Three Character Classic - four famous Chinese Enlightenment

Date of publication:2012-03-01   Press: Wang Yinglin, higher education press (2012-03)   Author:(song) Wang Yinglin Lin Yee   Pages:128  

At the beginning of life, sex is good, and similar ways are different. When the life down is good, but in the process of growing up, the day after the environment is different, have also had the difference between good and bad. Read here is the fundamental problem to research and solve the education at the beginning, also is the "nature" and "learning" relationship. "Good nature" was put forward by Meng Zi, "Meng Zi lost": "compassion, both the people; a sense of shame, the person all has; respectful of the heart, the person all has; sense of right and wrong, the person all has. Compassion, humanity; a sense of shame, Yi; respectful of the heart, right and wrong, it is wise to rites. The kindheartedness and righteousness, not by the externalization and I, our intrinsic also." He believes that the four heart is a person of talent and nature, and human nature is good. "And similar learning phase", say is that human nature is similar, just because the growth environment is different, so for a long time, have good points. If not taught is the transfer, teaching way, expensive. Translation if he dose not good education, good nature will change. In order not to make the child bad, dedicated to the education of children is the most important. Interpretation of "if not taught is the transfer of", explains the importance of education for humanity molding. If no education or not to accept education, person originally good nature will change. "Teaching way, in your college", the basic principle about the education of college is "". Education to achieve the desired result, methods to specific content should be precise, only can post on the door and persevere can have success. Learning themselves to specific, don't look at anything new to learn what, to find suitable for their own, and is willing to learn, to concentrate on learning. Neighbor selection: selection of neighborhood get along. Son: Meng Zi, who Ke, Zi Yu, in the Warring States period Zou, was later known as the "san". Xi Meng, chose a neighbourhood, do not learn, off the loom. The old son to create a good environment for the growth to the son, the three moved to the home. Once, Meng Zi does not study hard, play truant home, his mother was half cut fabric cloth, to tell Meng Zi about learning can not give up halfway. His mother cut the loom of godson, said Meng in that Meng Zi played hooky thing, in the face of Meng Zi, picked up the scissors to cut the fabric has good cloth in half, and said to Meng Zi: "you abandoned their studies, like I cut the cloth. The first line of cloth to be woven to form one inch, one foot, zhang. Learning is to accumulate, only persistence, studying hard, can become. Today you should give up halfway, as this was cut out of cloth, can only become useless things." Meng Zi after listen to, rude awakening. He was shamed I strenuously hard, finally become a generation of intellectuals, was later known as the "san".

"Light reading: the enlightenment four classic three character classic" is China's biggest influence, one of the most representative of the ancient books for children, known as "the first book". It and "family names", "Thousand Character Classic" are called "three, hundred, thousand, in the ancient Mongolian book crown. The main contents of the book is divided into six parts, namely, the traditional Chinese education, history, astronomy, geography, ethical and folk tales.
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Author: Wang Yinglin @##@ (song) Objective: the so-called enlightenment, namely Chinese traditional enlightenment education. "Three Character Classic" and "family names", "Gui", "Thousand Character Classic" known as the "four famous" Chinese enlightenment. The "Three Character Classic" is China's biggest influence, one of the most representative of the ancient books for children, known as "the first book. "Three Character Classic" word for the song Confucian Wang Yinglin, from the Southern Song Dynasty to the late Qing Dynasty, has been widely used as textbooks. It is compact in structure, concise text, with three word or three word multiple sentences, sentence harmonic rhyme, catchy, smooth and interesting. The book covers a wide range, covering ethics, and common sense, after the history subset, dynastic order and so on, has been highly acclaimed, learning is essential for the traditional Chinese culture enlightenment books, called the "crown" enlightenment. "Three Character Classic" in many statements, such as "can't teach, the father of the", "diligence, play good" has become well-known and passed down from generation to generation of the famous. The ancients said: "read three words, you can know everything in the world, through saint. "" Three Character Classic "is the enlightenment education is the essential work, it can open the wisdom of life, the deepest can touch one's heart, more conducive to a elegant temperament and honest character. In the fast-food culture full of society today, after the Millennium precipitation of Chinese nutrition can give people a quiet power, help us better find yourself. Therefore, the editor will be the original "Three Character Classic" with the original and translated control arrangement way is presented to the reader, and in the translation and interpretation, in order to help the reader develop ideas, get a better reading experience.
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"The primary famous four • Three Character Classic" Editors: Classic: can not be ignored in the "heavy reading"! In all works, classic component is the most important. The classic means that the crystallization time wash Lek, civilization and wisdom. Such as literature, history, art...... As long as the classic, will have the widest audience. Therefore, each field of ancient and modern classics, is the most powerful vitality and market appeal. "The series of light reading human hand" selected bibliography, are tempered classics in the field of classic, in attracting readers have natural persuasion. Shallow reading: ignore cannot read in the light"! In all kinds of information continues to spread, the pace of life is becoming increasingly tight today, people to learn the knowledge of more and more fragmented, reading generally exhibit a "light" feature, the heavy tomes classic books more and more away. If can minimize the classic to fear, increase such books affinity, can effectively promote the sales. "Light reading human hand" to "light" word, to mould classics reading "light mode", is the practice of this theory. Title: the title of the importance of needless to say. "Light reading" in the information transmission way, Zhizhirenxin, with distinctive petty bourgeoisie; "human hand" and "roll" concept from the traditional Chinese painting art in a typical shape: scroll scroll. After extension, where the length of simple, moderate length, shape of books with the form can be called "hand roll". "Human hand by hand" two words, transferForm and meaning, a historical and cultural connotation, complements each other with the "light reading". Vision: in the consumer, "nice" often refers to the form, not the content. Our preference for all the beautiful things, by the form of inducement to consumption is far greater than the content. Beauty so, so far so, luxury cars, so, so also the books. Based on this, "light reading" in the "nice" to reach: Cover Design: an unprecedented amazing. Bold breakthrough classic customary elegant, heavy image, in colors and patterns are the flowers, bright as the first essential meaning, with crystal plastic book cover, definitely eye-catching, amazing. The text design: breathtaking flirtatious. The industry's top designer himself, by design, color printing, page by page, books, each book to read is a magnificent visual travel. Thickness: hundreds of pages, 157G coated, thin and not thin, thick not awkward, "light" properly! Price, non Mercedes BMW, non QQ Alto, roughly belongs to the smart or mini cooper.
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