Arabia - Islamic cultural history (eighth volumes)

Date of publication:2007-7   Press: The Commercial Press   Author:Ahmed Amin   Pages:222  
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Author introduction the introduction first mu 阿台 and 勒派 mu 阿台 and 勒派 generation and development of 1 mu 阿台 勒派 on theology 2 on the doctrinal principle 3 about natural science 4 (1) about political problems about Imam position problem (2) allows the companions mistakes problem (3) comparing policy Umar and Ali (4) Aisha Ali and hostile reason ten Shia and Mu Atai and 勒派 mu 阿台 and 勒派 fading period famous judge Abu Dudzhabar and Mai Province mu 阿台 and 勒派 literature second articles in Xun Ni Patti chapter, AI what send 艾什尔里 sent victory 艾什尔里 faction of the basic viewpoints and mu 阿台 and 勒派 differences one, about God, about two attribute differences just said about three, reward the promise and the threat of punishment four, about whether to see Allah later problem five, about human behavior of the creation of Abu Hamid Ansari and Fahrudin Raziab Hamid Ansarifakhruddin Laky, the second chapter third chapter Mattu Reidy School of Sunni and eventually became a mainstream faction of third pieces of ten leaf imams Imam Jafar MISA. Some factions by ten Shia and mu 阿台 and 勒派 consistency in ten Shiite support ten leaf sent emotional ten leaves the Ismaili, two, the qarmatians three, send four, Zengi zaidiyyah Fatima Dynasty ten leaf literature fourth articles non, non Communist Su Su Ho as the Soviet Union non doctrine? Development of non 祖努米斯 Su doctrine in the universal single stage of development history of religious tolerance on Su Su Ansari axis non literary non literary prayer Su non poetry appendix the sixth Century Modern Enlightenment to academic, literary activities and religious sects attached: Moore 吉埃 pie and ha Warri and sent @##@ bibliography This book is the eight book of the last book, that is "high noon" volume fourth. This volume on the basis of a large number of original data. Detailed study and introduces the development and the main sects of Islam factions -- mu 阿台 and 勒派, Sunni, ten Shia, Sufi Abbas Dynasty later differences, are fully discussed and mainly on different doctrines, famous people and literature. In the appendix, the author introduces the the sixth Century to the modern enlightenment period academic, literary and religious activities, and fading on the Arabia Islamic culture has made a penetrating analysis. This volume is "the Arabia Islam culture" the history of the last book, so far, known as the "epoch-making Encyclopaedia of Islam" all translation completed.
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