The utility poetic couplet.

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Digest poetic couplet is composed of poetry, CI, Qu, Fu style comprehensive evolved, the advantages of various styles, elegant and neat, short and flexible, harmonious, has very high practical value and artistic appreciation value. Features of creation of poetic couplet, before a poetic couplet, first of all to the basic characteristics of a good grasp of the basic requirements of poetic couplet, also is the creation of poetic couplet. One is the digital equivalent, i.e. on the two should be equal, to express a complete meaning. Such as on the seven word "two two three" structure, the lower should also be "two two three structures"; on the subject predicate structure, should be the same. Two is the structure of the corresponding, antithesis neat. Briefly speaking, is the next sentence grammatical structure alignment, part of speech should also be relatively coordination, verb noun to verb, adjective to noun, adjective and so on. The three is well relative, rhythm harmonious, is the next sentence corresponds well to the opposite place, as well as the same sentence to alternate. Chinese pronunciation of "flat, on, to, into the" four sound, in addition to "flat" sound of the word, ", go, into the" three are "Ze" sound of the word, a poetic couplet, the last word on the must be "Ze" sound of the word, the last character must be "flat" sound of the word. The four is related to the content, language coherence. On the sentence must be associated with each other, make a poetic couplet forming an organic whole. Not irrelevant, semantic difference is too big. To make clear the basic characteristics of the poetic couplet, contribute to the understanding of poetic couplet writing method. The writing method of writing poetic couplet two, poetic couplet, common has the following four kinds: one is a set of sentences, two is off, the three is the innovation type, four is to pick the sentence. Each method has different requirements of their own, once able to skillfully use, it is not difficult to create wonderful on union. 1Its creation method is to set the sentence poems, articles have been published and widely circulated in accordance with ready-made sentences stylistic norms, poetic couplet content coherent, composed of a poetic couplet. For example: Jiangshan so many charming ribbons in the sky scenery here alone good emotionally by waves this is Guo Moruo set of Mao Zedong words together. And as the autumn wind: Wan Li Jin Shui nine spring Mandragora (Du Fu poem) Mo sorrow things and who has new flower wins the old flowers (Han Yu poem) above is exquisite, apt, poetic poetic couplet. The words can also sets, such as: Poly static in the mountains have always focussed on the water stay if bamboo was if this is set to "Lanting Pavilion" word order combination. The ten step will be the August between Jiwang common floating raft which is a set of books to sentence poetic couplet. 2 off off refers to the method, according to their own needs the poetry text slightly changed, a new expression of the theme, make new poetic couplet. Such as "morality, skilled artist article", the original is "hard article". Another example is "all alone in a foreign land, every acquaintance times dating", "the sun is infinitely good, why mourn dusk" and so on, are based on the original verses to change a few words, which created a new meaning. The above is the poem off type, in addition to poetic couplet off type, add the word off type, change the word off type etc.. The 3 innovation innovation approach, is composed of their new vocabulary poetic couplet. This method is more common, common. The main method is expanded joint innovation, off the shelf poetic couplet expansion words, make it become the new. Two is the innovation of the couplet, a party on, for the. The three is that innovation, this is joint syndrome a specified range, theme, length, sentence pattern, rhythm can be customized. Four is the freedom to innovate, this method is more common, unconstrained form, flexibility, but the content should be with the social development and innovative. P156-157
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One, two, three, the general spring festive Association four, building five, Yu Li moved to six, and six, and seven, elegiac couplet in all walks of life eight, basic knowledge @##@ poetic couplet writing Poetic couplet, also called couplets, is a unique form of literature. It has a long history, suit and the common people. Civil weddings and funerals, social reward corresponding answer need it; places of historic interest and scenic beauty, garden landscape, the temple mausoleum cannot do without its embellishment; teahouses and wineshops, restaurant, shops are generally used it. In the vast area of our country, the Spring Festival, post writing poetic couplet, Ying Xiang blessing, wishes to express is a folk custom. Poetic couplet is an exotic flower in the garden, we should vigorously cultivate. China posted a poetic couplet traditional origin from peach, book Taofu customs. The Spring Festival couplets, is the legendary god descending ghost "Tu" and "Yu Lei" names were written in the two block of peach wood, hung on the door, to pressure the evil ghost. "After the Han Dynasty," said: "in the etiquette of peach printing, six cubits long, three inch, five books literature method, the application of portal, check here. "The custom lasted for over one thousand years since the Qin Dynasty, the Five Dynasties, people began to take the language problem in wood. "History of the Song Dynasty, Shu Meng family" had been recorded shuzhumengchang questions only plate. Hou Shu to song two years ago, new year's Eve day, Meng 昶令 bachelor Xin 演逊 questions only board on the bedroom door, with his non workers, personally put pen to paper questions cloud: "New Year Festival, Yuqing, changchun. "Is considered to be a new year couplet appears the earliest, has been one thousand years of history. After the Song Dynasty, the folk New Year couplets hanging is quite common, and expanding the scope of Wang Anshi's poem, "numerous households pupil pupil, the new peach for old charm" of the sentence, is the true portrayal of that event. The famous song dynasty scholar Su Shi, Huang Tingjian also is the master writing poetic couplet. In the Ming Dynasty, the Ming Taizu Zhu Yuanzhang love and advocate poetic couplet, get a new development, people began to use the red paper instead of peach wood, Spring Festival couplets category name began to spread. "The word" cloud building complex records, Ming Taizu Zhu Yuanzhang capital in Jinling, before the new year's Eve, Gongqing Shishu door life must be posted couplets a, Zhu Yuanzhang travel incognito, fun to watch. Since then, the Bachelor of the joint title as visual as elegant thing. From the Qing Dynasty emperor minister to the folk, there have been many essays with everybody, such as Qian Long, Ji Yun, Weng Fanggang, Zheng Banqiao etc.. In addition, the influence of the Chinese culture China surrounding larger countries such as Japan, there are couplets customs North Korea, South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore and other countries. Many kinds of poetic couplet, Liang Zhangju of the Qing Dynasty in the "words" in the poetic couplet couplet plexus is divided into ten categories, Guangxu years published "assembly" and the poetic couplet couplet is divided into twenty categories. According to the classification and poetic couplet in practical applications, can be roughly divided into the following categories: Spring Festival couplets to celebrate the Spring Festival and the poetic couplet, express the new year new year's good wishes and yearning content. This kind of poetic couplet also can be divided into general, rural, city, industry association and other details. Happy to meet with students who married life moved to celebrate, wishes for auspiciousness and write poetic couplet. Yu Lilian through the language to express the philosophy, in order to lyric, to exhortation, caution, to provide much material for thought, promote human endeavor, to get an education and Enlightenment role. Scenic spots with magnificent mountains and rivers, places of historic interest and scenic beauty praise for the content of the poetic couplet, common to visit scenic spots, historical sites, pavilions, terraces and open halls etc.. Sad elegiac couplet is mainly used to pay the poetic couplet mourning. People use their grief, praise the dead. Application of a wide range of poetic couplet in their daily work and life, is roughly the following categories. Other celebrities such as the joint, Hui Qiao Lian, sarcasm, merging, joint and so on, or a celebrity by the language to express the mind, or writing performance astute, knowledgeable. This kind of poetic couplet can increase the pleasure and fun, but form bound, writing is difficult, for the write at random, not practical. Poetic couplet to thousands of years is not bad, but it itself has strong entertainment, another important reason is that it has a practical value, all trades and professions can through this unique literary form to express his character, interest, desire, especially in the vast rural areas and business, often with poetic couplet form emotional, propaganda occupation moral, their lofty aspirations. Poetic couplet unique function of literature, from different aspects to meet people's spiritual needs. This book selects the poetic couplet both popularly known, and full of literary talent and sense of the times. From a practical perspective, the poetic couplet are very suitable for the festive holiday, and various occasions to post suspension. In order to enhance the reader's participation consciousness, experience the fun writing poetic couplet, specially written "poetic couplet writing basic knowledge" chapter, introduces the basic knowledge of poetic couplet and writing essentials, for the vast number of enthusiasts reference.
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"Practical" poetic couplet featured Xilingyinshe publishing.
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