The vast -- on the Ming and Qing Dynasties thought

Date of publication:1993   Press: Yunnan people's Publishing House   Author:Wu Fangzhuo   Pages:229  

At one eight four O after years of the Qing Dynasty in a historical perspective. It makes people have the vast sense, however, it from the Kang, Yong, dry time is only about one hundred years old: push down one hundred years, is the weather update of the society of the Republic of China, an alarming, wind passes, how quickly. In time the gentry intellectuals of the era, various views, and their thoughts and actions, and therefore has a very attractive, so as to explore: in this seems to is people the crevice time under, how to face the direction can be identified. But the inability to transfer times debacle.
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Wu Fang, four nine years in Beijing. The ancestral home Anhui Huaining. He dropped out of school to work. Graduated from Renmin University of China in eight two Chinese system. For "art research" magazine editor, now China culture research China Art Research Institute researchers. The review of literature, thoughts and culture of modern essay writing.
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"Xin gyrus and decomposition" (Introduction) "cage" characters do bald avoid seats and smell the literary inquisition Qianjia learning added that his "medieval" hundred years of suffering the first cycle and the four corners of the world, mad to complain to my sword "Statecraft" new concepts in an old framework of the Western Qing history beginning with who is not from "Tao" said Feng Guifen "school Xing Lu protest" "maritime Su Wu" Ye Mingchen "heaven" tragedy of Zheng Guofan and the traditional order "Xiangxiang" science, Zeng's "time" into the world "learn" in the late Qing Dynasty, a strange thing by white scholar to propagate reformist political commentator "off the door". Was conservative, Westernization Group, the early reformers from the old to the new and the "Six Classics" Dog that fetches will carry. also has the scholar Zheng Guanying Qingliu, you glimpse guard Zhang Zhidong "western" face Wu Xu reform: a difficult dream "Emperor do not a scholar called" wild fox on reform by Ling Yunjian write with ease try to think "Liang Qichao phenomenon" ideological circle comet Tan Sitong...... Postscript
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The vast but also harsh. In other words, the ideology of imprisonment, the tragedy has its unique amplification effect: on the one hand, due to "be good under the very behavior will" reasons, so against those who seek justice for promotion, and Yao Chong and make every attempt to exercise into prison. Is called "dog owner". On the other hand, consider from the point of view, not only afraid of contact taboo. By the disaster, but also in the gang deterrence of a psychological -- since there may once bitten, twice shy of ten years simply dare not touch. So, thought the box to get another invisible amplification. From Kangxi to Qian Long, the three dynasties literary inquisition, only the records, there are one hundred and eight. One of the more fierce, "Zhuang Ting Qian Ming history case", "his" Nanshan collection "case", "Lv Liuliangwen case" etc.. Is to seize the accusation,. Kill, not innocent, can say a little leeway for freedom of thought. Qian Long is the Ministry of the principal terrestrial J ran a article, he said: "people more respect, right more weight, is more dangerous evil worse; cover can be born, killing people, reward, penalty, then I will be sparse and the fear will be more. Although anger but dare not leak, to quote and not light, so the storage will be deep, it will poison." He said, this is the Qing Dynasty, but not to discuss good, killed the head. There is a cha Si Ting, more is a curse from the days. If Shen Deqian wins because of "Zhu non positive, dissimilar is king '' sentences back alluding to charges (Shen suffers the corpse, coffin stamp section) is sticking point actually, Zha Si Ting it due to put a Ren test error. He is from the "University" pick out "Wei Min stop" four actually harmless, who knows someone report: "wins" two words really makes people avoid seats away? "The middle Qing literary inquisition archives", there are quite a few known fabricated the case, even to the ridiculous. Such as "Long Fengxiang Hill printing on record:" this is the Dragon had been exiled officials, then be searched out yinpu two copies, due to the governor of Guizhou played "stamp statement more crazy Christmas without place", then lock up. During interrogation, criminal said, because of boring. Carved into the two yinpu, to send people to profit, literally "stamp, useful idioms, with myself, not don't have opinions". Words are so said, but from there to interpret out of context, make groundless accusations, then buckle hat, also not difficult. Fortunately, Qianlong Royal Group -- "no as the inverse case management", to the Dragon 风祥 lives to leave Yili to do hard labor. Another "Cheng Ming falsely made life copy": because the Cheng punctuate the idioms, which was 拿问. What do 拿问? That is -- "after the Han Dynasty Zhao Yichuan" in five character poem two, why are you taking only "book is full of, as a pocket money" two words, and the number of "ancient and modern multi punctuate, with generous" four words! As a comprehensive assessment of the law, this is "disgruntled", "the ancient move" rebellious behavior that is not far away. Qian Long on the Mr Cheng is "lenient": although "illogical and ungrammatical, abuse of evil, and openly rebellious speaker is made between", however, "the party and vice, is student portal gradually, and people have much to do, Cheng Mingwu's sin was in the." So, Cheng from the executed, for an "immediate decapitation", namely the immediate execution of death.
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China philosophical wisdom grand verve, Gao Jie, psychology, Taoism, zen...... Both the eyes and ears of people, set people thinking can date.
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