Ambiguity of the Japanese

Date of publication:2010-11   Press: Kyushu press   Author:Li Zhaozhong   Pages:308  

After Huang Zunxian, Dai Jitao, and a Chinese scholars write Japanese culture theory about new ideas one after another, not send people, deep "strokes to Japanese culture psychology ambiguous" in Japanese who was so extreme, enough to become the national "brand". Their warlike and beauty, closed and open, natural and artificial, obedience and rebellion, as the "moment" as an "eternal", imitation and creation...... However, when it comes to "and" nation of vital importance and fundamental interests, Japanese never vague, but clearly to the extreme. The "ambiguous" Japanese, is a depth analysis of Japanese cultural character in the book. According to the experience of Japan, thawing keen sensibility and profound rational as a whole, not send people, become an independent school, novel argument. Take a critical attitude towards Japan in general, hard eyed and objective, penetrating reveals the Japanese social and cultural psychology. The broad cultural horizons, making the book the best of both worlds, the Sino Japanese cultural differences in the same, the same, for us more clearly understand the Japanese character, Japanese culture, as well as the Sino Japanese differences between, have greatly enlightenment. Based on mastering a large number of first-hand data, combining with the experience of Japanese own feeling and life background, from big to the shadow of the "World War II" Fifty anniversary, the Yasukuni Shrine, dollar diplomacy, small to the tatami, kimono, morning bath, sumo, tea ceremony, business cards, honorific, dog culture and even size will rule, have a detailed description and analysis. He succeeded in the academic difficulties Austrian popularization, popularization, combine the metaphysical culture suffering from the rich and vivid materials and footloose, understand fluent expression. In his works, "ambiguous" such a difficult even to say the topic not only become concrete, amiable, into doctrinal clear and close to the interest, but also provides us with a penetrating the correct observation, Japan's new perspective.
Author brief introduction

Li Zhaozhong, born in 1957 in Shanghai, in early 1978 was admitted to the Shanghai East China Normal University Chinese department, at the beginning of 1982 assigned to the literature China Institute of the Academy of Social Sciences, in early 1989 to Japan, travel for four years, at the end of 1992 to return to one's former career, now the literature China Institute of the Academy of Social Sciences researcher. Monograph published "ambiguous" Japanese "Japan passing" "Can't see through Japan "" noisy mules -- Study and Chinese modern culture ".
the worship of the strong, would be without rebuke. Unfortunately, Japanese strong worship, contains a appearing nervous in public, and the lack of justice tolerance. That is to say, when you are stronger than it, it is for you to prostrate oneself in worship, with a plus; and your ability to learn, wings long hard, put on a impatient face, with you as an equal; until you less powerful than him, then I'm sorry, would you please stand aside, if you are unkind to you, then, it is a face of pride and murderous.
-- Li Zhaozhong
Catalogue of books

The first chapter Momotaro spirit alive Momotaro, two, a warlike people three, Perry: Japan's benefactor, the strong worship four behind five Japanese, two faces of the second chapter of Japanese and Japanese one, regardless of level two, why the Japanese Sumo sumo, "with three tiny heroes" the four in the world, the modern history of three foreign wars five, determination and faith to the third chapter of a Japanese patriotism, "country" and "the world" game two, a single nation, lucky three, the bones of the exclusive four, price five, patriotic overseas "country" fourth chapter "the kingdom of God", "the kingdom of God himself drunk a" spirit "two," a series of Jesus Christ, "the emperor three," kamikaze "Save Japan four, five female emperor, emperor a storm behind the fifth chapter Japan sank a, super sensitive alarm system two Opium War, from three, the revolution of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom and the Meiji the four, Oriental" Jews "five," China threat theory "chapter sixth," a typhoon character patience "and" emergency "two, three, be subject to changing moods of Japanese Noh mask: emotional volcano four, tea functions five The attack, at the national six, sentimental and nothingness seventh chapter impermanence and is often a Japanese's view of impermanence, two, unbalanced world three, released four, Sakura sentimentality and enterprising eighth chapter "skill" and "road", "Oriental Lilliput" two, "" three, China game go to the beauty of detail four, "" five, six, the kingdom of temperament lusykhoq Lir tzur dordzan ninth chapter Jiepi state, a bath such as the life of the nation, "tatami" two culture three, clean is beauty four, sterile language five, "cleanliness" symbol six, the Japanese seven Big deal "others, not clean" thought the tenth chapter decoration world, kit two "swing" symbol, art three, and four, the mystery of charming Japan Women's five, reach the peak of perfection "aesthetics of death" chapter eleventh dogs a symbol, dog park two, Chinese "road dog" three, the villain and four dogs, the five dog Hachiko story, cultural customs chapter twelfth card country, flood card two, surname superpower three, four, me, the honorific kingdom in the thirteenth chapter obedience and patience, moving in the guide under the banner of two, The size of rule one two three three, the subway four, five Japanese Kurosawa's fears, extinction of personality and cultivation of chapter fourteenth language low-energy a mystery, silent Japanese diplomat, two, Japanese difficulties three, line four, the Japanese can not encroach upon the sovereignty of the five language, this moment, then six, recalled Oka Kura tenshin the fifteenth chapter demon language, the original explosion monument inscription storm two, subject of the reclusive, three small subject and subject four, Japanese "Keywords" five, said "no" taboo six, key at the end of the sixteenth chapter Chinese characters, China trap a Japanese master two, three, (Chinese characters trap pig) and (a) the difference between the four, to five, Chinese characters Chinese cultural circle of the unique landscape of the seventeenth chapter "and" culture, Japanese black hole magic -- "and" two, leaping development of Japanese Shinto and Buddhism, Li Shi San "mixed" four, Confucian culture of receptivity and tamper with five "God, died 耶合 one" the eighteenth chapter the chrysanthemum and the sword, the Japanese, the Japanese culture stultify oneself two fans: "soft hollow" three, relativism values four, thought five, A beautiful Japanese Dao six, into also Xiao He is defeated also Xiao He chapter nineteenth Japan's plight, Japanese culture of isolated two, "village eight": the operation mechanism of group in three, four, and his bullying group doctrine of autism, five world orphans
Media attention and comments

To eliminate the "friendly and friendly, and criticism" as a critical mode of "academic, intellectual, interesting story," into one I had the pleasure of reading as "ambiguous" Japanese, great admiration. This book materials rich, subtle, deep observation of thought, the Liu Chang, especially its subtlety and not unilaterally, it is similar in the book is less, the chrysanthemum and the sword Ji Wu Ruth Benedict "can be". Especially in Japan this country and our relationship is too large, need to make people have a better understanding of it, in order to better deal with it. I think respect as an important contributions in this field. -- Zhang Yijun (former director of the division of the Ministry of foreign researchers as Chinese Meida) -- top think-tank Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the author has lived in Japan for four years, the Japanese society have extensive experience and in-depth knowledge, deep psychological book hit the Japanese, unveiled its "ambiguous" veil. The suspicion and criticism of "the Japanese people's anti war" statement, is very much to the point. -- Mo Bangfu (LVRI Chinese writer, economic commentators) about two hundred thousand words "ambiguous" into my Japanese is so far only what the Japanese books. The author tries to rational non emotional description of Japanese, he raised the question: "although the deal China and Japan has played in the 2000, in modern times, and two times for the Japanese heavy losses, but in Japan the national Mount Lu really, do we really know?" I am very much in favor of this conception, and indeed has benefited from his narrative. -- Li Jiefei (writer, scholar) book from Japan to play in the modern history of the "ambiguous" role of complexity, and Japanese national character. Not only for our understanding of Japan is very beneficial, reflecting our own national character, there is a lot of inspiration. The author collected a large number of facts. Detailed and vivid narrative and demolish with penetrating criticism combined with analysis, is a perceptual display, and rational analysis of the book. -- Chen Juntao (critics) author was born in (the) fifty years, rather than the "war" of the witnesses, but can be argued convincingly that causes a state of ceremonies, the barbarity of japan. The author does not stimulate the national hostile thoughts, and scholars to look at the problem, he took the cross research and synchronic, combined with his personal experience, in-depth analysis of the ambiguity of Japanese, will consider the reader to rational, objective and fair. -- Wang Zhigeng (Professor of Nankai University) which is a rare books. This is not only because it contains about Japanese history and current situation of extremely rich knowledge, not only because the author has a large number of perceptual experience living in Japan for many years, is a good book, its maximum value is: has a hard experience and irreplaceable significance. -- Li Chunqing (Professor of Beijing Normal University) in the author's pen, "ambiguous" such a difficult even to say the topic not only become concrete, amiable, into doctrinal clear and close to the interest, but also provides us with a penetrating the correct observation, Japan's new perspective. Perhaps do things carelessly, seeking not divergent thinking induced, perhaps the single political perspective way limit, is it just shows us on the Japanese national "ambiguous" root for lack of understanding. Relying on this point, we also want to "ambiguous" Japanese sit up and take notice. -- Wu Xiuming (Professor of Zhejiang University)
Editor recommends

"Ambiguous" Japanese after Huang Zunxian, Dai Jitao, also a part of Japanese culture theory China scholars write masterpiece! In fact, every Chinese heart have a Japan complex, whether you love it or hate it. Japan is a country is a mystery, the Japanese national character is a mystery. Now, some people want to solve this mystery. In order to solve this mystery, Mr. Li Zhaozhong chose a rather new and unique perspective, from the analysis of Japan plays in the modern history of "ambiguous" role of complexity, let the reader from the spy in the Japanese national character. In the process of solving the mystery, Mr. Li Zhaozhong is not content to provide ready-made conclusions and answers directly to the readers in the book, but by a lot of facts (direct and indirect), and according to their own in Japan nearly four years of life experience and personal feelings, meticulous vivid narrative and eloquence but not without and be fair and reasonable analysis, from which the reader naturally gives conclusions and answers. Chinese has two thousand years history of contacts with Japan, in modern times also eaten Japanese Kui, logically speaking, Chinese should understand Japanese, but the fact is not true. Today, Chinese intellectual circles about Japan, copiously quote authoritative works, is still Benedict's "the chrysanthemum and the sword", as if a big one Chinese nobody understand japanese. In the recent twenty years, along with the Chinese high-speed economic development, national strength, Chinese on Japanese ignored or despised become aggravated, in "double cover in Greater China" and "western" the truth, Japan looks more and more distant from us. In the Sino Japanese relations HERSHEY'S bad, ups and downs in the background, "ambiguous" for the reader to understand the Japanese Japanese and how to look at the Japanese, with a unique and compelling evidence and vision for Chinese; correct understanding of Japanese and faces up to the difference of Sino Japanese relations and culture, provides content and analysis demolish with penetrating criticism the. "Ambiguous" Japanese author Li Zhaozhong is a famous scholar China Academy of Social Sciences, his monograph "Japan passing" "can't see through Japan" "noisy mules -- Study and Chinese modern culture" have had aroused great repercussions, by readers of heatHot pursuit. "Ambiguous" Japanese very readable, author of the revision of the book chapter is different from the past, made an important adjustment, make snap, will be the main content and branches all deleted, compression of the nearly 1/4 pages, into the latest research results, and the text for further training. After this a thin plastic, the spirit of a lot, more outstanding theme, context more smooth, more suitable for reading. The Japanese "ambiguous" timeliness, just happened "Diaoyu Island bumps into boat incident" once again triggered the Sino Japanese relations crisis, Sino Japanese relations has become the focus of Chinese people. "Ambiguous" timely and Japanese, for readers to understand Japan, Japan will face will be of great help.
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  •   It is a good book! According to the experience of Japan, not send people, argument become an independent school, new stack. Take a critical attitude towards Japan in general, hard eyed and objective, deep strokes at the Japanese cultural psychology.
  •   Before buying this book, because the old white book about Japanese is ambiguous. In order to understand the meaning of the ambiguous, so do not hesitate to buy this book. The second is the value of is the author's academic identity, his book on Japanese culture, the thought is profound, evaluation is reasonable. People should have a look this book.
  •   This book from Japan to play in the modern history of the "ambiguous" role of complexity, and Japanese national character. Not only for our understanding of Japan is very beneficial, reflecting our own national character, there is a lot of inspiration.
  •   Insight is very unique, very profound understanding, as readers, to read this book, really enjoy, benefit bandit is shallow.
    before I have read "the chrysanthemum and the sword", in fact, two books are very good, it is worth reading. Personally feel that the chrysanthemum and the sword some content is difficult to Ming, ambiguity of the Japanese are not so difficult to understand.
  •   This book profound connotation, standing in a neutral position analysis, for us to understand the Japanese in this country and national nature is a rare books. Learn more about the ambiguity of the Japanese know yourself as well as the enemy, ever victorious, back to pick up the damn it, ha ha
  •   Mr. Li Zhaozhong is an expert. To be honest, I think "the chrysanthemum and the sword" is already out of date, Chinese see Japanese Americans see further than japan.
  •   This book have great originality, with ambiguous describe Japanese is very appropriate, this book from the roots of Japanese culture, Japanese psychological aspects of profound reaction characteristics of Japan as a nation, to the understanding of Japanese culture be filled with wisdom.
  •   Learn Japanese, is not only to learn the language, but also to understand the country's culture, [Japanese] ambiguous for our understanding of Japanese is very helpful, and thus more conducive to our learning japanese. Very satisfied with this book.
  •   Chinese certainly want to see their own things, "ambiguous" Japanese heavy pound promotes, how can Americans and Japanese ethnic Chinese more understanding of Japan, and the book was translated, so we all look at the bar, a very high price.
  •   Japan as China neighbors, we must have a clear understanding of it, a rational view of the Sino Japanese relations, read this book feel fully and delightfully, read the recommended interested readers.
  •   There has been no liking for japanese. Recently, because of the Diaoyu Islands events, more intense dislike for him. Later, had the honor to read "ambiguity of the Japanese" this book, let me have a deeper understanding of the japanese.
  •   Informative ambiguity of the Japanese data more rare is the author was in Japan to learn and work, feel more real.
  •   A very good book, a comprehensive analysis of Japanese from various angles, life, psychology, geography, history, culture, education and so on, is not Chinese stood in their subjective, this book sale also prove this point
  •   Not everyone can't understand Japanese so ambiguous that Japanese is more ambiguous so reasonable
  •   From the perspective of Chinese rational look at Japan, let people have a new understanding of japan!!!!
  •   The author has a certain understanding of Japanese culture, from the book can also be seen in his wide-ranging. He from many aspects of Japanese culture for analysis, to understand Japanese people have some help.
  •   This book will want to know the Japanese people, is a not to be missed books. The author has both rational analysis and perceptual knowledge. The style is very good. So not only have profound and very lively. I think I understand Japan Japan is especially humanities and culture a lot of help.
  •   A good book, let you know what the Japanese typhoon character, a live in self purification of hardship and crisis of national, ethnic, but also revealed the Japanese nation helpless
  •   For me, the Japanese love hate, and the book to let me know that I have a state and national emotion complexity. The term "ambiguity", to a proper extent.
  •   See the Japanese, and the Japanese, there are always different, people repressed for too long, always want to reverse it, I'm afraid not Japanese, but the Japanese are so deep depression, because of the depression, so ambiguous!
  •   This book is not so boring history textbooks, language humorous and practical. After reading a lot can know anything about japan. Japanese character also really like the book. It appears that the author was under a lot of effort
  •   After reading, the Japanese character, features Yamato have a profound understanding of, and the causes of historical events have new view
  •   A description of the Japanese always struggle, but the Japanese this book as Chinese himself wrote the book very thorough and objective, the Japanese national good and bad points, abandons the and a place of learning are one one listed. Such a state is not to understand.
  •   Each Chinese should go to read a book, the deep full anatomy of Japan and Japanese
  •   For us to understand how Japan and Japanese provides unique and compelling evidence and vision.
  •   I have seen many of the Japanese culture, customs and history books, feel this book introduces relatively comprehensive. By using the popular language, to give the reader a comprehensive introduction to the cause of formation of Japanese characters.
  •   The authors observe very subtle, from small things can peep to see Japanese national character
  •   Deep introduces Japanese, let us understand Japanese, lack of understanding of the China and Chinese
  •   The characteristics of the Japanese nation observation nuanced, each one is independent section, explain profound theories in simple language, face all way, very attractive, after reading, finally understand the origin of Japanese unique national character, "a series of Jesus Christ" Royal influence on Japanese profound, is a super nice book, value for money!
  •   From the aspects of daily life in detail the Japanese character, is the understanding of Japanese books. More detailed than the chrysanthemum and the sword.
  •   For the understanding of Japan to have the help very much, the authors explain profound theories in simple language ~ analysis of Japanese character, very practical. Many Japanese I touch indeed.
  •   Many people think they know what Japan, Japan is hard to fathom the nation, they are very prudent people, will not easily make a reckless thing, unlike Chinese, full of foul language not only, also moves.

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