Surnames, the thousand words

Date of publication:2010-7-1   Press: Jilin University press   Author:Zhou Xingsi, Lin was editor in chief   Pages:153  

"Barrier free reading Ancient Chinese Literature Search: surnames, Thousand Character Classic" is a book about Chinese surname book, written in the early Northern Song dynasty. The original collection of 411 surnames, later added to the 504, there are 444 single names, compound 60. "Family names" order is not according to the actual arrangement of surname of population, but because read easy to read, easy to learn and remember. , "Thousand Character Classic" practical uses only 999 words. In addition to Zhou Xingsi version "Thousand Character Classic", "Thousand Character Classic" and continued (with his 其良 device), "new QianZiWen" (Gao Zhanxiang, Zhao Quezhuo), different versions of the "Thousand Character Classic". "Family names" and "Three Character Classic", "Thousand Character Classic" and called "300", is China ancient children's primer.
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The surnames surnames QianZiWen the thousand character
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Illustration: Zhuge name change by GE. According to legend, his descendants Gerber letter of China after the demise of the original living in Langya County, the county has a migration to Yang, Yang has been named by GE, he called after the transfer to ge surname is Zhuge's. Celebrity: Zhu Geliang (181-234), the word Kong Ming, Wolong, Langya Yang (now Shandong Yinan) people. When the Three Kingdoms Shu famous politicians, officials in the prime minister. The Eastern Han Dynasty, long seclusion Tang county (today's Hubei Province, Xiangyang West), watch the world. Liu Bei the please, he proposed to Liu Bei occupy Jing (now Hunan, Hubei), Yi (now Sichuan) two, combined with Sun Quan against Cao Cao, the unified national recommendations (i.e. "Longzhongdui"), and has since become prime minister Liu Bei. Liu Bei received a hunkering victory, occupy Jing, benefit two states, established the kingdom of Shu Han regime. Liu Bei became the emperor, he holds the post of prime minister. After the death of Liu Bei, Lord Liu Chan Yizhao assisted by post. LITE-ON first year, with the prime minister letter Wuxiang Hou, and took Yizhou and animal husbandry. He aimed at the Wei attack 以复 Zhongyuan, Naidong and Sun Quan, Nanping Meng Huo, and then the northern expedition, six Qi Mountain, and Wei Xiang attack after several years, died in five original (now Shaanxi Mianxian southwest) army, buried Dingjun mountain, at the age of 54. There are "Zhuge Wuhou set" "model" is the famous. Star source: celebrity name originated in the spring and Autumn period it's less. The late spring and Autumn period, the Confucius and less bases are two individuals in the class lectures: to Confucius led by Confucianism, advocating "deny self and return to propriety", maintaining the slave class "Rites" slave society; with less bases are represented legalism, advocated the reform, establishment of feudal society emerging landlord class "rule of law". Then listen to the less bases are more and more people to give lectures, including Confucius students also to most, Confucius appeared "thrice filled up and thrice emptied", have Confucius lambaste less bases are "small Jie xiong". Less bases are in the classroom soon became scholars recognized the "Star" (meaning the famous person). Later, Confucius when Lu Si Kou, acting prime minister, to less bases are plus "the association, advocates of heresy, confuse non" and other charges, he killed, and his body up to three days. Less bases are descendants of "Star" for the name, called the star's. Celebrity: Celebrity Xia, Southern Song, Qi generals, whose ancestral home is in Wuxing (now in Zhejiang). Seventeen years, merry avenge, reward for the emperor, to long water consumption.
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"Bai Jiaxing · QianZiWen": long history culture, enduring classic interpretation.
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