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Date of publication:2008-1   Press: Chinese history   Author:Yin Wei Yin Feiran   Pages:254  

Specific symbols sword, chrysanthemum, Qin, chess, Chinese ancient literati wine, carrying the Chinese people for thousands of years of hope, a thousand years of frustration, thousands of free and easy...... Along the chain of historical culture, and the Chinese nation through the fish for almost as long as the years hundred soldiers monarch -- sword...... With light, imaging, Xiao Lian, Long Yuan, thea, put a full of mystery, a gallop with unlimited reverie sword; Cao Mo, specifically, Yu rang, niezheng sword swordsman, Jing Ke, and a thousand years is very touching, inheritance of the story; female the sword, Lv Dongbinchun Yang Jian, Zhang Sanfeng Wudang school fencing, sword and sword is also really also imaginary, virtual reality has also spread in the folk tales of the bizarre...... The sword, the masculine and gentle, the rationality and poetic, and advocating the chivalrous spirit it underlines, complete
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Yin Wei, for many years engaged in news and publishing. Author of "history", "Romance of Chinese go China Qin history Kingdoms", "China painting history", "Romance of Chinese calligraphy history", "Romance of China wine history", "Romance of Chinese tea history Kingdoms" and dozens of books, has won the Central Propaganda Department five project prize buckle Feitian award. Mr. Yu Qiuyu spoke highly of his works said: "for the sake of China ecological cultural understanding, more for these years on Chinese society deeply, he chose to connect people texture mode......"
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The first chapter sword -- hundred soldiers king sword origin Guanjue the world Wu Yue sword ancient aristocratic Sabre vulgar diffuse social sword wind prevailing fencing competition "Feijian. Click" -- the mysterious origin of fencing wander about occupation swordsman second chapter assassin and sword dance "have failed without shirt" Assassin Cao Mo Qi HuanGong Zhuanzhu sword rob -- -- -- to assassinate Zhao Xiangzinie yurang assassination tunwanglao politics -- thorn Xia tired -- the assassin Jing Ke third chapter sword allusions spread 1000 years gifts sword fisherman -- Wu Zixu and seven swords with light, imaging, Xiao Lian -- Kong Zhou three sword sword symbol -- the Han Emperor and 赤霄 sword "act with a hidden motive can forgive Han" sword shoe house on the Zhu Yun and the sword of Fengcheng -- Qin Shihuang and the dragon sword, sword, sword culture thea fourth chapter, Chuang-tzu osmotic social life acrobatics of jump sword art of swordplay dress of Pei sword evil sword sword pool house Huqiu remnants sword testing stone legend mysterious fencing sword and martial arts novels of the fifth chapter the sword. "The world more and more sword" three swords that male and female sword Zhang Xu Jingyang chopped Jiao Jian Lu Dongbin and "Chunyang sword" Dan Zhang Sanfeng sent artist Ming sword sword Swordsman complex book and sword Li Liangqin and Chu sword the sixth chapter Chinese literati, a history of literati's pursuit of the perfect personality Jizha hanging sword, abide by its commitments von ■ elastic clip an appreciative Cao Pi than the sword sword display Gongsun aunt said never a Pei, Li Bai Xin Qiji 'sword sword for the world to see the sword of Tan Sitong the seventh chapter the bow under the pen of Jianghu Jianying West Beijing store old Lanling old pan Kang Feijian Feijian taking the first swordsman gold 飞清 cream breasted Sword Sword Fairy Maiden sword swordsman Academy of boat was stolen
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China books about the sword of the description appears later, the earliest documented clearly with the sword is written in the Eastern Zhou period "Zuo Zhuan", according to the book three alternative sword case, only at the beginning of the week is the first to. At the beginning of the twentieth Century, many serious scholars due to not see Xia Shang and the sword of the material, and the later generations remember Zhou sword thing skeptical, so think before the Western Zhou Dynasty, China no bronze sword. With the great progress of the Bronze Age Archaeology since the middle of the twentieth Century, people who hold this view also had to change the inherent idea. Now know, distributed in the middle and late Shang Dynasty, the ancient has copper swords. "Spring and Autumn Annals of Zuo, Cheng Gong thirteen years" said event in Shang and Zhou Dynasties ", in worship and military". War is the noble national foreign plunder, to one of the important means of suppression, the development and improvement of weapons is extremely paid attention to. Weapons of this period is the development progress, and bronze metallurgy industry closely related. Bronze not only can make for a variety of life, but also making bronze weapons. Bronze is the alloy of copper, tin or copper, aluminum or copper, tin alloy; aluminum, three elements. Bronze weapons far better than the metal weapons and convenient use, with greater lethality. In the production of bronze, copper with tin or aluminum due to the different proportion, the hardness of the alloys are also different. Bronze weapons require tough, sharp, thus making the container and other artifacts than 多加锡 or aluminum. On the production of different types of bronze alloy in proportion, "Kao Gong Ji" have been clearly documented. The origin and development of bronze sword, has a long time of breeding in history. Since 50's of the twentieth Century, a number of middle and late Shang Dynasty bronze dagger was found in the Inner Mongolia grassland area, the dagger is a type of one of the most important and distinctive. This copper dagger is integral and is cast together, slightly curved handle sword, first made animal head shape or bell shaped; stem and oval, decorated with geometric patterns, the stems of individual sword and long strip holes; the edge of the body with broad leaf, stem and intersection to a convex teeth on both sides of the convex since the lattice, with long, generally 20 ~ 30 cm. It's roughly the equivalent of the late Shang Dynasty, or have appeared in the twelfth Century b.c.. From the unearthed bronze dagger look, the better, regular shape, fine casting, a lot of sword is still quite bright, little corrosion, reflects the production skills of higher. This shows that before this, bronze sword should be a process of development. Northern prairie area also appeared some straight handle type of bronze dagger. Find a straight handle bronze dagger in Inner Mongolia in Yijinhuoluo in twentieth Century 80 early zhukaigou sites, ca. 25 cm, it is wing, handle the first circular, stems twining strings, Eli. From the unearthed artifacts formation and with a judgment, the possible early to mid Shang dynasty. On the absolute age of concrete objects, it should be known within the Chinese the earliest bronze sword. The late Shang Dynasty and prevailed in two similar bronze dagger China north, in Mongolia and Siberia also have found. Mongolia province of South Gobi Bayan Tara County Chapter suburbs have unearthed a crank handle sword, the first statue wild sheep head, stem decorative lattice lines and sawtooth, Russia's 科托克利 at Lake and Transbaikal Chita State also found that sheep head crank copper dagger like. The sinsk basin in southern Siberia in the middle reaches of the Yenisei River have unearthed pieces of straight sword, handle the first annular, mushroom or bell shaped, wing shaped lattice, stem or a long strip-shaped holes. They are not earlier than theThe north area Chinese unearthed, is generally considered from China north to go, or is a result of accepting the influence of northern area of China. "Shi Ji Zhou Ji" was recorded, King Wu of business, scored Chaoge, King Zhou has self Immolation died, King Wu and Zhou "to death from shoot three hair, then get off, to rapier attack, cut the head to Hang Zhou Yue Huang, white 之旗". This paragraph of word and in "yizhoushu • grams Yin solution", but the latter writing "light Lu attack". Lu is a light sword, rapier or province said. "Zhou Ji" and remember, Wu Shang, sacrifice on society, "San Yisheng, so Britain, Hong Yao is a sword to Wei wang". For a description of the ancient books in the past these details, people are not sure, but archaeological findings reveal, the early Western Zhou Dynasty, the Central Plains area have been early bronze sword, Zhou people had more with a sword.
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