his throne, but hold one's tongue, to his hereditary right, in fact, the hereditary right does not exist. Henry's right from his mother there from John of gaunt, but if the recognition of the right to inherit the throne can pass from a woman, then several generations of the third son of Edward Sans Lionel, Henry Tudor more than the right of inheritance.The recognition and war Henry right depends on the parliament's results, because the king is so unstable, he ruled the ambition...... It is a firm foundation in the dynasty. Almost all great and decision-making can be traced back to this motive, public support is the key. To get this support, he realized...... Must give the British people to their requirements. These things, Trent professor said, "the end of Dynasty is quarrel" at the time, "care and protection is expanding business", eliminate "disrupting British peace" internal strife, but also in the "muddy water to fish in troubled waters of the British Empire" foreign monarch has a space for one person. These requirements, was a common requirement of nation state, the Tudor to get its legality and with the National Alliance, so in fact became a national interests spokesman. In Western Europe at that time, capitalism has started to develop, the great geographical discovery is, commercial tentacles reaching into the world, the objective requirements of economic development is dimly visible, this trend requires a stable, peaceful political environment, so that people can feel at ease to engage in economic activities, the development of production. Therefore, we must eliminate the medieval aristocratic strife, chaos, to establish a strong national unity, independence, in order to overcome the internal strife, resist foreign aggression. This country, in most areas of Europe, is the first national. The establishment of the nation state requires a strong central government, therefore, had recognized as supreme leader king.

Among the peoples of the world, Britain is regarded as a typical, it embodies a unique development mode -- the British development mode. In this way, the gentle smooth, gradual as the main feature, even if not very understanding of world affairs, will also have a vague impression, that Britain is a prudent nation, and its focus on practical rather than idealistic, tolerance than don't love go to extremes, in the long history of the world series, which belongs to the the British be struck with fright scene is really not much to see. But it is the doesn't love go to extremes and national for the modern world (at least in the western world) established several cornerstones: Britain's early industrialization, become the trailbreaker of modern industry, the whole world into the industrial age. The earliest nation to implement political reform, establish a model for the western capitalist democracy. The development of the English style provides a possible model, proved that the progressive road under certain conditions is feasible. The scientific spirit and the classical theory has enriched the treasure house of the human spirit, the realistic and rational attitude clearly laid the foundation of scientific thinking. The British to the modern world's contribution and its steady behavior as the world impressed, can say, Britain first knock on the door leading to the modern world, English is the modern world pioneer. These facts are prompted to think: a bumpy floating in Beihai island waters, but tens of millions of population, land, resources are limited, how to lead into the modern civilization's door, become open people in the modern world? The answer (at least part of the answer to Britain) should be the history of the development of the cultural patterns to find. First of all, modern Britain is formed in the development of British history in modern Britain, all the features, can be to history to find by hard and thorough search. The modern society in the UK, seems to be ripe, come very naturally. Along the long river of history because it slowly, have not been cut off, by denial of feeling. The traditional harmonious interlaced and change, just like in the same river, both traditional, and change, when people be opinionated involved in the origin of inheriting the tradition in fresh water, but if change, has been injected into the traditional and fusion in the. New traditions and formed, then, new changes will happen, so repeatedly, inexhaustible. Between tradition and revolution, Britain chose to compromise the road. But we are also surprised to find that: all those familiar to modern British characteristics -- the industrialized society, democratic politics, rational thinking, the British road and the so-called "British gentleman", whether it is good or bad, but also whether it to Britain's past, now and future and will to have what effect, they were formed in the history of the conflict, is the result of both sides of the conflict in the long-term struggle with. Slowly the river not calm, calm contains rolling rapids. As with many other countries, Britain's history is full of struggle; the difference is the result of the struggle in Britain, unlike in some countries as a party to eat another party, or a party overwhelms the other party, but both sides in the struggle of self renewing, finally merge into a new culture. This is a fusion of tradition and change, is a long history of the coordination in the road. The British development way embodies the characteristics of this kind of struggle with. In the conflict between tradition and transformation, take each other road, this is the significant characteristics of the British cultural pattern. This style of development, culture is the product of the specific historical condition, in the UK it had played in promoting social development, promoting Britain first knock on the door of modern civilization. Do not struggle struggle and harmony are the two aspects, social progress, social progress is difficult; out of harmony society, is difficult to maintain. How to achieve a balance between the two, it is a difficult problem for every advance in national. How to solve this problem, of course, countries subject to their respective national conditions. This book will focus on the theme of conflict in modern Britain, back formation, which not only can deepen the understanding of the unique national spirit, perhaps can also provide a reference, let us meditate other ethnic (or the same) experience.
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The author then coil a language first modern political ideas of the origin, from the heavenly power two, "born free" of the British constitutional monarchy system three, second chapter industrial spirit evolution, call a wealth two, equal three, called "welfare state" the third chapter the development road formation a prudent, conservative conservative two, walking in the history of radicalism, progressive front three road of development the fourth chapter of rational thought, has a medieval heritage two, out of the middle ages three, rational -- the whole nation soul chapter fifth British manners of a, aristocratic society and noble spirit to the society two, line three the gentleman, conclusion and prospect @##@ crisis Among the peoples of the world, Britain is regarded as a typical, it embodies a unique development mode -- the British development mode. The way to peace, progressive, reform as the main characteristics, its modern history process, leave deep impression to the person. But under this smooth appearance, Britain has experienced the most profound social changes, the most tempestuous waves: it took the lead in the modern civilization's door, first entered the modern society, it is the start of modern economic and political system, the development of science and culture left a valuable spiritual wealth to mankind; the UK is a pioneer in modernization its development, permanently affected the development direction of human history. This dramatic change and steady path. How to organically combine together? This book is traced the formation mechanism of the culture pattern. Looking for inspiration with universal significance from.
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"Between tradition and change: the origin of" British cultural pattern is the Phoenix library history research series.
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