• Bushido

    "World Chinese Classics: Bushido" content: as the ethical system of Bushido, samurai origin, decency and justice, courage, fearless stoically, kindness, sympathy, honesty and sincerity, honor, loyalty, samurai education and training etc.. ,

  • India culture and history

    "India culture" content: India is one of the ancient civilizations in the world, has a long history, splendid culture, which enriched the treasure house of world culture. Due to various reasons, the India area differences in history, culture, religion and customs and so on, and some even completely different. "Culture" in India,

  • Effect of human's 100 book (upper, lower)

    "The 100 book (volume one)" the main content description: 100 culture masters of human life, human's 100 book into the context of the book, the 100 book of the influence of human essence, influence of authority evaluation of 100 human of the classics. ,

  • Between tradition and change

    Origin of British cultural pattern, "between tradition and change: an introduction to the origin of" British cultural pattern: among the peoples of the world, Britain is regarded as a typical, it embodies a unique development mode -- the British development mode. The way to peace, progressive, reform as the main characteristics, its modern history process, leaving a deep,

  • Let us become the world

    "The world we make it" content brief introduction: at the beginning of the year by year discussion has become a landmark event USA cultural circle, every year there are more than 100 top thinkers will own personal opinions on the site, including Nobel laureates, Pulitzer prize winners, "New York,

  • Visit the strange neighbor

    "Visiting strange neighbors: introduction in the northern horse culture of" content: grassland, the Gobi desert, oasis, bazaar...... , yurt, nomads, horseback nation...... These minority nationalities, the generation of ask the familiar but strange. In our Northwest Central Asia and North Asia, lived for many years and we close contacts,

  • Traditional local society and customs in Yingde

    "Traditional local society and folk" Yingde as "China local society and folk" series (Series Editor for the Chinese University Hong Kong professor Laung, one of Tan Weilun). "Traditional local society and folk" Yingde, a book by Tan Weilun (Professor of Chinese University Hong Kong), Ceng Hanxiang (Hakka Studies Center of Shaoguan University,

  • The chrysanthemum and the sword collection (super Platinum Edition)

    "The chrysanthemum and the sword collection (super Platinum Edition)" is a part of the Japanese and Japanese culture book collection, included "the chrysanthemum and the sword", "Bushido", "Japan", "Japanese", "Japan and Japanese", "outline of civilization" six masterpieces, is to understand the Japanese culture the most authoritative comprehensive reading,

  • Geographic story

    Edited by Hendrik William Orron's "geographic story" was written in 1932, few months America namely sold nearly 140000 copies, a year has always been in a "non fiction" of the most sales. The British version of the starting 130000 8000 volumes, otherwise Devin, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, grape,

  • The historical fallacy

    God is an alien, "chariots of the gods" the Sony, European sales of 6000000 copies, open the door to the world. He is the most authoritative unknown writer in the world of mystery, he is "Ancient Astronaut" the founder of the theory of his works have been translated into 28 languages, global cumulative sales reached 62000000 copies of "the Voynich manuscript,

  • The Japanese society and culture

    "Japan Society Culture: the former name, today's society" content introduction: in order to understand the modern Japanese society, we have to mention "". The Japanese company not only engaged in commercial activities of the organization, it is a cultural phenomenon. For example, some clubs to deceased president, leadership and staff for,

  • Mysteries of ancient Egypt

    "Mysteries of ancient Egypt" according to Oriental TV "world civilization" forum "the mysteries of ancient Egypt" transcripts of finishing polish and become, take pictures, vivid and interesting about the life of ancient Egyptian civilization. Towering Pyramid, why they built? The mighty Sphinx, who is the prototype? A dead sleep.

  • The world cultural knowledge

    "The world cultural knowledge (Student Edition)" will be different system of cultural knowledge in a concentrated the world culture knowledge encyclopedia, let you have a good swim freely in the vast ocean of knowledge of world culture. The ancient magic of the earth has given birth to countless surge high and sweep forward history of civilization, the incomparable cultural heritage in the calendar,

  • To sustainable development in Asia

    "To sustainable development in Asia: the cultural perspectives (English version)" content brief introduction: This series of books are the output of the research project Susta called ",

  • The history of world civilization

    Review of the world more than 6000 years of civilization with a unique perspective, many little-known historical data as a whole, with a large number of pictures. It is no longer on the historical boring, but on facts vividly reproduced! Open the precious historical dusty already a long time of world civilization, this unique trip will let you,

  • British Cultural Studies

    Events and issues, the second half of the twentieth Century, the most influential in the framework of western academic thought, than the German hermeneutics, structuralism (French post structuralism) research and British culture. Thanks to the hard work Chinese academic, major works of two trends has been cited in the domestic, have introduced and a large amount of research results,

  • When we talk about Japan

    I want to hear the young voice about the state of the new things, I'd like to see the boys talk about the best or the worst japanese. Written work from many aspects of clothing, food, live, row, entertainment, history, people, culture, in order to describe the ordinary Japanese life as the main content, to the ordinary people in japan,

  • The central idea of collision

    Beginning from the study of Francois in the "China EU, collision theory: from Francois to even say" content introduction away: This is a far and far west encounter -- Chinese as Europe's other, is Francois. Even in Central Europe and "thought collision: objects away" in the author's thoughts from the study of Francois in the. They think,

  • The world civilization

    "World civilization" content: water is the carrier of civilization, and civilization creation and development are closely related. Where there is water there is life, where there is a river with the objective conditions of civilization, such as in Mesopotamia West, Africa Nile Valley, Ganges RIver and the India River Basin of India, the Yellow River Chinese,

  • Globalization and the surrounding countries in social and cultural

    "Globalization and neighboring countries, society and culture" on the field of domestic and foreign well-known experts, scholars to participate in. The book from globalization and neighboring countries, globalization and multi culture surrounding countries society in two aspects, combining the study of regional and national research perspective, the impact on the surrounding of society and culture,

  • Bushido

    Bushido, "Chinese translation of classic 06: Bushido" is the author of America recuperate at Pennsylvania state in 1899, a foreigner to traditional Japanese Bushido know very little about, is to introduce and use English. Author dear with Bushido education at an early age, for the paper cited a number of Western history,

  • The history of Western civilization

    "The history of Western Civilization: Problems and sources (Sixth Edition)" is a book by author according to the sequence of the history of Western civilization, the Greek civilization, ancient Rome civilization to the modern civilization of Western history can reflect the history, philosophy, architecture, religion, politics, economic development, to,

  • Latin American Modernism

    The main research in the hands of the readers the "Latin American Modernism" is all kinds of thoughts of Latin America and countries since the late nineteenth Century, early twentieth Century. It intends to introduce the basic content of Latin America accuracy of various schools of thought, between all kinds of thoughts and the Latin American social development, analysis,

  • The world makes us optimistic.

    "The world let us briefly optimistic thing: at the beginning of the year" content initiated annual conference has become a landmark event American cultural circle, every year there are more than 100 top thinkers will own personal opinions on the site, including Nobel laureates, Pulitzer prize winners, "New York,

  • The bustling city

    One thousand five hundred years of East Asian city life history, the development of the city, brought opportunity and convenience to people's life, also caused the contradiction of modern style. How to understand the historical process of the city development? Fudan University literature and History Research Institute held Symposium, the topic of discussion is the one thousand five hundred years history of city life. All participants, comprehensive archaeological literature,,

  • Tea!

    Elegance, custom and human feelings, understanding life, be in a leisurely and carefree mood, associations and so on and tea vocabulary a superb collection of beautiful things, in fact, these can be completely to sum up in a word, that is "tea", an "eat" word, is too cool to reflect tea context soundly dripping. The men of literature and writing are almost always a,

  • Value of Archives

    The lost civilization, "premium collection: introduction to the lost civilization" content: the valley of the kings, temple, Pyramid, mummy...... Present to the world the mystical ancient Egypt, than people expect more and more beautiful, more dazzling. It has solved many puzzles, like an adult general pursuit of their childhood memories. But, answer,

  • Core and rim

    "Core and the outer edge of the Sino Japanese Cultural Theory:" content brief introduction: there are three kinds of main culture, farming culture, You Mu culture and commercial culture. The three kind of culture form four main cultural district: Confucianism, Buddhism culture area, area of Islamic culture, Christian culture district. Each cultural region is a concentric circle, there is a,

  • The story of mankind

    By Hendrik William Orron, "the story of mankind" was written in 1910, received a pen in 1921 November. The book has sixty-four chapters, from the "man on the stage" up to "the future". Author of "gain both fame and wealth", "Li" is pure earn $50 write, "name",

  • The new Arabian Nights

    "The new Middle East" peep Arabian Nights: Introduction: Arabs with branches to brush your teeth? Arabia young men and women how to? In Saudi Arabia, special government agencies to "Venus" to wear a skirt? What is called "religious police"? How modern "Alibaba" how to survive, pilgrimage? Arabia woman paddle must be,

  • Lonely.

    Scientific hoax that shocked the world, L'imposture Scientifique en 10 Le รง ons, you can easily believe that specific functions, offbeat therapy, esoteric belief, shaman divination? Many scientists have studied this kind of mysterious strange things, the so-called "scientific basis" credibility, how? Lies, deception, pseudo science, is full of temptations, everywhere on the plot, what is the truth? Light,

  • Maori A-Z

    As Chinese top of ancient art museum, exhibition Bo in the important aspects of the introduction of foreign important museum outshines. In recent years, Bo held "the ancient Olympic movement and art exhibition" (cooperation with the British Museum), the "North Star: the Russian Empire golden age and Ekaterina II (exhibition",

  • Iran culture and its influence on the world

    On the problem of the relationship between Arabia, Iran two big national cultural exchanges, two national experts have different opinions. Book through the review and describes the development history of Iran, through the analysis of Iran cultural and academic, on the Arabia and Iran two national culture, Iran culture to clarify for Islamic culture,

  • Fragments of the history of fashion

    Fashion, for the then custom. Why did the ancient Greeks right does not wear a shoe? Bikini is a crime or beautiful? Corset why is called the devil's curve of the history of sculpture? Vanity clumps of wig to become fashion? How to tie the original from the predator to the rich men's sons? High heeled shoes past life is how? How to become the little black dress,

  • East Asian history of the Three Kingdoms

    "Three Kingdoms" of East Asia: Japan, Korea, China content of the three East Asian countries, is not only a narrow strip of water neighbors, but also in the history of Chinese cultural circle. The three countries, Japan and Korea, in the same horizon comparison, is an important subject of essential. The author as the third generation Koreans born in a China,,

  • Wen Xiang

    Naris Daqian, static Shen Xiang Tao, incense has ten virtues: a sense of physical and mental energy lattice ghosts, quiet, impurity, can sleep sleep, static dust into a friend, fly, and tire, widowed and foot, hide the immortal, commonly used non barrier. -- (song) Huang Tingjian Shannon road is Japan's three largest art (tea, Ikebana, Shannon Road) one of. These three techniques are initially originated in buddhism,

  • Illustrated Encyclopedia of World Heritage

    "Intellect world: an introduction to the world heritage Illustrated Encyclopedia" content: call the talents of a new generation of the new century, new talent need to quickly update the reading and learning. "Intellect world" series broke the old edition of the book knowledge sink old style complex, esoteric, disadvantages; the selected data accurate, paper,

  • The chrysanthemum and the sword

    Introduction: "the chrysanthemum and the sword" is the author in the aftermath of World War II was ordered by the government American, analysis report for analysis, research in Japanese society and Japanese national survey, in order to guide American how to control after the defeat of the japanese. In 1946, Benedict put the report was published, aroused strong repercussions in japan. 19.

  • The world heritage.

    "World Heritage" is the most complete collection, the most authoritative on the world heritage of books. According to the book of World Heritage in year order, are described in detail from the aspects of nature, history, geography, culture, and is equipped with more than 650 beautiful pictures and instructions for nearly 9 of its geographic location,

  • The city green maple maple

    Living in the French Canadian society, My Montreal Life Over Times, Montreal is a bilingual city the largest in the world (English, French), inhabited by people from all over the world more than 80 countries and regions of the people. In this multicultural city, people are open to the idea, attitude is inclusive, that is why it can be such a place: North America's oldest,

  • The dead

    "Dead" to at least some details of life mentioned above, and the source of their possible. This does not mean that we must put them as a terrible thing to expel, nor for their excuse, not deny their fears. "Dead" to show a picture of a threat to human health has been terrible,

  • The German Ideology and culture

    Reflection and innovation, "the German Ideology and culture: Reflection and innovation" tells the story: Germany is the country, the kingdom of thought theory, philosophy, nation, German academia has made a unique and significant contribution to the academic development of human thought. "Reflection and innovation" contains two meanings: one is the German academic is advancing in the constant reflection and innovation,

  • Ambiguity of the Japanese

    "Ambiguous" in the Japanese who was so extreme, enough to become the national "brand". Their warlike and beauty, closed and open, natural and artificial, obedience and rebellion, as the "moment" as an "eternal", imitation and creation...... However, when it comes to "and" nation of vital importance and fundamental interests,

  • Multiplex symbiosis

    Southeast Asia civilization Road, "multiplex symbiosis: Southeast Asia civilization Road", "one of the world's civilization Road series". This volume was described from ancient date basic track and the connotation development in Southeast Asia civilization, describes the rich Southeast Asian culture. South East Asia has unique prehistoric culture. Located in the eastern and Western culture,

  • The great Baroque civilized community

    Zhao Xinshan compiled the "great Baroque civilization community" bird's eye view of Baroque art, science, philosophy, the three chapter. Analysis of the origin of civilization, the Baroque growth and influence on later for the readers, opened a window for us, fresh Baroque civilization legacy blowing the Baroque civilized community,

  • A brief history of Western civilization

    "A brief history of Western civilization" to clear the brief development history of Western civilization, the book is full of interesting stories, narrative vivid, clear lines. Much of the book of the words seemingly straightforward hidden for many years research experience on world history and thorough discussion, also contains the China social science,

  • USA civilization

    "In 2005 America civilization", won the Shanghai Jiao Tong University teaching project, in 2006, won the national scholarship "Chinese young backbone project", in 2007, won the Peking University Press published "eleven five" national key project, in 2007, won the New York GilderLe,

  • European diplomatic history

    European Diplomacy: 1494-1925: its history and practice, the European culture from "two and" culture, "two and" culture refers to the Greek culture of Rome and from the Hebrew Christian culture, these two kinds of culture is the spiritual home of modern European culture. Among them, the Greek culture in Rome formed earlier, brilliant achievements, has the root meaning of European culture. Undeniable.

  • Read on the road (Supplement)

    The book is divided into "two part walk" and "reading". The author in American, continue with his own style, constantly reading and visit a city, town, have one's words at hand set people thinking of the story. "We USA -- with open-minded footprint, walking in the plain land, reading them,

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