Three Character Classic surnames QianZiWen disciple rules

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"Three Character Classic", "family names", "Thousand Character Classic" collectively "300", also called "three family village", is the first book of Chinese traditional form of education, high visibility, can be said to be widely known and unknown. "300" to "Three Character Classic" led, known as the "after" to "Thousand Character Classic" called "the bottom". From the time, "Thousand Character Classic" written in the Six Dynasties, appeared earlier; "Three Character Classic" written in Yu Nansong Dynasty, until the Yuan Dynasty began to circulate, the Ming and Qing Dynasties to spread. The "disciple gauge" books in the early Qing Dynasty, mainly to teach students Weirenchushi specification, known as the "Confucian foundation, the foundation of humanity".
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Three Character Classic surnames surname origin of Qian Ziwen disciple gauge total Syria into the filial piety is a brother I believe love all the benevolence and Yu Lixuewen young Qiong Lin volume one astronomical geography when court officials level II and his brother and nephew and the girl friend couple marriage relatives and birthday body clothes Vol. three HR dietary palace for treasures and die of disease the things I lost 4 craft procedure explained supernatural birds and flowers put repeatedly roll east two winter Sanjiang four five six seven eight nine good fish Yu Qi ten ash eleven real twelve paper thirteen yuan fourteen cold and fifteen delete next first two Xiao three dishes four - five song six Ma seven Yang eight g nine green ten steamed eleven especially twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen salt salty invasion of Qin
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The copyright page: use Dingyan, is the trustee of words; Wang. Toe, is the request one line. Please 推毂, Xie people recommend words; Wang as a leader, the trustee is the initiator of the said. Words are unhappy, that the stone language; his opinion, that the criticism on. Praise a person before everybody, praise good deeds; one's reputation is justified, the fruit is sage. The party is not evil, evil day Peng; as far as money gambling, said flyer. Acts up, day but will. Well, not demanding ring. Our life is inverse word of person, stubborn with their nature. Japan coveted, day one, peep always selfish; day urgent, day next afternoon, all words human diversity: small will observe, that the critical patient; by phase attack, called. To the heart to hate as a mountain valley, as if the property is easy to leakage. At the open short, is to ask for help of teaching; multi - stones, Xie people advice. To gauge your whereabouts, is good to Mu; motto Zhi Yan, 悉嘉 words audible. Silent, silent, anger, Ji wei. Bao Zheng little color laugh, laugh is on the most ferocious than; Shang Yang, the common theory of prisoners Wei chi. Chou, cutting depth. People laugh, smile. Smile, smile, smile, its mouth. Laugh, laugh, laugh day roar. Leave to be virtuous, called virtual left; bureaucracy is agency, called the present. One day and day break faith fail, people forget the oath; cold alliance, and anti sweat. Heart, a sense of morality and unforgettable; we, grateful. To the disaster, it was 解衣抱火; from it, as the off net yuan. Two not and that the special; two not congenial, called the cat. Each other day to enter the conflict, not to hesitate. And not the word, a modest language. Complete the work has been completed that contribute money in the name of their diet. The course, called Yucheng; split to end, that the collapse. Something more, more, on the day of antagonistic force. Just days before it honestly, still suffer harm, heel. Hand to mouth is used as constraints, time & date palm martingale. Hand foot and parallel, creeping, bow and think day by. Cast pearls before swine, big bend to turn someone's argument against him, mutual annihilation. Ask for a fool, are leading the blind; 枉道 dry, is Jie Yu for sale. Wisdom, who think alike; benevolence person character, its profit is very thin. Off, do not know component; 岑楼齐末, not high.
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