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"New" traditional culture China systematically introduces the basic theory of traditional culture, China China traditional culture media, Chinese spirit of traditional culture heritage, important relic, Chinese traditional culture important sites, China traditional culture China traditional culture, Chinese traditional folk culture, China traditional arts and China religious culture. "New" traditional culture to be concise and to the point China text combed the development Chinese traditional culture in every field, introduces in detail the China history the most major cultural achievements, especially summarizes the essence of China spirit of traditional culture heritage, is briefly introduced Chinese traditional philosophical theory, Chinese traditional humanism and traditional value concept traditional way of thinking, China basic characteristics, analysis of the Chinese traditional philosophy of excellence and defect, points out the modern value Chinese traditional humanistic spirit, the modern view of the China traditional values, make students through the basic contents and features of the traditional culture of understanding, and have deeper understanding to the Chinese traditional culture excellent and basic culture spirit, value system.
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Li Huimin, born in 1954, Hebei Shijiazhuang people, the history of dr.. A professor at the Hebei Radio and TV University, Regional Culture Research Institute, member of the Standing Council of the history of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom China, has long been engaged in China modern history research and teaching work. The main achievements are "modern Shijiazhuang city" the study of "Taiping Heavenly Kingdom in the northern battlefield research" "China historical and cultural foundation course" (ed.) "public relations practice new" (ed.), "China political system history" (co authored), "socialism" (co authored), "political science based tutorial" (co authored) etc.; and has published more than 70 papers.
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The important media of seventh chapters Chinese traditional culture the second chapter Chinese traditional culture remains important chapter third China an important traditional cultural relics fourth chapter Chinese spirit of traditional culture heritage of the fifth chapter sixth China traditional culture chapter Chinese traditional culture Chinese traditional art and culture of the eighth chapter Chinese traditional folk culture, the ninth chapter of traditional religious culture Chinese bibliography postscript
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Li Huimin editor of the "new" Chinese traditional culture sum up of years of teaching experience, absorb the latest research achievements of academic study of traditional culture, Chinese further understanding, to help young students and more people, know Chinese content of traditional culture, the essence, development process, to promote the development of the society, and the national civilization, promote human growth, development, success, and a large number of people interested in the traditional culture of Chinese including foreign friends love, understanding, learning Chinese traditional culture, will play a more prominent role.
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