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China traditional culture connotation is rich, the form of philosophy, ethics, literature, the genre mainly is Confucianism and Taoism, Buddhism three. These cultural forms and genres, especially Confucianism, Buddha on the content, in general can be attributed to the question about human. This is an emphasis on how human culture, which, the most important is the life value theory. China ancient thinkers, especially Confucian scholars, the connotation, value of life type, level, standard and so on, are also fully discussed, constitute the core of the traditional culture China. As early as the pre Qin era, life value theory of all classes of authors have proposed features, such as Confucius proposed "righteousness" moral supremacy, Mo-tse advocated the "National People's interests" as the highest value, advocating advocating public function values. The beauty and ugliness, good and evil me interdependence. Chuang-tzu further proposed "no" proposition, that the relative values. Mencius proposed "good your" say, believe that everyone has the inherent value assigned. The disapproval of the Confucian moral supremacy, such as Han Fei thought that "righteousness love Hui enough", and "draconian penalty ruling", preach morality is useless, the worship of law and the value of power. In the Han Dynasty, Dong Zhongshu advocated the Confucianism, also promote "Mo heavy righteousness" moral supremacy. Wang Chong from the life and the governance of the country, think statecraft should be both moral and strength, advocate "de force with the value of". After the Han Dynasty, Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism, the main thinkers three are proposed or play different life value theory.
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On 2000 Chinese traditional culture values the Confucianist Humanism: the security of national culture under the background of economic globalization, the development of cultural industry in Dunhuang China game at the 2001: historical position of ancient academic ocean Huizhou culture on the relationship between cultural globalization and localization of the dialectical thinking of the inheritance and development of cultural innovation competition the national traditional culture of high-tech, in the wave of globalization the influence of Globalization: interaction of cultural productivity "ism" and "sent" to Chinese cultural development and Countermeasures in the new century: we must popularize scientific culture in the cultural construction of three oriented 2002 western cultural and ecological protection and development of cultural resources in relation to contemporary mass culture essence of contemporary Chinese cultural circles cultural relics protection and development of tourism science and human harmony but not sameness inheritance living culture, advanced culture and vision of the world in 2003 on the national cultural sovereignty Chinese architectural culture research and creation of calligraphy and Chinese culture on Chinese culture and national unity of "cultural consciousness" the confessions of traditional culture and traditional culture studies in 2004 three issue of environmental culture and national complex in Xingcheng The city culture of [three] Beijing culture: from the depth of history to reality and future of Shanghai culture of Shenzhen culture characteristics in the process of globalization and localization of the oriental cultural capital, cultural products and cultural system -- Bourdieu's cultural capital theory and cultural traditions of the loss and reconstruction of 2006 on the "East to west" discussion [two] East to west and east of the western culture on China culture needs on value and culture on the protection of intangible cultural heritage on theory of "revitalize the Ancient Chinese Literature Search" discussion [six] to reappraise Ancient Chinese Literature Search value on President Ji Baocheng's "revive Ancient Chinese Literature Search" on China cultural boundaries Renaissance Ancient Chinese Literature Search, now don't do when Ancient Chinese Literature Search is another cultural enlightenment Ancient Chinese Literature Search dispute in theory not misunderstanding on "sustainable use" of contemporary China cultural pursuit and dream of the Imperial Palace in 2006 80 years focusing City Heritage Museum in carrying forward the excellent national culture on cultural competence of current culture the crux of the problem where globalization four important ideas in 2007 six from the perspective of cultural misunderstanding China culture current Chinese society of Chinese traditional culture and make the past serve the present in China. The lack of culture and public knowledge space linguistic food culture spirit Ancient Chinese Literature Search hundred years controversy strength go with oriental wisdom "Jing Jiao Xuan Yuan to present the" all the world and other Chinese culture under the background of the 2008 Oscar prize eighty years to give full play to the social function of culture prosperity of socialist culture and the Olympic movement humanistic spirit of classic "read" the reconstruction of
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Theoretical reserves, cultural innovation ability is not strong, is restricted China culture development, constitute a major factor China national culture security problem from the inside, but also is insufficient and not strong, become a "cultural imperialism" China culture "invasion" and cultural "colonization" in the background of globalization one of the most important and dangerous interface. Foreign cultural trade in the process of Chinese, in terms of international copyright trade, can appear the huge trade deficit, one of the important reasons, all these years, we rarely called "innovation" and caused the attention of the world the advent of theories and works of art, one of the most distinctive the control is Huntington's "clash of Civilizations" theory is proposed, and the ideological and theoretical circles China but not to the end of the cold war world situation changes show and reached a country the corresponding theoretical thinking height. Instead, these years the introduction of a large number of various western theories, ideas, and all affected and restricted the glow China cultural circles of the original ability. "Since the beginning of 80's literary trend, known as the innovation part, almost all of the western modernism and post modernism, from various forms of manipulation, misty poetry, from the stream of consciousness, sex expression, narrative subject mediated, without exception. Literary criticism subject, from existentialism, reception aesthetics, post structuralism, feminism, post colonialism, until the globalization, the western discourse, in this regard, China best critics can only repeat the western discourse." This makes us in the source of culture innovation, appeared to transfer a kind of ability, the original cultural creation into active replication of western culture discourse system and concept of value and spread. Say the modernism and postmodernism, has become China culture industry a new rigid ideology and culture rigidity, it caused deep weakening China culture original ability at present, the China culture modernization has lost its original power culture, also can cause and form the "reality of cultural colonialism" in the China phenomenon. The reality of the existence of a culture of threat, exists generally in from conception toThe culture industry. Produced in such a cultural and ecological conditions in all cultural products -- spirit, materialized -- how can have the competitiveness and market share in the international cultural market? How can we meet the growing demand of culture consumption and enable them to consciously resist the "western movies" cultural temptation? How strong cultural cohesion in the depths of the spiritual life of Chinese people, build national cultural security of the Great Wall fundamentally? Therefore, to construct the national culture security system, promote national cultural innovation ability construction, create must first focus on the change of ideas, update and theory, overcome the ability for modern western culture dependent, based on the five thousand years of Chinese civilization. Passed down the rich ideological and cultural resources, based on summing up nearly a hundred years of Chinese scholars to create all the cultural achievement, integration of the world all outstanding achievements of civilization.
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