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The formation of 2 Changsha Han Emperor Yan school (Liu Qi) two years (155 years ago), Liu Qifeng and his seventh son Liu Fa as the "king of changsha". Liu Fa established the "Changsha country", in the capital Linxiang (today's Hunan Province, Changsha City), 13 counties under the jurisdiction of Linxiang. Later, Changsha has also expanded the jurisdiction to Wuling, Lingling and Guiyang etc.. Liu Fa had 16 sons, were closed for their descendants, many, there are many children to be around, branch, Changsha Yan school. According to local genealogical data to preliminary statistics, a total of 22 branches, including greater fame of Lu Ling Liu, Nanyang Liu, Ancheng Liu, Fan Yang Liu Shihe water Cheng Liu exhibition. LiuName of Changsha Yan sent American sun now distributed in Hunan province (Changsha City, Shaoyang City, Youxian, Xiangxiang City, Ningyuan County, Shaodong County, Chaling County, Wugang County, Jiangxi province (Yichun city), Anfu county), Henan province (Nanyang City, Xinyang City, Tongbai County, Hebei province (Yexian County), Huailai County, Jiaodong County, Hubei province), Songzi County, Jiangsu province Jurong county and the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region County, Quanzhou, has a population of more than 1000000. According to "water Cheng Liu family" and "the chronicle of Liu Zongzhou" contained, Zhejiang Sanin (now Shaoxing city) water Cheng Liu is the descendant of Liu Fa, from the "ancestor of Changsha country" in Henan Nanyang, and then moved to Fujian Lake in the Northern Song dynasty. Then the branch in Lu Ling (now Jiangxi Ji'an). Yuan Chengzong Dade years (1290) Liu Wenzhi rate in Shanyin county people families city water clear. Liu Wenzhi's 11 world sun Liu Zongzhou (1578 - 1645) is the famous philosopher, Guanzhi Nanjing both left Yushi, advocate "Shendu" and "sincerity" concept. Ming and Qing two generations, the water clear Liu Shixiang has a very high reputation. The formation of 3 Henan Yan faction of the Western Han Dynasty, Emperor Liu Bang to the north of the border stability, adopted with the Huns and policy, will Weng female Liu Han tzung room main posing as palace princess, marry Chanyu (King of the Huns, meaning "death" and the majority of Shangdi's) Maodu as his wife, and he in order to address each other as brothers, "bury the hatchet". Since then several emperors are modeled on the western and Eastern han. For example, the Han Emperor Liu Shi even one of Wang Zhaojun to marry Chanyu huhanye, has spread through the ages "Zhaojun ChuSai" historical legend. The Huns aristocrats known as "to mother's surname surname" customs, and as a glorious. In the Eastern Han Dynasty, Fu Luo (Hun Chanyu) after the death of his eldest son and second son, leopard to base and a large number of Xiongnu nobility, thinks he is Han children was the official name, "Liu", known as Liu Bao, Liu Qubei and so on. King (Sima Zhong) Yongan the first year (304 years), son inherited Maodu with Han girls under the Liu Yuan emperor Liu Han city to revive the industry responsibility, claiming to be "HW", 4 years after the official as emperor. Emperor min of Jin (Sima Ye) LITE-ON four years (316 years), Juji major general, Zhongshan Wang Liu Yao (the people) to capture Changan City, forcing the surrender of the Western Jin Dynasty emperor min, thus completely destroyed. In the Mongolia in the vicinity of the large number of people migrated to the south, many people have settled down in the Henan area, the formation of the Henan Liu Yan faction. "Henan county" has already been. In the Han Emperor two years (205 years ago), Liu Bang established "Henan County," the Northeast where this rule in Henan Province, Luoyang City, 22 County jurisdiction. After the Liu's move into a large number of Henan, historians in Henan Yan faction called. Moreover, the Huns and Han Liu's marriage and long-term "finished", in which long difficult to identify who is the Liu, only the "to Liu Yan faction in Henan". Liu 豹之 son Liu Yuan in the "Sixteen China" established "the times", Liu He, Liu Cong Liu Yuan and Liu Cansi dynasty emperors after A.D. 318. The same is Hun Chanyu modu descendants of Liu Yao (Liu Yuan's family nephew) in this year from the "Pingyang coup" Mastermind, dasikong Jin quasi wrested power, self-reliance for the emperor, changing the country, "Zhao" (known as "Zhao Zhengquan" in the capital Changan, sixteen). "Qian Zhao" only existed for 11 years will be "up" (the Jie people kill Sle Dynasty). Liu Yuan and Liu Yao people in a lot of people were killed, the survivors to flee from all sides, and even some Liu clan traveled to Asia or Europe made a living in. In 407 ad, the city established by Liu's "big summer country" was set up. This is Chinese history after the Western Han Dynasty, sixth dynasty, Shu Han, northern Han Qian Zhao established by Liu the African sun. The founder of summer country called Liu Qujie, he is Yu Fuluo (Hun Chanyu) of the sixth generation, which is the guardian of ancient Xian Wang Liu Qubei of the fifth generation. A big summer country capital Tongwan (now Baicheng Jingbian County of Shaanxi province sub left Tongwan City, so) after two generations of emperors short years a total of 25 years, in the year 431. The late Tang Dynasty and early Song Dynasty famous Prime Minister Liu Chongwang to the "thick founder, let's clean, tempering section, conduct oneself like the Qing" known for the Secretary Liu Wensou, whom is the civil right good king Liu Qubei. After Song Dynasty Henan Yan sent Liu celebrity is no lack of people, talents come forth in large numbers, not to go into details. The formation of 4 Nanyang Yan faction of the early Western Han Dynasty, Changsha king Liu Fa (seventh son of emperor Liu Qi) the little daughter Liu Dan was "an Zhong Hou", his home in this town Henan area. Liu Dan's descendants is very numerous, lived in Nanyang county (in the 36 County jurisdiction, where this rule in Henan province Nanyang city) for the formation of Nanyang, Liu Yan faction. Nanyang sent celebrities come forth in large numbers. The early Eastern Han Dynasty Emperor Guangwu Liu Xiu is Nanyang County Cai Yangxian (this Jujube County of Hubei province in southwest) people. He is the Han Emperor Liu Bang 9 Shisun, Changsha king Liu Fa 6 shisun. The Western Han Dynasty, Wang Mang usurped, around the have an expedition against Wang Mang. Emperor three years (22 years), Liu Xiu led 3000 troops and Wang Mang will be Wang Xun's army battle, won the "battle of Kunyang" victory. This in the Chinese military history is "less is more" "weak strong" typical examples, shows Liu Xiu 'extraordinary military commanding ability. Since then, Liu Xiu Wang Mang to cut military force and to reform the first year (23 years) in Hebei, the abolition of the Wang Mang tyranny, the release of prisoners, to restore the Han Dynasty for the call, made official and popular support. Liu Xiu also incorporated or defeated bronze horse, especially as the peasant uprising army, growing strength. Jianwu year (25 years), Liu Xiu formally as emperor, in the capital Luoyang, established the Eastern Han regime. Twelve years Liu Xiu Jianwu, the elimination of the last one local separatist forces -- Gongsun the armed group, the re unification of China, become "a new generation of king of Han Zhong Xing". During the reign of Liu Xiu had two times of large scale for the Royal Children sealed Jin Jue, Nanyang Liu's power and momentum. Liu Qiao Cheng and Tang Taizong Prime Minister Liu Ji king of the criticism comes from the Nanyang liu. Liu Qiao, the word Zhong Yan, the Western Jin Dynasty Nanyang people, according to the "lineage" and "Southern Dynasties" Jin Liu Joe is as follows: Liu 廙 - Liu Fu - Liu Qiao - Liu Ting - Liu Dan - Liu Liu - Liu Qiu - Liu Lin, Liu Zhilin's great grandson Liu Ji - Liu Guangzong - Liu DunFor Liu Tiao, Liu Gong. In the Three Kingdoms period Liu Yi was in office. Liu Furen Chen Liuxiang. Liu Qiao served as the Shang You Cheng, San Qi Chang Shi, Yu Shi Zhongcheng, Tun riding Wei, Weiyuan general, Zhou Cishi Yu, Zhendong generals and other staff, died later Jin Dynasty emperor min confer posthumously him as "the master". The Liu Ting administration was in full. Liu Dan served as the degree of San Qi Chang Shi, Jin Ziguang, Lu doctor. Liu Liu served as governor of Xuzhou, river, about of the governor of Yanzhou, governor of Yangzhou post. Liu Qiu in the Liu Songtai years (468 years) from Dangyang county magistrate. Liu Zhilin in the southern emperor he book Shilang, South County Prefecture level. Liu Bo in the shield Taizong as prime minister a duty, he is the great grandson of Liu Zhilin readme.......

As everyone knows, the children called "all the children of the Yellow Emperor". Here, the "yellow" refers to Huang Di, he is the ancestor of surname Liu and many other common in ancient times. Liu as a separate surnames from the Xia Dynasty Liu Lei began. Over the past 3000 years, Liu clan multiply and development, has become the Chinese surname in the sequence of fourth major, more than 65000000 population in. According to history and local records contained, Liu the earliest ancestors living in the north of China (now Henan, Hebei, Shanxi and Shaanxi), then gradually to the southern migration. Especially with the Jin Dynasty, Jin Dynasty, more number of Liu moved to southern ethnic Su, Zhejiang, Jiangxi and Fujian, Guangdong, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other places. Zhi Ming, two generation son, Liu has been widely distributed in the Yellow River, on both sides of the Changjiang River on the vast earth, even spread to foreign. With the passage of time, Liu we derive many branches, such as Pengcheng Liu, Lin Huai Liu Liu, Zhongshan, Nanyang, Guang Liu Liu, Danyang Liu, Liu Shan screen, Nan Hua Liu, Liu Liu Donghai, Changsha, Xin'an Liu, etc.. In the long and complex social change and geographical environment in the course of evolution, Liu ethnic migration moved quite frequently, lineage speed of each branch has the very big difference. The more close to the modern, uneven situation is more complex and prominent. Fortunately, in China's long history, ancient ancestors left a rich historical data can provide evidence for us, and a lot of folklore and the clan family for reference, so, today we can still clearly depict the Liu clan history, and to organize a colorful Liu culture Liu Liu, events and places of historic interest and scenic beauty into a system network, dedicated to the dear readers before. The Chinese nation is composed of 56 ethnic groups, in the big family of the national, ethnic harmony, mutual exchange, continuous integration. There are some minority interest in the Han Liu culture, voluntarily to name Liu Wei. Hun nationality is a minority's early adoption of surnames. Many of them in the Wei and Jin Dynasties to the Liu Wei name, and to show that they are related to the royal family, the honour. In the Western Jin Dynasty at the end and the "Sixteen country" period, the Liu out of Liu Yuan, Liu Yao and Liu Qujie, the three emperor, they created the "Han" "Zhao" and "summer of china". The Sui and Tang Dynasties Hun Liu's descendants have considerable influence on Wang family in the Henan area, known as the "Henan liu". In addition, there are Hui, Mongolia, Korean, Tujia, Zhuang, Gaoshan Nationality, Yao and Miao minority in part by liu. All these phenomena show surname headstream is sometimes quite complex and interrelated. Of particular concern and intriguing is, Liu created the name since 3000 years, talented people, like the stars in the sky. In the past, history books on the road, all kinds of outstanding figures, Toshihiko model, a thousand trades strongman master, there are many Renshi surnamed Liu, one of them. They perform a splendid historical feat in each stage of life. In the history of ancient China, Liu 氏有 60 much people proclaim oneself emperor, established more than 10 Dynasty, has dozens of people as prime minister. As for the other official surnamed Liu, Dingchen, man is more difficult to count. The temperament talent character, with exemplary conduct and nobility of character celebrity Advisor: Liu Biao, Liu Song, Liu Yi, Liu Kun, Liu Hong, Liu Zhan, Liu Xiuzhi, Liu Wenjing, Liu Yan, Liu Rengui, Liu Shang, Liu Wensou, Liu Zhi, Liu Xisou, Liu Ziyu, Liu Zhu, Liu Bingzhong, Liu Ji, Liu Tongxun, Liu Yong, Liu Mingchuan and Liu Kunyi etc.. Broadcom classics history, to carry forward and develop the Chinese advanced culture has the remarkable contribution There are plenty of people who, such as: Liu Jiao, Liu An, Liu De, Liu Xiang, Liu Hsin, Liu Zhen, Liu Zhen, Liu Shao, Liu Ling, Liu Yiqing, Liu Jun, Liu Xiaowei, Liu Xie, Liu Zhi, Liu Zhuo, Liu Xuan, Liu Zhiji, Liu Yuxi, Liu Xiyi, Liu Chang, Liu Sou, Liu Shu, Liu Tang, Liu Kezhuang, Liu Mianzhi, Liu Yin, Liu Zongzhou, Liu Sanwu, Liu Xianting, Liu Fenglu, Liu Wenqi and Liu E etc.. The brave to meet the national crisis die at one's post, also no lack of people, such as: Liu Guangdi, Liu Buchan, Liu Daoyi, Liu Lichuan, Liu Yingkui, Liu Hulan, Liu Fuji, Liu Zhenyi, Liu Hezhen, Liu Yuanan, Liu Bojian, Liu Ersong, Liu Ying, Liu Zhidan, Liu Hanchu, Liu Zhimin, Liu Chang Yan, Liu Shaonan, Liu Yun, Liu Hua, Liu Tie, Liu Tianzhang, Steven Liu, Liu Angong, Liu Guiwu and Liu Jiaqi.
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The first chapter preface Liu, Liu Ren began seeking a two, roots, Qi Liu's four yellow three, Ji Liu 氏第 two chapter Liu origin, Liu Leichuang name, Liu San, the two in four, $name multi-source convergence phenomenon of third chapter Liu, spread a mass movement of two, small scale to three, a full range diffusion four, to foreign development the fourth chapter Liu event, event and a well two, anecdotes and stories of fifth chapter Liu culture, literature and art, the book table and two tablets three, family and in four, hall five, look and seniority order and named the sixth chapter Liu celebrity, the ancient name of officer two Chinese and foreign celebrities, famous ancient and modern science and technology, Toshihiko three celebrity four entrepreneurs at home and abroad, five, President of the Republic - Liu Shaoji seventh chapter Liu, Liu and a 姓祖 source sites two, Liu on the spot @##@ appendix. "Chinese Surname Culture Series: Stories of surname Liu" vivid, detailed introduces the Liu of ancient and modern history. Liu is a very important last name as the surname, there are endless talk about the history of legend, there are endless, celebrity millennium. You want to know the details, please open the pages of the book, step by step into a magnificent, interesting meaningful historical Grand View garden.
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