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"Chinese cultural knowledge: Three Chinese surnames thousand character classic" is mainly about the "Three Character Classic" and "family names", "Thousand Character Classic" and known as the three major Chinese enlightenment literature. "Three Character Classic" is a precious cultural heritage of the Chinese nation, it is short, catchy, for thousands of years, household. The content covers the history, astronomy, geography, moral as well as some folk legend. "Family names" is a book about Chinese surname of the book, a book in the early Northern Song Dynasty, the order is not the surname actual population arrangement is to read easy to read, easy to learn and remember. "Thousand Character Classic" as the Southern Dynasty written by Zhou Xingsi is the antithesis neat, clear, good on paper, it is said never.
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One, "Three Character Classic" two, "Three Character Classic" of the original and the interpretation of the three, "Three Character Classic" in the story four, "family names" five, "family names" the original six, surname source seven, "Thousand Character Classic" eight, "Thousand Character Classic" text and the interpretation
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The copyright page: illustration: one to ten, ten to a hundred, a hundred to a thousand, thousand and thousand. (translation) of one to ten is the basic figures, ten ten one hundred, ten one hundred one thousand, ten one thousand ten thousand...... So endless. The three forces, are heaven, earth and man. The three luminaries, are the sun, the moon and the stars. (translation) of Sancai, refers to the day, three aspects. Three, is the sun, moon and stars. The three bonds, are the obligation between soverign and subject, the love between father and child, the harmony between husband and wife. (translation) the three cardinal guides, are three kinds of relationships between people and people should abide by, is the king's words and deeds and according to justice, love between parents and children, between husband and wife. There are spring and summer, autumn and winter days, the four, no poor. (translation) of spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons of four called, the changing season, summer spring, autumn and the winter, so by alternating cycle, no limit. Said the north and the south, said West East, the Quartet, and should be almost in. (translation) of East, South, West, north, called the "Quartet", or directions. The four range, there must be a central position corresponding to each azimuth set out. Said the fire, wood gold, the five rows, the number. (translation) for "Five", it is gold, wood, water, fire and earth. This is the ancient Chinese used to refer to the abstract concept of the universe of all things change, according to the five line in the principle of mathematical induction, allelopathy between five rows. Ten stem, a to GUI, twelve Branches, sub - hai. (translation) "ten dry" refers to the A, B, C, D, e, F, G, Xin, Wang, Li, also called the "day"; "twelve" refers to the son, ugly, Yin, Mao, Chen, Si, afternoon did not, Shen, and Xu, Hai, also known as "earthly branches", is a marker of ancient time. Said the ecliptic, said the equation, said the equator, the power. (translation) the earth moves around the sun, and the sun around the galactic center. The sun's orbit is called "Zodiac", there is a big circle and the vertical axis of the imaginary in the center of the earth, this is the equator.
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"Chinese cultural knowledge: • • three character surnames QianZiWen" at the same time digging and collation of Chinese excellent traditional culture results, combining with the development of society, the spirit of the times into. Beautiful and vivid characters, concise and popular language, illustrated books in the form of the Chinese culture in the material culture, system culture and behavior culture and spiritual culture knowledge points to show the reader. The little bit of knowledge as collections of stars, the brilliant Chinese culture.
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