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"1000 poems appreciation" is popular for a long time the enlightenment books, Chinese traditional culture also has the entry materials. "Thousands of poems" to five, five, seven, seven order, "the ideological content of each poem 1000 poems" and the artistic characteristics of in-depth analysis. Each of the authors, the meaning of a word, textual research and analysis of the works is a melting furnace. The author highlights the poetry writing background and word explanation cleared the obstacles of the poetry text, textual research provides a reliable basis for an accurate understanding of the poem, the poem works analysis is carried out on the word, and the ideological content of the poetry and art features are summarized. "1000 poems appreciation" write simple, easy to understand, for parents of children, children, and other readers' reading and reference.
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The volume of one five quatrains Chunxiao visit, gleaning don't meet to send Guo Sicang to Luoyang alone Jingting mountain Tower view Yongle princess who left Yi pear fan complaints in spring Si Junen Yuanshi don't industry night send Zhao Zong bamboo hall sent Zhu Da Qin long song history, as every Knight Jiang for Wang Kuang Lu a. Li Huan autumn lead an autumn autumn autumn Hill twenty-two members on the Lake Palace problem looking for hermit don't meet Fen on the Jingqiu Shudao later my Qiu Pu Song give Joe court a prefect of Wuling March nine, Changan hometown Jieyu blame questions bamboo temple three village doctor temple Yu Yi water not Lou Qin Qing answer 2 seven quatrains spring casual spring night in a spring rain Yuan Dong Yuan feast of casual play blanket graph word final imperial examination Yong Hua Qing Qing Ping tone word problem Di Qingming Qingming festivals partition quatrains Begonia "Jiangnan Spring high Lang quatrains pleasance nots worth customer account title screen diffuse Xingqing um peach Yuen view peach swim mysterious concept of Chuzhou Xi Jian North Lake flowers...... Volume three poems written seven words versification "1000 poems" author title index
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The copyright page: long stem where Qu Cui Hao Jun home? I live in Heng tang. Let's hold our boats together, let's see if we belong in the same town. " Cui Hao (John 704-754), bianzhou (now Henan Kaifeng) people. Tang Xuanzong Kaiyuan eleven years (722) scholars cite. Tianbao years served as Si Xun yuan Wai Lang. Yuan Xin Fang "Tang Chuan" called "juvenile for poetry, meaning flowery, many trapped light". The poem as the Cui Hao when young. "The entire Tang poem" poetry a record volume, "Full Tang Shi" fill his continued five (one of the first cross). "1000 poems" the poem called "mutual", but the series of "Yuefu Poetry", "Wan Shou Tang poetry" are "long song", the change from. "Long song" is popular in the Nanjing area of the song name. "Long" and "long", Nanjing is the ancient name, site of the Qinhuai River in this in the south to the north of Yuhuatai. Tang Xusong "Jiankang record" said: "the long stem is Li Xiang, Jiangdong that mountain long between the stem. Health South Hill, in which five people Shu ground, mixed, a long stem, small long stem, long dry, and is in the name of." Cui Hao wrote "long song" series a total of four, this is the first. The first two sentences to write the hostess active conversation with the strange man, and can't wait to self-reported home address. Wang also Nanjing ancient place names, which flows through Nanjing the South Bank of the the Qinhuai River River levee. Jin Zuosi "Wu Doufu" said: "our check, Muraa Taka." "Selected works" Liu Yuanlin note: "Heng Tang in the south, near Jiang Houzhu, edge river built along, called wang." As the saying goes: "if you live, you live." Then the woman living in the Qinhuai River and Yangtze River, usually to do is lotus, lotus root and water chestnut. From the third poems song "Lian Zhou jianjue dilute" it, she was sailed to the lotus. Because of the ship in the Qinhuai River alone is not safe enough, so when she found a young man a boat coming from behind, so desperate people family ties. After the two write the woman in order to cover up their tension, bold and romantic, so they made a further explanation: "the reason I stop waiting for you, that you may be my fellow." The implication is that, if the town, we can go to the lotus. It seems that this is a passionate, frank, bold, simple, heart not many taboos girl. We will see that the first second: home near the Jiujiang water, and Jiujiang side. The same is the people of Jiujiang, he did not know. This poem wrote the young man answered, he clearly expressed regret.
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"1000 poems appreciation" is popular for a long time the enlightenment books, Chinese traditional culture also has the entry materials. In the content easy to understand, easy to understand, for parents of children, children, and other readers' reading and reference.
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