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Date of publication:2007-12   Press: Guangzhou Publishing House   Author:Liang Fenglian   Pages´╝Ü176  

Liang Fenglian, was born in Guangzhou province in twentieth Century 60, Guangzhou City, the study on literary and artistic creation of professional writers. Graduated from Jinan University, master of Arts and doctor degree from University of Toronto in Canada in 2007, 2006 - East Asia Department of East Asian Research postdoctoral research. With research and a writer two senior titles. Is a member of Guangzhou Writers Association, vice chairman of Guangdong Province, the writers of Chinese Writers Association, was named outstanding experts in Guangzhou city. Published monograph 16, publish all kinds of genre works and papers more than 400 words, have academic monographs, novels, essays, reportage, representative works of academic research monograph "south of the Five Ridges literature", "cultural testimony of South of the Five Ridges culture and art aesthetic vision", "chaos cloud Feidu -- China traditional culture stick to the road"; novel "Miss Xiguan", "Xiang Luan"; prose album "away", "promise", "love language of Guangzhou was the fate of rush night", another co-author of dozens of papers, works and in many authoritative anthology, more than 20 times by the Guangdong Province Lu Xun literature award Taiwan united, "literary" ring word literature prize, Guangzhou literature and Art Award, the national newspaper supplement award, national prose essay award and other awards.
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The cultural fate and literary creation against the first chapter the cultural changes and the perception of fate here document culture, a point size take Mr. Feng Tianyu: "the substantial meaning of culture is human", is the object of human values in the process of social practice, is the human culture value created, through the process of implementation the media in the dissemination of symbols, and the shaping process including Xi Bu in cultural product creation and human mind." The essence of culture connotation here on, is about human values in the process of social practice and results in the object, including the external and internal mental creation, moral building and belief orientation process of concrete. Value system and the concept of change, together constitute the cultural reality can touch a facade, which is triggered by the source and focus of cultural and fission. Then come from analysis of amidst the winds of change, not only from the probe to the pulse of the community, more can express as the main creative human spirit and emotion. The modern history of Chinese looking back 100 years, progressive frustrations and feelings of Jian to really is abnormal and changeable, its start is not smooth, remove the door was forced open, western culture into the strong wait for a variety of reasons, the poor and weak physical volume, traditional culture accumulation is too deep, too many years, therefore is also affects the chain reaction. From the beginning, they buried the fierce collision and conflict foreshadowing. Thus, in the vast, anterior constitute a microcosm of that particular era of the whole society, even can say, also became the people's inner color. Among them, cultural fatalism and literature destiny 'projection in culture and culture of the two main body, has become the focus of the ideological field has become the highlight, to view and continue to explore where.......
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A sequence of two order Huang Shusen Chen Shi in the cultural fate and literary creation against the first chapter the cultural changes and the perception of fate a, history and thought process to two, China specific "context", there are often three cycle and transformation of the second chapter differentiation and choice of impermanence, two to a spiritual Exile: two, a cultural choice: radical and conservative, rebellion and return to the third chapter struggle: to answer to the traditional, traditional complex and Western welcomed two, a mirror of the times 1 ideal fragile: change his identity resistance 2: Poetry against the wind direction of the 3 decision tree's cultural pursuit in literature history the first chapter selection of time and history of washing a, two, met three, geo cultural background effect second chapter perplexity and hesitation, "revolution in the circles of poetry" before and after new literary proposition 1 first generation "don't Jie" 2 generation second "Twilight" two, style change and the new value of the recombinant 1 Impergium scrap, lead mining Ju retirement dreams 2 cultures is thick, and sink breakout hardship in the 3 ancient cultural variation model, go to The way the poetry beautiful dream gradually dispersed, a double contradiction, away from the prodigal feeling two, poetry aesthetic, and art from three, the traditional aesthetic end, looking for the way his poems 1 passionate become main 2 poetry and reality of the distance the end collision in the new 1 disappointment and hope the 2 poetry in the appendix, bibliography of the author on the way home in the East Asia Institute of East Asian Studies, University of Toronto Department of postdoctoral research papers written before the words written in the @##@ after confession "Chaos cloud Feidu: stick to the path Chinese" traditional culture through the cultural elite representative -- life course of Huang Zunxian, Kang Youwei, Liang Qichao to modern South of the Five Ridges, communication and influence each other, as well as the poetry creation, they are placed in the historical evolution and cultural development process specific background, to carries on the explanation, based on the traditional ideology value back in cultural reconstruction in the differentiation and fusion of Chinese and Western culture, scan under severe impact. Through the case of three different period of creation of analysis, to examine the stick to the path China traditional culture. In the co evolution time Qiangai, carrying culture new kernel to achieve the creation of The new supersedes the old., to reflect the value orientation of the wind vane, to directly act as spiritual change of effective reflection of reality, and then asked to cultural evolution and literary creation way.
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One is the core value and cultural content back three poets Huang Zunxian, Kang Youwei, Liang Qichao's creation, explore the modern poetry contains fear and emotional and spiritual history; two are of the literary image to explore the truth of political and social, historical and cultural development, questioning China culture; three is from the cultural and the thought history, the tradition in the reconstruction of culture value lookback, explore cultural development trend and cultural way, to explore the spirit in the historical events in the spiritual realization process. Study on the causes of South of the Five Ridges --, the poetry of Chen Shi load, connotation, social identity of ethnic emotion and spirit of the carrier, the value of summary and implications of modern shows; as well as to the tradition and Modernity in the tolerant dialogue innovation, from poetry and literature, the literature and culture, layer upon layer approach, in-depth analysis. @## -- Huang Shusen@ "Chaos cloud Feidu: stick to the path China" traditional culture focuses on the yellow, Kang, Liang, amidst the winds of change their encounter in the modern life, the creation of poetry, how to prove the history of culture, culture on literature, relationship, role and influence each other, evidence of cultural exchange and development in the literature, has its own unique rules of traditional inheritance and change. They are patriotic return records and revitalization of the country under the strong desire to get rid of, went straight to the political ideal and literary ideas together, intended to change the time culture fate pattern. By is, put forward the slogan of "revolution in the circles of poetry, had a direct influence on the new culture movement. Passed the traditional poetry Fengshen appearance so far but draw a full stop, new vernacular age stage. Literature that follow reflections, embarked on a stick and contradiction rebel coexist on the road, but also explore and seek the way. But three people Jian turn twists and turns of the life course, literati bloody expresses with the life of national identity, amplification with passionate call responsibility, but always style still.
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