Tea and Song Dynasty social life

Date of publication:2007-8   Press: Chinese Academy of Social Sciences   Author:Shen Dongmei   Pages´╝Ü324  

Previous studies focused on the Song Dynasty tea, tea economy, tea and song for political, social life, religion and culture, and foreign exchanges less attention, book separate Creek trail, the Song Dynasty tea such as tea picking custom, production process, preservation method, tea, tea and tea art program, the tea shape and series etc. the historical comparison; the political implication, Song Dynasty tribute tea and give tea and Song Dynasty social life, tea and Buddhism, tea and cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries, the concept of the Song Dynasty tea, tea books, tea and poetry of the Song Dynasty painting and calligraphy have carried out detailed textual research and analysis of the detailed parameters and results of 10, taking the Song Dynasty as the scope he is not confined to the Song Dynasty, a lot of tea culture phenomenon, has a north-south and discussed.
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Shen Dongmei, doctor of history, China History Research Institute of the Academy of Social Sciences researcher, deputy director of the academic committee China international tea culture research association. Mainly engaged in the research Chinese ancient history and tea culture. Participated in the international academic conference and academic report. Published "on the pre political tendency of Chinese ancient history", "the effect of wine and tea: the two kinds of cultural symbols of the comparative study of" more than 30 articles, published "the Song Dynasty tea culture", "the tea school note", "general history of Zhejiang, song volume" (cooperation), "Chinese Temple" (cooperation), "China ancient tea book" (cooperation, school), to participate in editing "China ancient tea Book compilation", "tea" in China dictionary entries written.
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The first series of the Song Dynasty tea first chapter Song Dynasty tea manufacturing the first tea picking time and on the concept of tea second tea production process in section third and section fourth top grade tea concept of finished tea identification and preservation of the second chapter Song Dynasty tea skill the first node of tea. The second section and the third section at the end of the Song Dynasty tea tea tea tea the causes of extinction third chapter Song Dynasty tea section other style of Song Dynasty tea second tea in the tea in the Song Dynasty in the history of the status of second series of tea in Song Dynasty and the political life of the fourth chapter tribute tea first official Beiyuan baking tribute tea second day general tribute tea fifth chapters give tea first give Secretary soldiers second give monk people third day four - the sixth chapter give tea and tea ceremony and the first government on right section second government conventional tea etiquette and third tea and Song Dynasty social life the seventh chapter tea and daily social life the first tea and life custom section second teahouses and public social life third day tea social service section fourth of chapter eighth of tea and tea the first section of the religious life of religious Song Dynasty tea second tea in Song Dynasty and the contribution of religious life in section third the Song Dynasty Buddhism and tea culture The ninth chapter of spread to Japan Society of Song Dynasty tea related concept first tea and social life second day of wine and tea third tea and health section fourth, other fourth series of tea and the culture of Song Dynasty the tenth chapter Song Dynasty tea book section of Song Dynasty tea Book Second Song Dynasty tea book on the third day the Song Dynasty tea book and China tea culture the eleventh chapter of history of tea and poetry of the Song Dynasty tea become the first section in the two Song Dynasty's poetry an important image in poetry of the Song Dynasty tea second day third Festival tea poetry tea culture life the twelfth chapter tea and Song Dynasty calligraphy and painting the first tea and the Song Dynasty painting and calligraphy in the Song Dynasty tea second section a brief conclusion diagram bibliography
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The first chapter of the Song Dynasty tea manufacturing concept first section tea tea time with any kind of product, because of its raw material and processing process, quality will be a distinction between high and low; and related to agricultural products almost all products, the quality of raw materials is very important. Not processed into sales and consumption of agricultural products, an important parameter and quality related factors, in addition to producing the non-human can outside, almost all growth stages, seasons and other agricultural index, the plant products, is a period of growth, picking time as the judgment standard. As a crop, tea has its own specific cultivation, growth and harvest period. Tea time, in Chinese many tea producing areas are divided into two seasons of spring and autumn, and people in the concept have paid great attention to the spring tea, such as Shao Jinhan "Erya justice" release "Terrier" wood fourteenth cloud: "to spring mining who is good", this has not changed much since ancient times. So the general discussion refers to all for the spring. The ancients have realized due to the difference between tea time sooner or later have formed tea, Guo Puzhu "Ya" "Jia" cloud: "this calls for the early recovery of tea, evening to take for tea." Addressed the different shows that the understanding of the ancients has different character of the tea picking time is different from tea. However, secondary products directly to pick tea time to taste the tea's ideas, but not from tea began eating into the field when synchronization occurs. Has intensified in the spring and early in your ideas, before the Tang Dynasty was not ju display performance, but in the late Tang and Five Dynasties period, and in the Song Dynasty on the development of the agricultural society of the ultimate formation in the song dynasty.
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