A brief history of Western civilization

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Zhang Xupeng born in 1975, worked in Henan Normal University, Sichuan University received the bachelor, master and doctoral degree in history. In 2007 to become the world China Historical Institute of the Academy of Social Sciences researcher. From 2010 to 2011 to study in the United States, engaged in the research of European intellectual history and the western history theory in the History Department of University of Virginia. The current research interest focuses on these two areas, and the relevant papers published and translated text.
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The copyright page: illustration: this sentence vividly illustrates the influence of ancient Eastern civilization of Western civilization. Geographically, the cradle of Western civilization of Greece and the near east across the Mediterranean sea. The Mediterranean in the ancient world has been in Asia, Africa, Europe three continents to trade traffic, frequent business and immigration entry and have effectively promoted between near and Greek civilization. As early as the first dynasty and the ancient kingdom of Egypt and the Aegean Sea, Crete had exchanges, people found a surprising number of Egyptian stone vessels, very characteristics of the Scarab seal and other items of Egypt on the island. The archaeological evidence shows that the Egyptians, was moved to the south of Crete, had mixed with local residents. Grete and the unearthed large clay figurines and carving works, its shape andMethods also have art of Egypt and Mesopotamia. The cultural influence of the ancient Near East of Greece, not only in art, writing more intuitive, but also more concepts profound in myth, religion etc.. Hesiod Theogony "described" the Greek creation myths, mythological and pedigree of gods, and the Mesopotamian myth highly similar similar. In Greek mythology, the flood story apparently originated from the Sumerian flood story. In religion, the early religious faith in God the mother and the Near East Crete has the following three basic characteristics: one, the world of reproduction depends on the mother goddess and God as female spouse God cooperation; two, the death of God and the belief in the resurrection, the season of symbolic plant; three, held a grand a religious ceremony in honor of the God of death and resurrection, and national celebrations and Carnival in after the ceremony. In addition, the Greek religion and Near Eastern religion as polytheism, and have the Lord god. The Greeks worship of the sun god, God of war, love can find the root or contact in the Near East religions. Some elements of Greek sacrifice ceremony, especially murder the burnt offering is also learning the Near East religious results.
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The first chapter of ancient Near Eastern civilization 1: Mesopotamia, the cradle of human civilization 2 from Babylon to new Babylon 3 Persian empires decline of 4? 7 of Mesopotamia civilization achievements and civilization of chaos and Renaissance born 5 6 of Egypt Akhenaten monotheism reformation and Egypt 8 of Egyptian civilization heritage 9 influence of eastern culture to the western the second chapter is the source of Western Civilization: the beginning of Hebrew civilization and the Greek civilization 1 of Israel's sons and the Exodus 2 Israel's early history 3 Alien under the rule of the Jews 4 Jewish contribution to Western civilization of 5 Greek civilization: the Minoan and Mycenaean civilization 6 Athens and Sparta in 7 war 8 Greek Greek heritage to the cool world empire: Rome 1 Rome city civilization origin 2 the establishment of the Rome Republic 3 Rome conquered Italy 4 Rome conquered the Mediterranean 5 Republic and monarchy system establishment of the 6 Reich brilliant 7 Rome cultural achievements of the Christian conquest of Rome fall of 8 of the 9 Reich and the fall of the West Rome empire the fourth chapter of Medieval Western European and Christian civilization 1 Christian integration to Medieval Europe's 2 Charleyman: father of Europe 3 medieval kingship and Right: City and city life 7 medieval university sword and cross contest 4 Crusade 5 feudal society and feudal society in the 6 and fifth chapter of medieval intellectuals of Western civilization of modern steering: the emergence of classical realism and Renaissance 1 Renaissance individualism and humanism in the 2 Art 3 the modern political philosophy of the 4 humanist trapped 5 Renaissance on the other side:? The &ldquo Renaissance mythology; ” collapse occurred in sixth chapter Protestant and Christian world: the religious reform of 1 religious reform by 2.“ this is my position: ” Martin · Luther's revolt in 3.“ the world is our monastery of &rdquo: Calvin in Geneva; 4 religious reform politics: meeting Scandinavia's religious reform 5 reformation on the modern western civilization building the seventh chapter and the world: the great geographical discovery 1.1492 years: the symbolic meaning of the year 2 Portuguese Adventure 3 West? And achievement teeth found in 4 the Africa colonial and carve up form 5 Spanish conquest of the Americas Asia 6 Global integration? The eighth chapter 1.16&mdash scientific revolution; 2 Newton seventeenth Century revolution in astronomy comprehensive and scientific revolution in other areas of the 3 new methods of Science: Bacon and Descartes 4 scientific revolution continues with the first 5 science technology revolution revolutionary significance 6 why modern science emerged in the west? The ninth chapter: the age of reason of the enlightenment in the eighteenth Century 1 rational light 2 enlightenment philosopher king: Voltaire 3 to construct the new fields of knowledge: "Encyclopedia" intention 4 enlightenment: rational religion and social justice 5 romantic reactionary 6 on the reflection on the enlightenment chapter tenth age of Revolution: the emergence of the industrial revolution and the political revolution 1 British Industrial Revolution 2 industrial society spread 3 USA political revolution 4 French Revolution 5 Napoleon and revolutionary idea reactionary and revolution 6 Europe continue to decline of the West eleventh: “ ”: Europe two world wars of the 1.2012 century Europe 2 World War 3 bankruptcy peace: Paris and 4 authoritarian regimes: Rise of Italy and Germany 5 Second World War 6 postwar western new pattern in the twelfth chapter of Contemporary Western civilization of the 1 world American 2 reengineering European dream: the European Union and unification of 3 another world possible: globalization and the 4 western post colonial atmosphere: non Western and the 5 western western civilization dialogue in the future: towards a reference bibliography postscript @##@? Zhang Xupeng's "a brief history of Western civilization" to clear the brief history of the development of Western civilization, the book is full of interesting stories, narrative vivid, clear lines. Much of the book of the words seemingly straightforward hidden for many years research experience on world history and thorough discussion, also includes the absorption and integration of the parties through knowledge and the latest research results in China Academy of Social Sciences of the national social science research institutions of the highest. Another characteristic of this book is,? Although not many words, but can simply appropriate attention to those details, to the understanding of contemporary issues and formation of Western civilization important events, characters and historical movement. Author introduction to Judaism is, in addition, the author also stand in the position of the objective, the bitter experience of Jewish background, Jewish and Zong Jiao Lun ethics intensively and compassionate description, for readers to understand the ethics of Western civilization concept and mainstream religious — — Christian formation background be of great advantage.
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"A brief history of Western Civilization:" exercise one's inventive mind reading and analysis about the vast history of civilization explain profound theories in simple language to hurried life instantaneous recourse of world civilization long footprints
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