Yu Dan taught me to learn "the Analects of Confucius"

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Again with the Prime Minister Fukuda meet by accident. I didn't expect to see him again, held in the New Otani a politician's party. He is still hale and hearty, still be courteous and accessible, or so amiable and easy of approach -- although the reason he has may be difficult to say, although he has just announced a decision to resign. See me later, he is still so kindly asked me: "OK? Look at the Olympic Games? How is Yu Dan She explained the Olympic program I have seen, very good." "I saw you at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. What do you think of the Beijing Olympic Games?" "Very good! Only Chinese can do. The opening ceremony has fully demonstrated the great culture China. I saw Confucius returned, at the opening ceremony, Confucius - rate three thousand disciples' to have friends come from afar ', the scene is very grand, very touching. In fact, I have thought of the two countries to cope with the next generation of "the Analects of Confucius" education, so the two countries will always be friendly." "Yes, children are the future of the world. A lot of things to a child to grab, so I want to publish a book for children in Chinese recently, the topic is "Yu Dan taught me"." Okay. Should learn from Yu Dan, she has a deep research on "the Analects of Confucius". I also want to ask her to go to Japan to give lectures, but also to ask you "the Analects of Confucius"!" Chance meeting, a brief conversation, he met Yu Dan and me at the beginning of the scene once again shine in front. Then he said: "old Japanese boy like me, have learned" the Analects of Confucius "," the Analects of Confucius "are familiar with the contents of the." Through the meeting and today again, and told him to express volumes "to deal with the next generation of" the Analects of Confucius "education", the "Analects of Confucius" read up to today's Japanese Prime Minister, the very understanding China classical culture elders deeply touched me, let me pay tribute to oil but. This also strengthened me to be published "Yu Dan taught me" a Book of determination. This book also had such episode. In 2007 May, I invited to Dan Tokyo lecture presentations over, we went to the Japanese Imperial Palace moat photography. Yu Dan and I looked at the exchange. Yu Dan asked me when Sophia University for his doctorate thesis is what content, I told her "the Analects of Confucius -- Confucius and mass communication". Hearing this, Yu Dan said happily: "good ah. Eldest brother is the "Analects of Confucius" mass communication theorists, I is the "Analects of Confucius" media practitioners." "I should, I should. Is your heart for Chinese please return Confucius, I should thank you on behalf of my ancestors. As the hole home later, our family together to create a topic, is to publish a book, the title is tentatively scheduled for "Yu Dan taught me", I think it can also count on your return, and want China hundreds of millions of young people to help to complete a job." After listening to my words, Yu Dan immediately replied: "eldest brother, you this topic is good, but I can't bear, don't do it." I replied: "I think this research is not only our family idea, also may be the common aspiration of most parents. When the time comes, I will do a master ceremony hall, also please when the president!" Yu Dan smiled and replied: "I don't deserve it. But this topic would be further research, this is a long term task. For the children and the future!" With the above communication, starting from 2008 February, I was by my editor "day", "Journal of Finance and economics Yu Dan taught me" one article serialize, get a good evaluation. Many readers wanted to serialize edition book, in order to educate their children; the Japanese press heard this news, also proposed to buy the rights to publish the book. However, because the Qingdao press and Mr. Yang Chengshun have a previous engagement -- first from my hometown, hometown of Shandong province Confucius litThe fire, so, this book can only start the editor published in Shandong, Qingdao. I was overseas in more than 20 years, has been engaged in propaganda and popularization Confucius ideological work, hope this book can also be in the domestic popularity Confucius ideas make sense for countries grow sturdily, the future pillars of some spiritual food.

"Yu Dan taught me to 'The Analects of Confucius'" is the most popular language, in contrast to explain the form of "the Analects of Confucius", not only the Ancient Chinese Literature Search alive, and public life. Let the young readers in easy to read at the same time, also can feel "the Analects of Confucius" implication of the philosophy of life, is an experience Ancient Chinese Literature Search value, contact their books.
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Kong Jian, a writer, Confucius science researchers, Confucius seventy-fifth generations lineal descendant. Born in 1958 in Shandong, Qingdao, in 1982 graduated from the Department of foreign languages of Shandong University. In 1985 to study in Japan, Dr. journalism. The China: Dragon news group editor in chief, Chinese illustrated the Japanese version of editor in chief, NPO corporate Japan China Economic Association for the promotion of Japanese culture, sports association chairman, vice chairman of the association of Chinese pictorial, Japan's Softbank financial university professor. Main works include: "the best in all the land", "home Confucius way of life", "Confucius way of life", "Confucius management Road" and so on, day, Han Wen works are: "the Analects of Confucius", "the new new Confucius Kingdoms", "Confucianism and Japanese", "Japanese will never understand Chinese" more than 70 people, and for the first time the "Analects of Confucius" in English and Korean language compilation. The Japanese two language writing and speaking, by the media as "Chinese culture lecture master", "master of Confucianism spread".
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The first lesson to be honest second class everyone gave a little love lesson fourth off lover, who understands the third class do not force others to lesson fifth optimistic life lesson sixth happy lesson seventh positive in life lesson eighth cool bravery ninth class people hate to clear tenth lessons in perfect tenth lesson etiquette is a respected twelfth class distance produce beauty thirteenth class to do their own thing fourteenth class fifteenth class less beautiful adhere to their own personality sixteenth course of study is to improve the seventeenth class along with others in harmony eighteenth class gentleman turn pale like water from inside the nineteenth class twentieth class strong patriotic spirit twenty-first class twenty-second class action determines success push your lesson twenty-third good communication twenty-fourth class twenty-fifth class to make good friends to bring a romance to a happy ending for twenty-sixth class to twenty-seventh class constraints have lofty ambitions to overcome all difficulties to twenty-ninth class twenty-eighth class thirtieth class should not blame everyone and everything but not oneself down to work
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The first lesson to be honest Confucius said to Zi Gong asked "". The master said, "the requisites of government are that there be sufficiency of food, sufficiency of military equipment, and the confidence of the people in their ruler." Sub said: "have no choice but to go, in the three he first?" "The military equipment," said the master. Sub said: "have no choice but to go, in the two he first?" Said: "go to eat. Since ancient times there is dead, the people do not stand without the letter." -- "the Analects of Confucius yen yuan" Yu Dan said Confucius student Zi Gong asked, to a country stability, political stability, which need? His answer is very simple, only three: foot soldiers, enough to eat, people say the letter. First, the state machine must be strong, must have enough troops to do the security. Second, to have enough food, people can have ample food and clothing. Third, the people must have faith in the country. This student is hypocritical, said three too many. If you must remove one, you go to what? Kong Fuzi said: "to soldiers." I don't the force protection. Zi Gong asked, if also remove one, you have to eliminate? Kong Fuzi told him very seriously: "to eat." We would rather not eat. Then he said: "since ancient times there is dead, the people do not stand without the letter." No food is nothing more than a dead, from now who die ah, so that death is not the worst. The most terrible thing is after national lose faith to the country's collapse and lax. A political philosophy that is Kong Fuzi, he felt the power of faith enough to put a country together. Dad said Confucius here delivered to people is a growing and developing in the land of faith, is a plain, warm attitude to life. On the surface of the national stability and harmony is the basic condition to explain, but in essence is the dialectical relation between the heaven and earth in harmony. Confucius in "the Analects of Confucius" Yang said: "God in heaven, solemn silence, and breeding seasons, all things." We live under such a bright sky, how should I do, can live together in peace together with the world, to reach the realm of heaven? Confucius think, this requires a strong force, that is the power of faith. So, when Zigong asked national stability, the stable political conditions needed, Confucius focused on "the letter". Confucius said, foot soldiers, enough to eat is important, but it is the material, material sense of happiness, it is merely an indicator, and truly feel from the stability and approved for regime, comes from the belief. This belief in addition to denote a not to move or retreat concept, there is a layer of meaning is loyalty and credit. Honesty is honest, credit, said to do, a promise will keep. You as a child, from childhood, mom and dad taught you to be honest, this is very helpful for you to go in the future society, realize their value of life. Now tell you a story, you'll see meaning integrity more important for a person or a country is: the spring and autumn and Warring States period, the Qin Shang Yang presiding in Qin Xiaogong support. At that time is in the frequent wars, jittery occasion, in order to establish credibility, promote the reform in the south of the city, Shang Yang ordered to stand outside a root three feet long wood, and publicly promised: "who can put the wood moved to the north, the bounty of twelve." The crowd does not believe that such things can be an easy job to get such a high reward, nobody is willing to sell a try. So, Shang Yang will be increased to fifty-two. Rewards for bad behavior, and finally someone stood up and will carry out to the north. Shang Yang immediately gave him fifty gold. Shang Yang this move, in people's hearts up prestige, and Shang Yang the next reform quickly in the open. The new law to make the state of Qin gradually strong, the ultimate reunification China. Another example: Zhou you a spoiled called her, to make her laugh, Zhou you ordered a fire in the Beacon Tower near the capital of more than 20. The Beacon Tower was built as a violation against Quanrong, purpose is to ignite fireworks when Quanrong, arrive, so that each vassal would come. At this time the peace time, the Beacon Tower rises suddenly fireworks, the governors and rate the army will be hurried to, when they understand this is Zhou you Wang Bo Fei smile after the game, all left in a huff. Please see the usual awe inspiring illustrious princes helpless appearance, finally happy smile. Five years later, Qiu Yi Quanrong attack Zhou, Zhou you re ignite the beacon, the governors are not to, because no one willing to be second when. Results the capital was Quanrong break, Zhou you wang killed by mutinous soldiers, the Western Zhou Dynasty was perished.
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"Yu Dan taught me to 'The Analects of Confucius'" is written for the young readers "Analects of Confucius" in the Analects of Confucius classics reading, experience, Yu Dan, Dad's stories, my mother to tell the story, children experience in the form of "the Analects of Confucius" as a new interesting explanation, and with many can attract people in the small story, can shake people's hearts, provides great reading experience for readers.
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