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The changes of the times, the classical style is not bad; cultural evolution, traditional charm more. The ancients had a bosom to catch the generous, people have thought on Sheng's visit. In printing and binding technology today, the only book traces increasingly difficult to find, to admire the traditional reading people brought a lot of sadness and regret.
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Three Character Classic by Qian Ziwen GUI Zhu Xi family re augmented
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The copyright page: horses and sheep chicken dog pig cattle feeding the people said his sorrow and fear love evil to seven with Pao soil leather Mu Shijin silk and bamboo music Gao Cengzu is father and son and grandson and son Xuan Zeng is self to Aboriginal people, father and son en couple from brother younger brother respectful pecking order is a friend friend and friend to Chen Zezhong Jun is the ten meaning are the same in the education of the young, we must pay attention to detailed exegesis of Ming punctuation as scholars must have elementary schools until four of the Analects of Confucius twenty group disciple Ji Shanyan Mencius seven chapters moral righteousness as the doctrine of the mean Zi Sibi said not partial, not easy for university study is Ceng Zi Qi to Mercedes Benz filial piety through the four books cooked as six was readable Shi Shuyi Li Chunqiu Book Dead Yu Keqiu six when pursuing a Lianshan Zhou Yi three detailed code of retreat in a mandate has sworn 书之奥 my life as six Duke Zhou Guan survival size a note book of rites music by Shu Shengyan said China Wind Yue Ya and Song poetry satirical poems when No. four the poem is the spring and autumn as it defines the Bie Shane three with rams have left there's Gu Liang by both Ming Fang Duzi pinch to record the five son Xun Yang the neutron and Taoist classics Read through the research of the history of this lineage known Zi Xinong to Huang Di in the San Juan Tang Youyu, Er Di said: "Xia Youyu Shang Youtang Zhou Wenwu, his spirit called the three kings Xia Chuanzi family four hundred years moving summer service Tang Faxia's six hundred title to Zhou dead king Wu of Zhou was Zhu Zhou eight hundred years for the Zhou Zhedong Wang Gangzhui play war still swim that began during the spring and Autumn Warring States period end during the Qin Dynasty's first seven strong merger transfer for Gao Zuxing Han Yejian Zhi Xiaoping II as Wang Mangcuan Guang Wuxing of the Eastern Han Dynasty four hundred years finally Wei Shuwu offered for H & Q, Jin Song Qiji Liang Chencheng as the Three Kingdoms period are Jinling Yuan Wei things Yuwen Zhou Yu Gaoqi until the Sui Yu not pass on soil loss succession Tang Gaozu uprising divisions in addition to Sui mess and the base
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