Traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese culture

Date of publication:2005   Press: People's Medical Publishing House   Author:Qu Limin   Pages:406  

"Traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese culture" is starting from the China traditional culture, from the Chinese why in the East, the original view of life, the light of humanity, Taoism and Buddhism and medicine, medical, Chinese "Huangdi Neijing" concept of heaven, ethics view and see another China eight parts, explains the gas, yin and Yang, five elements these words at the beginning of the establishment of connotation, analyzes Confucianism Taoism and medical concepts, thinking of the harmony and respectively, analyzes the traditional culture influence on traditional Chinese medicine, the doctor is the most concentrated expression of China culture, from the "medicine" into the "road" is an essential way to master traditional culture.
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Qu Limin, female, associate professor, master tutor of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Dean of Tsinghua University, special advisor to Beijing 天人医易 Institute of traditional Chinese medicine. Bachelor of Beijing Normal University master of language and literature, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine School of medicine. Both rich Ancient Chinese Literature Search literacy, proficient in philology and traditional medicine, and through the western anthropology. To participate in the national level, school level of several research projects, including national philosophy and social science nine five planning project "research" in Chinese medicine and pharmacy Confucianism Taoism and Buddhism, the project "of traditional Chinese philosophy of", "" Taoist "medical literature research and digital processing" etc.. Has presided over the "project three yin and three yang theory and ancient astronomy" and "five transport related issues six gas and epidemiological literature research", in the theory of traditional Chinese medicine and clinical aspects have unique experience and insights. And spreading over the years has been committed to the Chinese medical knowledge and Chinese traditional culture, not only in the "Beijing University of Chinese Medicine of traditional Chinese medicine and traditional culture", "the book of changes and the traditional Chinese medicine", "the research of Taoism", "Chinese cultural classics" and other courses; also invited to Tsinghua University, Peking University, Zhejiang University, the Fudan University, Communication University of China and other colleges and universities "Yellow Emperor" and "teaching contents of Chinese culture"; and was invited to Hunan "Furong forum", China Telecom, Jiangxi, Guangdong SASAC and other speech, spread of traditional Chinese culture. That China culture "Tao" only implement the "people" level to be meaningful, advocated from the word of life to the interpretation of culture and science, that only when everyone has a full understanding and Reflection on self life instinct and the soul, it may have on the Tao consciousness and health. Life. His major works include "traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese culture", "Huang Di Nei Jing? Health wisdom", "Chinese health wisdom", "easy to learn qigong" etc..
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Why the first chapter of TCM in the East, the origin and the background (a) Wu culture and history and culture (two) Chinese cultural background (three) and the deepening of Chinese cultural characteristics, forming two (a) of traditional Chinese medicine is a product of cultural diversity (two) of traditional Chinese medicine and cultural characteristics of the second chapter of primitive life view the myth, and medical (a) pay attention to life (two) original thinking (three) snake dance two, medical -- evidence of culture (a) resulting in the chain (two) meaning within the chain three, Chinese characters -- the image culture (a) Chinese characters -- the backbone of Chinese culture (two) text and medicine (three) Chinese characters symbol system the third chapter made a light, Confucianism and medicine (a) "Confucianism" solution (two) of Confucianism to the medical impact two, Taoism and Taoist thought origin of Medicine (a) (two) to create the fourth chapter Taoism and Taoism, Taoist medicine (a) the sources of Taoism Taoism school two (two), Taoist View of life (a) longevity and non health (two) specific operations within the outer three kneading, Taoism and traditional Chinese medicine (a) "Taiping Jing" and traditional Chinese medicine (two) Ge Hong's medicine (three) "Huang Ting Jing" and traditional Chinese medicine fifth why chapter Chinese Buddhism and medicine, China culture will accept buddhism...... The sixth chapter "Huangdi Neijing" Heaven seventh chapter eighth chapter medical view see another China postscript
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"Chinese medicine and traditional culture" through the layers of analysis, sort out the traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese culture context, the reader to further understand Chinese, learn Chinese, with Chinese, and development of traditional Chinese medicine is helpful. Therefore, this book can be used as Chinese medicine institutions and the necessary reading book, also can be used for medical, scientific research personnel of Chinese medicine reference, after reading will benefit Chinese lovers. The occurrence and development of traditional Chinese medicine and ancient Chinese traditional culture has close relationship. To understand the Chinese traditional culture to understand the occurrence of Chinese medicine, understand the profound ancient literature in the medical knowledge, master the theory of traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, it has important significance.
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