A letter to Lili

Date of publication:2006-6   Press: The Commercial Press   Author:(British) Alan Macfarlane   Pages´╝Ü367  

What is Digest witchcraft? Dear Lili: almost every day we are confused, do not know how to explain the cause of unpleasant. A friend was injured, while the child was ill, while our own accident and tortured, while we plan to reach the acme of perfection of things couldn't have got one's wish. In order to cope with the pain and prevent trouble before it happens, the root of course people to explore the unfortunate. Why not early not late, the car just today skidding and crashing? Why non a B, but I got painful disease? It is not difficult to find the causes of stick out a mile. The slippery road, the lighting is too dark; however we on this road opened numerous car with no problems. Drinking untreated water, a new restaurant, insect bites; however we at other times the same risks is not sick. You see, we have learned to distinguish between two classes of problem: "how" and "why". Ago to ask such questions the way things are going, a question why things happen. There is a story, said to be a Africans had malaria, go to see the doctor, claiming to be the magic. The doctor says malaria is spread by mosquitoes, patients listened replied: he knew, but the one who sent the mosquito? The reason why things are divided into two, one is material, the other we love comes down to human intention. A barn collapsed, killing a North African Azand. Who knows is the direct cause of termites were decayed timber. But why is Zhang San from below through, not Li Si? Who is the coincidence into premeditated witch? We had ever encounter things, like the others decided the result, so we can't help thinking that, when we suffer pain, is caused by a similar to human power. We look for the reason of this nature, can have a variety of options, choose what we are, depending on what kind of culture. The reason why we selected may be the devil, father, God, or witch. Selection of sorcery answer, that is to say, interpreted as another fellow humans in malicious, it has a series of advantages. The demon basically cannot control; that the ancestors (if we worship ancestors) framed, our hearts and uncomfortable; God, and we should love and take care of us, instead of killing and maiming us. On the contrary, we know many of our love and hate, and sometimes hot and sometimes cold person, perhaps they are secretly pray we suffer, may also do have the ability to carry out their malicious, because they are the. Why don't you believe in witchcraft? In most of today's human society as in the past, people believe that, the world of pain and trouble caused by witchcraft. Interpreted as astrology, accidental or punished by God as the explanation for the results, so that the median US witchcraft, mainly because the other superstition that we do not. The stars without thinking, but also far beyond one's reach; luck is unable to control, and not because of God;Mysterious, often batch we lamella. On the contrary, witch can detect and attack. Like them like we thought, but to embrace the malicious. We can find a fortuneteller to help them search. Divination is the cause of the disaster, the detective means include all kinds of Oracle or shamanistic rites. See signs of a mirror or a crystal ball, roll the dice, bones, stones, look at the footprints on the sand, incur ghosts hear its voice -- through these measures, can point the perpetrators why the witch, then can take action to destroy him, or her. We can invent anti magic tools, such as some special material or sacrifice, to ward off evil spirits or treatment of victims. All divination have taken measures to prevent away. If the treatment fails, it is because of the too strong, or improper operation of averting spell. If the accusations of witchcraft misplaced, because that is really the in suspense. Wicca is a closed world, not from the internal challenges of its basic premises. People who believe in witchcraft might, occasionally atheist, not being accused of witchcraft, is accused of being witches bewitched. Wicca resembles other closed system you heard of, such as certain doctrine. Many suffering it can provide an explanation, every new events have increased its strength. For living in dire straits of mankind, it is indeed very attractive. P98-101

Alan Macfarlane is a famous British social anthropologist, social anthropology at the University of Cambridge Professor, academician, the king academy and the British Academy, a famous writer, famous TV producer. All 16 works, including "the origins of English Individualism" (the commercial press forthcoming version), "glass" (the Commercial Press published the world Chinese translation, 2003), "the Tudor and Stuart Dynasty England witch", "the riddle of the modern world", "capitalist culture", "peaceful savage war" etc..
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The first beam of the letter: This is what the letter? 1 why to write to you? 2 who are you? Second beam signal: love and friendship 3 why family difficult? 4 what is the love? 5 who are our friends? 6 why do we play? Third beam letter: violence and fear of violence is the necessary 7 the? What is the 8 war, why do we fight? What is the 9 witchcraft? Who is the 10 terrorists? Fourth beam letter: who is the belief and knowledge 11 God? 12 we can control the spirit world? 13 How do we learn? 14 education can destroy knowledge? Fifth beam letter: power and order 15 the Democratic operation good? 16 free from why and come? 17 Why the bureaucratic system? 18 how do we justice? Sixth beam letter: self and others 19 why are there not equal? 20 what makes us people? 21 why do people work hard? 22 of our digital world is how to form? Seventh beam: what are the limitations of the letter and dead 23 growth? 24 why do so many people starved to death? 25 why are we sick? 26 why have children ? eighth beam letter: body and mind 27 what makes us feel good? What is 28, it is good for you? 29 what in the control of our minds? 30 why are we here? @##@ translation postscript Lili is the author of the book, Professor Alan Macfarlane's granddaughter, 17 years old, on the way of the world is full of curiosity, to ask him questions often: "what?", "why?", "how are you?". So, the professor wrote the monograph, with 30 letter form, answered some questions for Lili. As an anthropologist, sociologist, historian and teacher, the author use their wealth of knowledge and experience, given Lili's question to explain profound theories in simple language, creative answer. These 30 letters throughout human history, overview of world civilization, Bi direction, from the individual level, direct field of philosophy, religion, political and other macro. Lili's problem is not of time, they are every Thinker -- from teenagers to adults -- immortal confusion, similarly, said the professor did not have the time, they are likely to answer every thinker. So the book came out, immediately caused a great sensation in the United Kingdom, the critics agree that it will be or has been among the classic treasure, become Britain's contribution to the world is a masterpiece. The book was being multinational translation, is thought to be about the world must read.
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The book is too good...... Read eat with appetite. Constanza Dessain, 16 years old, high school students are these letters - a wonderful idea, everyone should try to write their own similar letters. - Tim Jenkins, President of University of Cambridge Jesus School of this book is very interesting. I feel like my grandfather on my talk familiarly on and on. Mark Dooling, from the European University of Cambridge doctoral student, I think it is - classic. - David Dugan, television producer
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  •   The author of this book is that identity as the grandfather of the elders, but not by preaching, but as a friend for my granddaughter Weiweidaolai tone may have confused him now to make this world a granddaughter confused, full of affection and love, so I am very moved, so wise grandpa happy ah.
  •   The teacher culture anthropology my recommendation, quite a good book.
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  •   Really a good humanities must read this book, the little. Many basic knowledge necessary to understand, but still too deep, the high school students can see, and to have a certain degree of thinking, many people may not see it. So I hope to some popular, consider some of the smaller children.
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  •   For humans, the deepest social listening, to examine their own thinking, reconstruction of building!
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  •   Is written by a foreigner, it feels very smoothly, but the content can still have a look.
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  •   The book itself is good, but is not suitable for the East West ideological. But on the market at present is not suitable for this kind of books, Chinese look at young people so, it might allow children to have a look.
  •   A very good book, more suitable for middle school students.
  •   Not a good imagination. I do not know Is it right? Due to cultural differences between East and West
  •   Very good I like to give my sister bought
  •   The contents of the book is good, the quality of the paper generally!
  •   Don't look, hoarding at home.
  •   Little children like feeling, is not very!
  •   Design and content are in general, not the legendary so good. Probably because of the cultural differences, I personally feel that the family friendship narrative is not in place.
  •   The children look at it a bit dull, honest adults don't go down.
  •   Is too shallow.
  •   A long time ago to see, specific content is not clear, but I remember very well
  •   Although translated the book has some differences and taste...
  •   Perhaps because the value is too high expectations for Macfarlane. Read his "glass world" and "the birth of the modern world", think of his argument and text especially interesting. But in contrast, this book has the nature of "science".
  •   Very good book, also applies to adult, some places set people thinking.
  •   Chinese and Western comparison, carries on the elaboration from many aspects. To be savored.
  •   Translation of literal translation with too much, so the feeling that not through.
  •   Lili's letter to the world: a way to read more books.
  •   For children, it is a good book! Some of the problems, can let the experts to help parents comment!
  •   A very good book she from the different aspects of the world tell you what it was like very enlightening read it again, I want to be my 16 years, so the thirty letter in my life is and how.
  •   Feel as "Sophie's world", bland
  •   A good book, but his value center or in the West as a standard, and our way of thinking difference is not small.
  •   This book is simple and clear, in the ordinary case about many macro about life, the world view. I see a half - speed
  •   Haven't seen, a bit deep
  •   Better than expected

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