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Date of publication:2005-10   Press: China Textile Press   Author:Lv Shuchun   Pages´╝Ü330  

History is a pending development of treasure, rich in resources. "Wu truths: China histories in the history of the rule" summary of the Chinese millennium history of civilization, is the historical wisdom to explore, thinking and refined, is not only the simple inheritance of civilization, is the modern people's life navigation! "Wu truths: China histories in the history of the rule" will show you all the mystery in history: on the rise of knowledge, about be worldly-wise and play safe strategy, about controlling the resourcefulness, about philosophy, on the relationship between morality and politics, a gentleman and the little people...... Bring you will find everything fresh and new feeling! When you close the book and thought, you will find that this is the most perfect fusion of history, culture and the wisdom of the body!
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The first chapter is the mystery's winning 1 to "smart confused" to men. 2 and strong weak, confuse the other 3 A false thing becomes true. to inside out 4 ten years grace for a rebellion 5 hidden edge, waiting for an opportunity to seize power 6 won't be a brute courage, Br can into the second chapter wise 1 adaptation when hot, with strain 2 cut the rudder to the wind for the best 3 to choose a master to serve. habitat 4 wrong will be timely to change policy is 5 -- third chapter to be worldly-wise and play safe way of talent who have the world 1 flaws intact in white jade beauty 2 on merit at an official position enjoys 3 bold enable young people 4 penalty over with their 5 win people by virtue, one party's 6 private not into the door 7 tolerance, tolerance is a blessing the fourth chapter propriety and strategy to speak of 1 not in its place, they 2 depending on the mouth can also end the golden rice bowl 3 against 4 today 5 through to the spear, shield of metonymy and 6 Attack Sub 7, enhance the appeal he said the fifth chapter wise confused life...... The sixth chapter rack one's brains to not clever seventh chapter of fame and self-cultivation of the contradiction between the eighth chapter women does not allow a man ninth chapter gentleman and the tenth chapter bureaucratic and political and moral unspoken rule the eleventh chapter of the twelfth chapter of forbearance and seeking the right conflict unified reference
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Chu Zhuangwang wait for years, without a hard race President Chen, his heart is getting cold. At this time, he gazed for a few minutes, suddenly dropped the sword, embrace Su from said excitedly: "well, Dr. Su, you are my years looking for the beams of his!" Chuzhuang Wang said, immediately dismiss those inexplicable panic dancers concubine, pulled Su from the locked up. Two people get speculation, to sleep. Su from the surprise, although the first three years than affairs of state, but for the event and state situation knows, for various situations also want a good countermeasure. This finding enable Su from the excited. Thus it not only in songbirds, after three years, finally made a loud voice! The second day, he called a meeting to appoint officials, Su Wu, ginseng and other ministers from a large number of have both ability and political integrity, published a series of laws, but also take the weakening of Ruo Ao measures, and killed a number of prisoners to commit the most heinous crimes in order to reassure the people. Since then, the "three years without Ming" "big bird" began to good governance, hegemony of central plains. It should be said, King Zhuang of Chu is a wise man. The "bird" is really "set the Thames a great coup". When he started to control the time, Chu Guozheng met a big famine, around the border was the enemy attack. He under extremely difficult circumstances, he beat the attack, for the tribes of Ba, Shu emperor, and then rectify the interior, countries began to prosperity. His good advice, pay attention to people's proficiency in a particular line, the reform of government system, especially the reform of military service system, so that the Chu has gradually become a military power. Later, King Zhuang of Chu put down the rebellion of Ruo Ao domestic, foreign conducted a long-term war, finally became one of the spring and autumnwu ba. Originally, "three years without Ming", this is only the first use of a play's director of policy. He ascended the throne when very young, inexperienced, the everything is still not clear, also do not know how to dispose of, and the heart is complex, especially the Ruo Ao dictatorship, he did not dare to act rashly and blindly unknown so. Helpless, come up with a method of self pollution to cover other's eyes and ears, wait and see. In these three years, he quietly the princes loyal virtuous, is also testing the heart. He issued orders to death, but also to identify what is willing to take risks and to kill the body integrity: honest and frank person; what is only going to curry favour with, only to win promotion and get rich. Now, he has long age, experience has abundant, talent has become, the heart already bright, also has revealed the true face of Mount Lu.
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Read history in order to comprehend the abstruse, grow in wisdom. Wisdom to vanquish the enemy, forever remain invincible, called the world. Thoughts of accumulation is get on in the world's kit, the extension direction is to the success of the road! History is a pending development of treasure, only thinking people, to find the secret into organs; history is an eternal scenery, only good at observation, can be found through the labyrinth.
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