The heritage of ancestors

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Chinese is one of the four great ancient civilizations in the world, in the long history, diligent and intelligent Chinese people have made great achievements in the field of natural science and technology. From the ancient to the spring and autumn and the Warring States period, primitive ancestors is a pioneering creation in the stone, pottery, agricultural and pastoral areas, filature sericulture is the original Chinese. Xia, Shang, Wednesday, casting, bronze smelting astronomy, mathematics, phenology, medical aspects of establishing a unique development road. From the Qin and Han Dynasties to the northern and Southern Dynasties, astronomy, mathematics, science, medicine, agriculture has made universally acknowledged achievements. From Sui Tang the two song to Yuan Dynasty, China continues to lead in astronomy, mathematics, made with modern science to career success. In the technology, the invention and use of gunpowder, the compass and printing, together with the spread of papermaking, the "four great inventions to world civilization" played a role in promoting. Although the Ming and Qing Dynasties, China's science and technology level began to fall behind the west, but the brilliant achievements of ancestors in the history of world science and technology have created still shine. We carefully prepared the "extraordinary technology", including the 'ancient science and technology "" astronomical geography "agriculture", "Military" mathematics, medicine "" folk art "in five parts, from the aspects of show Chinese ancient advanced technology and splendid civilization of science and technology. As a Chinese descendant, let us with pride and reverence to ancestors approached the valuable heritage left for us!

Chinese is one of the four great ancient civilizations in the world. In the long history, the diligent and wise Chinese people have achieved fruitful results in the field of natural science and technology, and many outstanding achievements have a leading position in the world. The four great inventions of be known to all the world is more to promote the progress of human civilization. "Extraordinary" to science and technology are introduced in detail on the remarkable achievements in science and technology in ancient China from the aspects of astronomy, geography, mathematics, agriculture, military, medicine, arts and crafts, these let each Chinese proud achievement, is the Chinese civilization and the development process of a thick and heavy in colours. Do reflect the Chinese civilization to the wisdom of science and technology advocates in the book, it is these great discoveries and inventions, created splendid ancient Chinese civilization. Let us feel the ancestors left us a valuable treasure, understand the ancestral one's ability and cleverness, through thousands of years of history, extraordinary achievement feeling of science and technology, set up the national self-confidence and pride, toward a higher goal.
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Chinese science and technology of ancient science and technology Chinese compass gunpowder papermaking printing bronze smelting biliary copper which Cangzhou iron lion steel into the Yongle bell porcelain filature sericulture boiling sea salt "dream" astronomical geography China ancient astronomical theory of canopy huntian theory Xuan night said astrology calendar "Taichu calendar" "premium calendar calendar time" "" the lunar calendar twenty-four solar term Observatory catalog and star eclipses of the sun and moon observation precious astronomical armillary sphere and celestial globe records sundial clock tower Zhang Heng and seismograph "Ganjing" Chinese ancient geography ancient geographic mapping six body "Yu Gong" "" "ShanHaiChing Royal map" "shuijingzhu" "the Tang Dynasty" "the travels of Xu Xiake" "history earth summary" "Haiguo" agriculture, military Chinese ancient agricultural tradition -- intensive and meticulous farming seeder ancestor -- an animal drawn seed plough iron waterwheel food processing tool -- water and water silk varieties of tea tea tea culture of wine wine culture "BOM win the book" Qi Min Yao Shu "" "" "Tian Gong Kai Nong" the technology of water conservancy of Dujiangyan Zheng Guoqu from Beijing Hangzhou the Grande Canale Chinese ancient military ancient cold weapons stone weapons of bronze soldier For the steel weapon ancient firearms gun and vehicles and ships had "seven military classics" "grandchildren strategics" "six arts" numerology, medical Chinese ancient mathematics decimal and binary counting rods and abacus and complementary principle Liu Hui and cyclotomy Zu Chongzhi and Pi "is the ten books" "Zhou Bi Suan Jing" "nine chapter" Chinese ancient medical treatment of Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture pulse Hua Tuo Mafeisan "Shanghanzabinglun" vaccination "Huang Di Nei Jing", "Xi Yuan Ji Lu" "" "Compendium of Materia Medica A-B Classic of acupuncture and Moxibustion" "Prescriptions" "four code" folk arts and traditional Chinese craft man kite tea Weidiao Kesi Yixing Zisha clay embroidery Cloisonne paper cutting Jingdezhen porcelain brocade Wuhu iron picture Longquan sword gold foil Nanjing Zhang Xiaoquan scissors silver Miao Li bark Buch zhe family fish fur brush Hui Miao Village Diaojiao Lou Hakka Tulou
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Illustration: the world in 1740, before the invention of crucible steel, steel, the most advanced technology, is the ancient China created "tank steel smelting method". Pig iron steel into molten state method is with high carbon content and low carbon content of wrought iron and coke, the carbon gradually spread, uniform, and finally become a method of carbon containing the appropriate amount of high quality steel. This unique method of smelting steel technology, at least in the northern and Southern Dynasties had invented. In addition to those unknown hero, from the literature, the first practitioners of this advanced technology we can know the Northern Wei, Northern Qi, is between (around 550 AD) famous metallurgist Qi Wu huaiwen. Qi Wu Huaiwen is a very "Taoism", a governor in the Northern Qi Dynasty xinzhou. He had tried to create a "persistent iron sword". This "old iron", such as steel is later said "". Iron since its appearance, especially after the Qi Wu Huaiwen made great improvement, in China has gradually spread.
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"Ancestral heritage: the extraordinary technology:" ancestors left many valuable heritage to us, they pass through the deep accumulation of thousands of years, gradually infiltrated the sons and daughters of veins. They use the tough, prove the unique cultural value, influence, to enrich our lives. This series seeks to create a watch of our ancestors outstanding heritage of the platform, the broad and profound Chinese traditional culture continues in a generation of new and developed. Hope that readers from the books in the realm of sublimation, broaden their horizons, enrich their knowledge structure, pluralistic thinking enlightenment, enjoy a sumptuous feast of knowledge. To open the door to the world of science and civilization, promote human steps into the future, technology in the fertile soil to germinate, let us out of the sky world, appreciate the ancient wisdom of China magi.
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