The history of the development of China traditional filial piety

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First of all, the popularity of filial piety is the first step in the realization of filial piety. Moral education is an important part of political operation, through school education, social education, family education and other channels, widely spread to all sectors of society, the popularization of Confucian ethics on filial piety as the core, this is the Han Dynasty and after successive rulers carried out in common filial rule. School education is the direct channel popularity of filial piety. Schools in the China history is very long, but the Warring States era to private schools, the school is mainly to discuss the academic, arguing about politics place. After the Han Dynasty school become the spread of Confucianism places. Set up Taixue to teach in the country, set up schools in the town, which is the basic form of the implementation of school education. Therefore, in addition to the central set up Taixue, government agencies at all levels have also in the county, county, township, village set up local schools, "Jun Guo Sunday school, county, city, road, Hou country day school. School, school arranged through the division one person. Xiang RI Xiang, poly day series. The order, the "filial piety" division one person." Even the area's corner, have made a public official, repair instrument for the treasury. Private Home Furnishing lectures also like a raging fire, such as "book of the later Han Ding Gong biography" cloud: "students from afar to, thousands of people" description "floor Wang Chuan;" cloud: "the student record 9000 people"; "Cai Xuan Chuan" cloud: "the disciples often 千人, the description of people who become" etc. then, the emergence of the "four seas, school forest, an unprecedented event's door". The filial piety based feudal ethics is the basic content of school education.
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There are "seven", the traditional filial piety "doctrine of the mean life science", "etiquette", "between: participatory training: theory, method and skill" and other monographs.
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