The Chinese traditional festival

Date of publication:2011-1   Press: Song Genqi, Song Jun, Wu Tao. Meteorological Press (2011-01)   Author:Song Genqi, Song Junxiu, Wu Tao   Pages:200  

"The Chinese traditional festival" the tradition of the Chinese nation, let me to explore the fine tradition of the Chinese nation. "The Chinese folk series: Chinese traditional festival" is published by the China Meteorological press.
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Song Genqi, Shanxi Changzhi people, President of the Chinese to learn the study of Yi Culture Research Institute China, President of Shanxi branch, research to learn culture, folk culture and mysterious culture has long been engaged in, in recent years is devoted to learn culture and architectural landscape, folk custom environment and relationship among the home life, easy application, named in areas such as planning. A result, many domestic and foreign large Yi was invited to attend the conference, folklore and do special report, theory and practice has a certain influence in the academic circles at home and abroad. Publication of "feng shui culture", "book of changes", "Introduction to plum Yi", "Luo Ji Yang Datong wins" and other works.
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Love / 178 flowers free, voluntary / 179 love flowers flowers everywhere song / 179 chapter sixth exchange of goods "Carnival," a flower festival: give birthday / 182 of all flowers birthday / 182 tours red for the romantic memory / 184 flowers cakes and flowers wine / 185 Zhuang "hundred flower fairy Festival" / 186 flower Festival revival movement, the water splashing Festival: two / 187 / 187 wet happy Songkran originated from a religious ceremony / 187 Water Splashing Festival is a happy call up / 188 loss in feelings, sow the seeds of love / 190 Longzhoufeidu, match the brave spirit / 190 dance of the happy melody / 191 "soaring" dress with a festive night / 192 three, dog the festival: Oriental Carnival / 192 Torch Festival of the three Legends / 192 sacrificial fire: the fire worship of the eternal memory / 195 Torch Festival also has type T / 195 sacrificial fire station to send fire ceremony / 196 "sun lit fireplace four" / 197, other fun Fest / 197 foot mountain Festival: Miao of economic and trade exchange / 197 bullfighting Festival: bucket is brave, is more than happy / 198 fog song: beam mountain antiphonal singing, mountain drive / 199 Street wine: Hani "the long dining table" / 200
Chapter excerpt

The copyright page: illustration: Flower Festival Flower Flower Festival is the feeling Yi Youth Festival of love, the time for the annual Lunar eighth of the fourth month in February. That day, people dressed in costumes, be bursting with happiness, carrying a bamboo basket mountain flowers, back flowers inserted in the door, windows and around the house, farm tools and some god, for better life. People also each flower, sustenance and Ankang, love long meaning blessing. Forest flowers, people of all ages and both sexes and instrument in a circle "Dage", young lovers are together and songs, laughter. Love me 依鲁 and Charlejo legend, a long time ago, a man named Amy Tan Huashan 依鲁 girl, she is not only beautiful beauty, and sing and dance, and a pair of hand, can embroider vivid flowers and birds. One day, 依鲁 microphones in the mountain sheep, encounter the wolf invasion, was young hunter check column if the save. With 依鲁 grateful for his help, he picked a flower to Lantana white 查列若. Charlejo put the flower in MI 依鲁 head. Since then, a love of the seed germination in the hearts of two people. At that time, in the tan Huashan lived a cruel toast, he already drool with envy on MI 依鲁, intended to take her, but was rejected 依鲁 mi. The toast was informed that with 依鲁 and 查列若 love, is get desperation. Then, he ordered the construction of a "beautiful garden", that a fairy teach girls weaving embroidery, there are several to embroidery girls unfortunately he lost. On this day, people tell me 依鲁 toast difference, say Fairy Garden selected her, must in the past three days. With 依鲁 of relatives and friends advised her to escape, and 查列若 fly far and high, can be stubborn character she is not willing to involve parents, will hold a life-and-death struggle idea into the fairy garden. Inside, she took the head of the cherry horse secretly bubbles in the wine, and toast to drink, not and in a short while, two people have been content to kill. The original, with 依鲁 often uphill picking flowers, in the course of time to learn cherry horse is toxic. Smart microphone 依鲁 to get rid of the brutality of the toast, protect Yi sisters will no longer be ruined, bravely gave his life. Charlejo was informed that with 依鲁 be toast to death after the news, was shocked and hurt. He angrily smashed "Fairy Garden", holding the beloved cat 依鲁 came to the two met, love the Epiphyllum mountain. Facing with 依鲁 has zombies, 查列若 heart, he cried out with 依鲁 name, cried for seven days and nights, crying tears dry eyes, the outflow of blood, blood a little bit to tan Huashan red hibiscus. Since then, Tan Huashan spring open Lantana became blood red. The day with 依鲁 dead is the eighth of the fourth month in February, for the expression of MI 依鲁 Memorial, people put on that day as the grand festival. As the microphone 依鲁 is inserted in the first flowers except for burst, the Yi people put flower as a symbol of evil Nagy, and the head is inserted in each other flowers and flower arrangement auspicious custom. Flower arranging free, voluntary love flower flower arrangement Festival is a good opportunity for young men and women to mate choice. The festival, many mutual love of men and women to flower arrangement for the wedding. The boy put colorful camellia flowers in the girl's helmet, girl the Lantana inserted in the young man Lusheng, sincere love for each other. They sing a song in the lace, an answer, a song did not fall, a song, song drifts between the flower forest, full of a quality suggestive of poetry or painting. Flower arrangement is symbol of love. On the day of the festival, young men and women in tune and dance on the meeting, if the boy to girl in love, then love the girl picking Hibiscus in helmet on. However, as the proverb says "love flowers flowers free, voluntary", if the girl also watch the boy, he agreed with him in his helmet, and to put a flower in his lapel. The other girls look, know that he has a sweetheart, is no longer pursuing him. If the girl does not agree with the flower, can avoid being seen, do not let the other side flower. At this time, the boy should know the girl's mind, not reluctantly. An inserting flowers everywhere song Flower Festival is characteristic of Yi traditional festivals, on the day of the festival, people early in the morning to go up the mountain to pick cherry horse, winter jasmine flower, azalea, saw over the people, all over the ridge is a song. We put up a chuppah on some of the main channel of copycat, above the flowers, and the wizard "Bimo" presided over the memorialLantana ceremony. On the meeting, the boys blowing Lusheng, dancing "playing the dragon", the girls jump "flower dance". We also show the musical "Cats" 依鲁, this drama is self-directed and performed by the young men and women, fresh and natural. After the ceremony, people go home filled with flower baskets back, began to flower. First they carried to the ladder, the branches are inserted into the roof, door and window frame, and then in the interior of the bed, table, cabinet put flowers. The local customs that day, put a flower can Good luck and happiness to you. So, people are flower arrangement for the new, young man to the old man's helmet in red azalea, blessings of health and long life; the elders to the younger generation and child head flower, wishes the good luck and happiness. In addition, but also to the tau inserted on Lantana, cattle washing with saline, and then follow the herd cattle hill, dancing and singing in the hibiscus tree. Some people in the field, Orchard Road Bridge, branches and flowers everywhere hung, pray for a bumper grain harvest The domestic animals are all thriving.. Flower festival that day, every family should kill chickens and sheep, Chung Baba glutinous rice, buckwheat cakes do. Each guest drinking, friendship. At night, the village on the hillside, lit a bonfire heaps, with waves of joy Lusheng sound, people began to dance and sing. Young people hand in hand around the campfire to sing and dance, the older people squatting in the tree Huotang Bian, smoking a cigarette, drink of corn liquor, delicious eating boiled mutton, talk about history, express their holiday joy.
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