Research on Guan Yue culture and folk beliefs

Date of publication:2008-6   Press: Xiamen University press   Author:Urban folk beliefs of Quanzhou series   Pages´╝Ü458  

Guan Yue culture is an important part of the excellent traditional culture China. For thousands of years, it is to maintain the cohesion of the Chinese nation, maintaining the unity of the Chinese nation and to maintain social harmony, has played a positive role in. Guan Yue culture core, is China traditional culture of Confucian "loyalty" spirit, is Chinese traditional culture of the Confucian "and" thought. For thousands of years, the "loyalty" spirit and "and" ideal, has developed, has become tradition of the Chinese nation's common psychological structure and cultural. Guan Yue belief is an important part of Guan Yue culture. For a long time, permeability Guan Yue belief by Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism as the dominant, which constitute the folk beliefs attribute about Yue Xinyang. Therefore, Guan Yue belief relations with Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism culture closely, but its non Confucian, non release, non Road, it is the combination of the three, and with the "loyalty", "and the same" concept as the dominant genera of hero worship of folk belief. Guan Yue folk belief, it does not have five conditions strictly religious, namely must have founder, doctrine, discipline, classical and religious organization. Forms of folk belief, are in the temple all the same for believers, out of the temple all that passers-by; believers and temple palace not subordinate relationship between belief; it is the core of "loyalty", "honesty", "Virtue" and "harmony". Quanzhou Tong Huai Guan temple is an ancient fusion "temple loyalty" worship and ancestor worship.

"Research" Guan Yue culture and folk belief points clear, reasoned, conclusion pertinent, strong logic. Fully explained from four aspects: (one) the folk beliefs attribute Guan Yue culture; (two) Guan Yue culture is an important part of Chinese traditional culture; (three) Guan Yue culture is a bridge to cross straits exchanges and unite the national spirit link; (four) Guan Yue culture to promote the construction of socialist harmonious society. The "wind sneaked into the night, moisten things silently" papers, both traditional virtues advocated loyalty honesty, to carry forward humanistic spirit of mutual love, or to accelerate the pace of the construction of the Economic Zone on both sides of the Taiwan Straits, achieve a new leap forward development, will play a positive role, the real profound influence.
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Xu Quanzhou Tong Huai Guan Yue Miao Guan he and Confucianism "and with" idea on folk belief broadness -- in the Quanzhou folk belief as an example of folk belief and the construction of Harmonious Society -- Concurrently on the relationship between Guan Yue culture influence enchant and social harmony -- on Quanzhou Tong Huai Guan Yue Miao two stone tablet superscriptions thinking from the faith see spring, literati harmonious view Quanzhou Guandi beliefs, Taiwanese cultural and ecological protection and construction of harmonious society and other issues of folk belief and religious belief of the worship of folk beliefs attribute the worship belongs to the folk belief on public worship is the folk belief of Guan Yue folk faith and religion difference Guanshengdijun and Yue Wu King Mu of two good book series the Quanzhou Guandi beliefs have evolved and Confucianism on the relationship between belief in Guangong of Confucianism and the cultural significance of the belief in the value of traditional culture and Fujian Nan Guan emperor belief in Guandi beliefs on the Zhangzhou secular, humanistic characteristics China Guan Yue belief and traditional culture of this faith localization Interpretation -- Anxi County in Southern Fujian Province as a case of eight league of Guandi beliefs and Fujian people hero worship Quanzhou Tong Huai Guan Yue Miao worship history "Guan Shengdi of Quanzhou" matter of Guandi Temple couplets of a poetic couplet of Guan Yu Temple in Quanzhou about the temple and Guan Yue belief from seven city gate Guan Yu Temple to see the spring of the people worship Guandi: Maritime protection god and worship together Guan Yue historical compiles Guan Yue culture and Guan Yue belief is the two concepts "Guan Yu" and "Guan Gong" spirit of loyalty Guan Gong culture and China enterprise culture of Luoyang folk belief in Guangong and Guan Lin repair Luoyang Guanlin ancient architectural pattern of Guan Gong culture and Guan Lin International pilgrimage ceremony legend and myth of Guan Gong Guan Lin Taiwan Guan Yu Temple culture of Taiwan Guandi beliefs of the origin and development of the cross straits Guandi belief structure Guan Yu worship culture come down in one continuous line through Guan Yu Temple and Guan Yu Temple in Fujian and Taiwan Huai Shan Guandi belief propagation and influence of Kinmen's belief in Guandi investigation Guandi beliefs and Fujian and Taiwan people's pursuit of the spirit of the beliefs of the origin and spread in Taiwan Guandi belief spread in Japan on Guandi Mammon worship Guandi belief in the Fujian sea on the causes of the spread.
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Quanzhou Tong Huai Guan Yue Miao Guan he and Confucianism "and with" concept of Li Shaoyuan, Sekisato Oko of this form of divination divination is an important content and unique phenomenon Chinese religious culture, its origins can be traced back to Zhou Dai's "book of changes", for thousands of years, we derived the development, to the Tang Dynasty, was finalized in ancient poetry five, seven poems as poems carrier. He is widely used in the national folk temples, and then with the overseas footprint, spread to Hong Kong and Macao and Southeast Asia countries, Japan and South Korea area. Around the temple, poems of different content, type is various, only one in Fujian Province, Fujian Normal University professor Lin Guoping had collected 655 kinds of. The "Guan Sheng of" the most widely spread, the greatest impact. It is developed by the Ganzhou Gong Shui Dong five in "Shengji Temple Jiangdong sign" and, by the court sealed the reputation of many times during the two dynasties, plus numerous solution to sign various add and Confucianism gentleman explanation, description, verification and other columns, had he said Jiangdong signed more than the original true, more widely circulated, and finally replaced the Jiangdong sign but is popular in the world. Quanzhou Tong Huai Guan temple there are several versions of the oracles, in which Quanzhou Juren Wang Jian notes in addition to this the most complete. This version is to retain the basic content of national standard of Guan, and - "increases the amount of the county Quanzhou county people draw lots" effective "in the column of" of legend anecdote in. These of course are superstitious unbelievable, but objectively speaking, some facts to keep this localization version, it reflects the era of Quanzhou customs and people, scholars wish from a side, known as the "fill the blank in the traditional" or "gentry culture" the official history, has a certain historical significance.......
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