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Xiaoman Xiaoman in every year lunar calendar in April twenty-one, equivalent to the Gregorian calendar in May twenty-one, yellow 60 degrees to the position of the sun, fighting for the nail. Xiaoman refers to, the wheat grain is full, it is not mature; the south rice area, Xiaoman and paddy fields of water has been filled. "Yueling · seventy-two candidate solution set": “ in April, the small filled with matter. ” the Song Dynasty "lazy" proper record: “ Xiaoman in April, Mai Qi thus Xiaoman and immature. ” "florilegium": “ Xiaoman, growth so far, are surplus montreal. ” in Xiaoman, around the farm work more, the farmers are very busy, because our country across latitude larger, around the farm work is different. The northeast region in the period, mainly to strengthen seedling management, timely to crop thinning, seedling, land inventory reseed or water to transplant seedlings. In order to maintain the required for crop growth temperature, must be regularly weed scarification, to improve the soil temperature. In addition, during this period, changes in the weather anomaly, to do a good job of artificial hail suppression work, in order to prevent hail damage to crops. North China has a &ldquo in the period, small sky rush days; ” ". Mean, the time, the farmers are very busy. Spring has come to an end, is about to enter a period of summer, the whole family mobilized, work even in the external personnel also have to come back, do all the preparatory work before the summer harvest. At the same time, to do a good job for the autumn crop wheat at work. Because the summer harvest and dibbling simultaneously or at intervals of not long, if not seize the time, can not be timely o'clock will affect the autumn crops. The northwest area, winter, spring wheat watering, scarification, pest control, some plant spring wheat place, have to seize the time to spring wheat fertilization. Spring maize seedling, start weeding the fields. But all the different climate, crop growth is larger, the farm is not the same. Taking Shaanxi Province as an example, there are three climatic zones, wheat growth and development are not the same. As the growing status of the province when wheat is: Northern Shaanxi Xiaoman Xiaoman wheat flowering “ ”, the region and Inner Mongolia, EastNorth near; Guanzhong area is better, “ &rdquo, the wheat 满仁; that local and Xiaoman solar term adaptation. Hanzhoung area “ wheat to the ten yellow ” distance harvest, not a few days. If the extended from Shaanxi to the country, the local climate difference is more. From this point can see the clue in proverbs. The Yellow River River Basin &ldquo wheat to Xiaoman Xiaoman; not familiar with ” the Yangtze River Basin, is another scene, “ wheat to Xiaoman and yellow ”, illustrate the harvest season. The central area of the season, everybody is very busy. From the south to the north of summer crops began large-scale harvest, southern places have been harvested, some areas of the north have to strengthen the management of late in the dry hot wind, focus on defense, if the dry hot air defense is not good, it will make the yield of wheat. In the meanwhile, have to seize the time of planting rice, at the same time to the early rice water fertilization, prevention of borer pests. Spring maize, sorghum has started to grow, so do weeding hilling work. Cotton seedlings do check, fill, thinning, seedling etc.. At the same time, also do a good job of field management of peanut. Tea and fruit place, also must prepare intertill weeding topdressing etc.. At the same time, all prone to pests, pest control activities are more. The proverbs are related: “ Xiaoman dissatisfaction, dry off the ridge. ” “ Xiaoman discontent, in whatever. ” “ storage such as grain storage. ” have the relationship between the characteristics and the xiaoman. Although Xiaoman Xiaoman in April 21st, but the festival is also a lot of. In April 24th April 28th the butterfly; Yao Wang's birthday. Yao Wang is one of the private sector in China, for God, doctors, drug trafficking business, medicinal herb, medical teachers worship. Popular in different areas and times, our country is not consistent with Yao Wang, Fu Xi, Shen Nong, Huang Di, Sun Simiao, Bian Que, Hua Tuo, Lv Dongbin, Li Shizhen Webster, three dozen. Fu Xi, Shen Nong, Huang Di as the old San Juan, known as “ medicine Zu ”, also known as “ medicine emperor ”. The most famous is the famous medical scientist Sun Simiao of the Tang Dynasty yaowang. He is the author of "Prescriptions", "Qian Jin Yi Fang", Song Huizong had closed its “ Miaoying live ”. Sun Simiao skill, so deified and respect for the manual. Bian Que is the second. Bian Que was a famous physician in the Warring States period, the old so often the resurrection of Bian Que “ ” plaque, reflect the medicine industry generally respects to Bian Que. Once again, Hua Tuo. Hua Tuo is at the end of the Chinese medicine, known as the saint of medicine, medicine known as the king of. In addition, Eastern Han Dynasty emperor Liu Xiu twenty-eight (the) one of Pi Tong is respected as the manual. According to legend, Pei Tong not only martial arts to see, is also fond of medicine, medical attention. Qing emperor Qian Long "Qi 州志 · volume three building" to record the cloud: “ Han Pei Tong Temple, people call for leather field king, king is also, in the gate. According to the king 本州 God of the earth, since the Song Dynasty so far, taking medicine appeared, a disease that is sore. Legend has it that the first toward the Qin Wang Deji, Zhu Yi Mo treatment, a medicine to, into the medicine pill, made more. Asked his name, the Qi State South outsiders can. The envoy that, beginning to know God, Zhao Li Miao worship. The first year of Song Jianzhong letter Ling Hou, closed after a male, six years 灵昭 Hui Chun Ming Yu Wang was sealed, the temple of Ling'an. ” April 19th Dong before take a shower, the main activity is a water bath. The day of the festival, people put up the mountain village collection of nine light, Acer buergerianum, honeysuckle flower, orchid, Cili, thorn bird, old bag, bubble, snakes back, Huang Kui, Ma Sang dove nest, red living hemp, Ge Ma Teng, Beck grass, grass and other drugs Quartet, put in the pot rack good in fire decocting medicinal herbs. Then Aohao syrup with a little rice wine, salt bath body. According to the modern scientific identification, they take a shower with the herbal medicine efficacy with heat clearing and detoxicating, detumescence purulent. Local Minyan: “ we don't take a shower, systemic disease bite. ” April 30th Hani over open seedling Festival, some place called “ Buffalo Festival ” or “ &rdquo, the festival; mainly commemorates the cattle festival. On this day, every family to eat cake &rdquo “ the king; and Glutinous rice, but also take the food with a part for the cows, let the cattle off “ ” the rest of the day. After Yang opened the festival, the local began planting. … …

Song Zhaolin, male, graduated from the History Department of Peking University archaeological, Chinese National Museum Professor, vice chairman of the China folklore society. Research in archaeology, ethnology, folklore has long been engaged in, focuses on the study of prehistoric culture and folk culture. His major works include "ancient culture" China "Wizard" "" "Chinese fertility belief Chinese folk gods" "China national heritage theory" etc..
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At present, China is the protection of intangible cultural heritage, its scale, involving the course more, affect the heart is wide, is unprecedented. From the first batch of national non-material cultural protection list published, the existing 518. China is a large agricultural country with many nationalities, with a vast territory, has a long history, resources of intangible cultural heritage preservation is extremely rich, is rare in the world, this batch of cultural directory is not too much, we should be on the basis of this, a great effort, the historic work. What is the non-material cultural heritage? How to effectively protect? About these problems in the "China national folk culture protection manual" has been made to answer, but in the selection of national intangible cultural list or controversial. As China's age-old twenty-four solar term has important historical and cultural value? This should not be included in the national intangible cultural list? As these problems are controversial, even openly that twenty-four solar term without what culture, should not be included in the national intangible cultural heritage list, of course, this view is untenable. Non material culture of which we speak, actually since the late Qing Dynasty preserved color farming society's traditional culture, such as the way to make a living, craftsmanship, and industry and commerce, and folk art, music and dance, drama, life rituals, basic necessities of life, astronomy, medicine and health, folk belief, cultural festivals and so on, which also includes twenty-four solar term. As a cultural carrier, including many astronomical, meteorological, agricultural, proverbs and different solar term during the production, life, entertainment. It should be said, since ancient times, the Chinese nation is the twenty-four solar term as a “ farming calendar, ” as for agricultural production, according to the arrangement of rural life. Therefore, the twenty-four solar term is not only the important content of China's non material culture, highlights the topic is quite science and technology content, must take it as an important object of protection. In order to protect it, we must understand it. This is no exception to the twenty-four solar term. In order to introduce the twenty-four solar term of the sequence of events, cognition and twenty-four solar term related to climate, farming, health, diet culture, we compiled the "said Chinese traditional twenty-four solar term" one book, in addition to the preface, postscript, mainly has five chapters: in Chapter one, introduction; two, spring, summer solar term solar term; three; four in autumn, the solar term; five, winter solar term, and conclusion. The book provides image data, and also has certain text, not only for readers to understand some basic knowledge of twenty-four solar term, but also to protect the twenty-four solar term provides some reference materials.
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What is the regional solar term scientific twenty-four solar term of twenty-four solar term originated twenty-four solar term of spring spring rain Jingzhe equinox solar term Qingming Guyu summer summer summer solstice solar term Xiaoman in it Dashu autumn equinox solar term Liqiu Chushu cold dew frost dew drop culture carrier winter winter snow snow solar term winter solstice slight chill the neglected worth exploring subject to rescue the folk cultural images directory @##@ bibliography. "The China traditional twenty-four solar term" in addition to the preface, postscript, mainly has five chapters: in Chapter one, introduction; two, spring, summer solar term solar term; three; four, five solar term, autumn; winter solar term, and conclusion. Because of the traditional "Chinese twenty-four solar term" provides image data, and also has certain text, not only for readers to understand some basic knowledge of twenty-four solar term, but also to protect the twenty-four solar term provides some reference materials.
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