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Date of publication:2008-11   Press: Yang Zhong science and Technology Literature Press (2008-11)   Author:Yang Zhong   Pages´╝Ü199  

"Disciple gauge (read)" is a traditional elementary book, is Confucianism entry, into the essence of Confucian classics. The meaning of a sentence with three words a rhyme, compiled, and enumerates for young people at home, on the way one gets along with people, education, etiquette and norms should be, especially emphasis on family education and life education.
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Like parents care, and physical discomfort, children rarely greetings. The reasons of the situation, mainly because their parents love their children, and the children love to, it is very easy to cause the child. Today we can according to the actual situation of the ancients, these rules are modified. If the parents are respectful, cordial tone; follow the teachings of their parents and the right advice, do not talk back, not angry, don't let parents angry; usually access to family and parents say hello, tell parents place, time or relatives about; to eat the parents eat together, good food to please parents eat first, parents parents to work for rice; pour tea for parents, please parents rest; remember the birthday of their parents, and parents to congratulate him, and do something that makes them happy; parents uncomfortable and greet, ill to carry water for them to send meal; don't ask too much to their parents; they can do things to do, and to try to help parents do the housework do everything in one's power. China for thousands of years has been paying much attention to their children's education, education of children including bad behavior or behavior is not good. Scolding is a way of teaching children, but some parents in disciplining children, often wait child pleaded, brusquely interrupted him: "you talk back hard!" "How dare you take this attitude to talk with my mum!" "You know you are wrong, you also dare excuses!" This kind of brutal rebuke not proper educational methods, but easy to cause the child's rebel. The rebellious psychology once formed, will cause between parents and children estrangement and conflict. In addition, a long time, the children will have wronged depressed mood: anyway, you don't understand, can not be trusted, not to be respected, simply do not listen to parents, you scold you, he does his, a also don't listen, there will be no more what. So the snap, is a method of disciplining the children the most awkward.
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