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Date of publication:2003-1   Press: Jiangxi people's Publishing House   Author:Wu Jianhua   Pages:343  

Surname is the dawn of civilization, is the sign of blood, is the bond of marriage, be tribal beginnings, is the root of a country. The name of the earliest national is the Chinese nation, the common ancestor of the Chinese nation is Yanhuang two emperor, and all the children of the Yellow Emperor bred more than twelve thousand dry surname. They cross regional, cross national borders, and even penetrate the alien to form a new nation. The Chinese nation has made important contributions to the development of human civilization, is a long history of ethnic groups in the world, is also the national one of the worlds best. This book is vivid, detailed introduces the ancient and modern history of the peng. Introduces the content of ancient and modern history of the peng. The content includes the origin, distribution, Peng roots, event, culture, celebrity and sites, the surname Peng two thousand years, interpretation of the rise and fall of many ages, the emergence of many famous people admired, become one of the major surnames has an important influence in the Chinese surnames.
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The first chapter Peng root a Yellow Emperor Zhuanxu after Two Lus End Sub - Peng Peng Peng second chapter origin -- Peng coancestry two heterologous symbiotic Peng Peng third chapters spread a big Peng and Peng Peng after two of the pre Qin Dynasty founding Hero III in Liang Wang Peng Yue as the ancestor of Anhui Tongcheng Pengxing lineage IV in the Western Han Ping Hou Pengxuan as the ancestor of Jiangxi Peng old five life in Wei Jin and southern and Northern Dynasties of Tang and song Peng Peng six back ZTE Zu Peng Gouyun family seven don't back Tang Peng Chung fathers Peng Gouyun family of eight other known after the Tang and Song Dynasties only know started to move the progenitor of the nine five generation of the family to the Peng Yong Zheng period of the Qing Dynasty Xiangxi Peng Tujia the chieftain family of ten Taiwan eleven Hongkong Peng Peng twelve ancient drum surname distribution figure fourth chapter thirteen overseas Peng Peng event a Peng Zushou two "three Peng Peng Peng" three salty buried four students on five Peng 更问 learn six cents song seven Peng more flexible Chu eight Peng tattoo 葅 Hai nine Zhang Peng Peng Xuan not into was ten the boy '白日上升 hall eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen Peng Zhengjun III 娥潭 Peng Yi sixteen Tim retreat + seventeen found eighteen Yi Zhuang nineteen "Sanqi five hate" Twenty "Xinchang Sanqi" Twenty-one do not be deceived 二十二五 old poetry...... The fifth chapter sixth chapter Peng Peng culture celebrity seventh chapter Peng sites
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Yoon Yong in the division. A transfer plays an extremely important role. He had a five child, to save face because his father died early family decline crisis. However, he was lonely, gave birth to three months, the mother of Zhuge 氏卒. On raising the stepmother's instruction. The five generation, stability, Wei Peng Gan Wang and Yang Wu (close) defeated, follow the retreat into Hunan. Philosophers or after serving his country, or official. Only his fifth sons (one of the third sub) Yan Zhao alone live in Yongfeng Shaxi, but hidden source has no pang. To the son (Lang), Pang was back in 隐源 yamaguchi. As the bridegroom, Yun Yong to guard 500, Tai Hing House, specifically by government in Yonghe your vibration Jiang Xiang kiln manufacturing ceramic glaze tile for him, beautiful decoration. firing glazed tile, which has a lot of the peacock, peony flower, momentum Hao Sheng, imposing grandeur, folk has "the peacock, Mu Dan" Ballad of flowers. The later named in the field, foundation and retained, Linqing Yi, Yu Ge, big Lang bridge left radical. His parents are buried in attack, wu long in this pearl shape. Yun yuan word lixiang. Zi Yi: the elephant. Yun Lu Mingfu word. Son four: Wen Tong, Wen Qin, Wen Hua, Wen yang. Yun Yao Ming chapter word. Zi Yi: the. To take the word of mahayana. Zi Yi: gentle. Allow the word with his. Zi Yi: the song. Allow the character of median. A: the embroidery. Yun ho word de beijing. Shi Tang, to silver Qing Guanglu doctor, calibration Taibao, Qing Huai Jiedushi and a system that, given cromwell. Zi Yi: allow. Allow the word love life three. Toward please Lang. Zi Yi: even. Yun Shao 字复 high, xiju Jishui mirror. Zi Er: Wen Chien, Wen chong. Allows the reference word de rong. Zi Yi: the waves. Yun Ming formerly Deming, word Kexin, moved to Jishui long lake. Zi Er: the political. However, sensitive, separated in chian. Yun Yang word Cathay, moved to Qingjiang in front of the tower. Zi Yi: Wen yu. Allow 鄫 word treasure. Four: the rim, Wen Xuan, the low, the wheel. Allow the word into an year, right Fufeng moved to Zhenjiang from Danyang. Zi Yi: Rev. Yun Xiu (884 - 926) was originally called Yi embroidery. Tang 末天 Hu years (904 - 907) by pass Ju Ping Dong Da An Li Dong ling. Zi Er: Wen Yan, Thailand and china. Yun Mao formerly Gong Mao, respect the word can be. Tang Tianyou by pass Ju Ping Dong Peng Jia Fang, into the new Kang Xiang Kang Le Li Bao three figure 3A registered three. Zi Yi: the hidden. Yun Lin word Zi Song (Liu: pine. On fatherhood. Son: Wen Yong). Zi Er: Wen yong. Wen Qing, Song Zhenzong de period (1004 - 1007) for the Xi Zhou cishi. Peng Yunlin brought in to build long years (960 - 963), Xi Zhou Cishi. Taizu conduit years (963 -- 968) with his governance to the lower three Xi Zhou, dragon, obedient, given Baojing, action, a, Yongshun six, and the Yi Anne, is far from new, to the rich, to Ning, Lam Soon, higher eleven states joined in Song dynasty. So, every state cishi. The Xi Zhou Cishi and governor main governance, called the oath under state. This is toast by local voluntary use of central administrative system earlier. Allow enough characters germany. Song Taizu dry de five years (967) as the Xi Zhou Yi Legion coach to change state, in the command that all. Zi Yi: Wen wan. Yun Fu formerly Fu, character city. Zi Yi: the praise. Yun Yu formerly known as fool, Zi Bo lamb. Calendar officer Dr. Bong straight. An Fu Yan Hu ju. Zi Yi: Wen fang. 9 in the world, Lin, Guan 承信 Lang, moved towards the high ridge crest. Elegant, executive secretary of the provincial school book lang.. Wenxiu, Li Bo Yoshiro. The 贙 formerly 贙, wordhu chen. Shi tang. Guan Zhi Lu doctor here, Shang Zuo Cheng, canzhizhengshi, with Zhongshumenxia Ping zhangshi. The official name, see the history of Ji'an. Author of offering Xiankao too insurance. Son: Confucianism. In this paper, for the matter of Lang. Vinge named Ji, the word Qing fu. When the Southern Tang back fill yam officer. Shi to doctor Feng, Jinling prefect. Zi Er: Ru Mian, Zi Jun miao. Ru Zhi, Zi Jun away, and four: Shi Shi, Shi Qing long, sincerely, Shi wei. Thereafter, Oka, Xiang Rui, Chang Wan Lu Xi, shop front, Hu tou, Da Ling back pai. Wen Shou (926 - 990) formerly known as Shou, a submarine, wordDefu, (flower: word dove, also known as the tao. Liu: word dev. Son seven: Si, Si, Si Jian Xing bang, Si Qing, Si Yuan, Si, Si AI Yan), signal collection and use. The official calendar calibration Taizi guests, Shu Zhou Cishi, camp surrounded by Zhao Tao Tang, Guangling Jiedushi, especially into the silver Qing Guanglu doctor. The children scattered luling. He became white Jue, pass, Long Feng Tang, Tang Ping, Zhang Yuan, Wen Jiang 之旺 companion depression 派祖 etc.. Seven: 儒邦. Confucian. Ru Jian, formerly known as heir Jane, word Yiguo (Liu: Zi Hongde, Ju Long Tang, send detailed Long Tang this spectrum, sub four: pick, her, him, spring). Son four: Shi Hao, Shi Chang, Shi, Shi was removed from all, long Tang ping. (flower: Ju Long Tang Ping progenitor. Zi Si, there was no official word. ) Ru qing. Ru yuan. Ru AI, formerly known as the heir of AI, and country, children lose the thread. Ru yan. Wen Yao formerly known as Yao, words 钦夫. When the Southern Tang Li Guan Dali Temple evaluation, the official grass Peng's ancestor. Zi Yi: Confucian history. Wen Jiayuan from the word, and the husband (Liu: migration Jishui County five Jia Tang, detailed five Tang this spectrum, sub three: Ann, finished, all stop. Bin, it an object. Flower: Bin Ju Yong Fu Xiang Tong Wan, Qian Ping tian. His four sons: wood, the wood, wood, wood in court. Big wood official Jiangzhou were sentenced, Ju fu. The material, the material Juan Fu Xiang Tong Wan Zhu shan. Ting material in Yongfu Township with the Peng fang. The 31 world Xianmo Ju bin, as Yongfeng Yonghe clan ancestors). The time history of Guan Jing Jiang clerk to join the army, three: 儒安, Confucianism, Ru Bin moved to Jishui after, all five Jia Tang, followed by Zhushan, Hirata, Peng Fang et al school. The joy was like, word. The time history of Wuning army officer clerk. Zi Er: rutile, Nanchang Yonghe Fang ju. 儒欣. Wen Yong word Yi wood (Liu: Tao, post attack progenitor. Son: Ru Ru). Song Taizong Chunhua two years (991), Xi Zhou Cishi. Son five: Ru meng. Ruud, Guan Xi Zhou Cishi. Confucianism, Tomonaga Junyushu. Confucian worship, known jizhou. Confucianism know Wu, Bao Shun, and to ensure the static, Nan Wei, Yongshun three, people in Song Dynasty tribute table, by awards. Wen Wan word gold. Xi Zhou Tong tuanlian make tired officer, calibration, Prince guests know obedient state. Song Zhenzong de when given robe. Son three: Confucianism, Confucianism, 儒索 Ba Cong, fill three classes by post, crowning with silk, min. Article three: Ru Zhi Bao. Ru Yi, Confucianism. Thereafter, Jing Shan, Wang Tun, Xin Xi, village, school. The 10 world 儒邦 (944 - 1014) formerly known as heir state, word at. When the Southern Tang (flower: Tang Ming Zong Ren Chen Changxin three years, 932 years, error. ) and brother Si Xing with prodigy. Granted, Secretary of the province of orthography, song to Dali Temple evaluation, know Shen Qiuxian, (flower: not in office. ) written by Xie E 孺人 epitaph said: Luo Pang Hing, Shen Qiuling Si bang, vertical portal of Confucianism, and should be, Lang Si Yong have Dengke dignitaries. Xiao Xiezhuan "Zhong Mo public like" say: Pang cryptogenic Peng potential. The eldest son heir potential state, the official Dali assessment. A brother disciple nephew famous relics in the south. Son six: Shi that children, moved to Liling before the ya. Shi Song, children of high yuan Zhong Xiang ju. Shi Yun, Shi Bing, Shi Xian, Shi gao. (Liu: Si state: word stentor. No official word. Flower: are the player).
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Surname is the dawn of civilization, is the sign of blood, is the bond of marriage, be tribal beginnings, is the root of a country. The name of the earliest national is the Chinese nation, the common ancestor of the Chinese nation is Yanhuang two emperor, and all the children of the Yellow Emperor sire ten thousand more than 2000 surnames. They cross regional, cross national borders, and even penetrate the alien to form a new nation. The Chinese nation has made important contributions to the development of human civilization, is a long history of ethnic groups in the world, is also the national one of the worlds best. Chinese surname, originating in the thousands of years before people on wind, clouds, lightning and other natural objects of worship, so the Nu Wa, Fu Xi as the surname Feng, Shen Nong after Lei, Huang Di officials to cloud, behind which the cloud surname, Nuwa after still directly to the female surname. "The text as text, marriage regular ethical narration." The matriarchal society of the surname is mostly female side, such as ginger, Ji Yao, Si, etc.. In patriarchal society, they have changed woman next to the next, such as modified Si is like, companion, pregnancy as, * for Yan, Wu was excellent, Xian, first etc.. Zheng Qiao "Tongzhi clan slightly order" said: "'s name is different, the marriage can pass, Wu and's different, marriage can not pass. The three generation (Xia, Shang, Zhou), name be made one, are not the marriage, but in order to look out your base." The ancient Chinese "surname" with the promotion of human evolution, so the "name" is extended to every clan, "the man said, the woman said the name, this week 之通 system." (Wang Guowei: "Guan Tang Ji Lin" volume one "system of yin and Zhou Dynasties") in matriarchal society, their children only know their mother and I do not know his father, the cover was residual polygamy and polyandry and polygamy coexist, therefore, "surname" words by girls synthesis, is undoubtedly a sly symbol. Every family has a totem worship, animal is a surname, such as tiger, bear, elephant, Mo (tapir); to plant for the name, such as Hu, Hua, flowers, grass etc.; with technical expertise for the name, such as Zhang, bow, pottery, Yao (pot). Appear above these surname, the surname have many and the matriarchal society into patrilineal society stage. Huang Di due to the bear totem worship, have bear, habitat called Bear Mountain; for the invention of high car, and No. Xuanyuan's; for laid a pass male surname Gongsun regime, no.. According to the "Mandarin and Jin" set: "Yellow Emperor's son in twenty-five cases, the surname fourteen man-made twelve Name: Ji, unitary (2*), Qi (QI), f (Fei), Teng (3*), pro, Ren (PIH), Xun (4*), Xi (Xi, XI), 5* (Ji, Ji), Xuan (library, ring), in (6*, clothes) is also (twelve people, two people with the surname Ji, two people with oneself)." This is a surname Ji's, also can not be called'. To Xia Yu, the Chinese first dynasty, ancient clan, tribal alliance become the hereditary system of the country, so the "Zuo soil's life", the name's overall or maternal separation, separate portal, become a vassal and the patent of nobility title, while the slaves and ordinary people or with the monarch, master's, or not qualified to say, only a simple name. There's a, then presents a riot of colours of the human landscape, expanded between's and's intermarriage scope, promote repeated mixing between financing surname, to analyze the new clan, and then in the formation of ancient China, Western Qiang, Dongyi, Beidi Nanban,In the west, East, and so on, South, North five directions into the region of ethnic groups, has laid the foundation for the week Qin unification. "'s repeatedly transfer variable, the surname million years without." (Gu Yanwu: "collection" volume one "Tinglin original surname") "surname also, as a father, to the health, although this name and bes, and do not change. People are also, their descendants were connected, the side don't belong, for their family." Therefore, a million surname GUI Zong, the whole Chinese nation is Xu, are all the children of the Yellow Emperor. Since the matriarchal society to patrilineal "s" replaced the matriarchal "name", "name" and "Shi" mixed gradually. To the Han Dynasty, "'s surname, and for the generation of". (Qian Daxin: "a new book" ten Jia Zhai Vol. twelve "surname") from the first name and surname be made one.
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"Chinese Surname Culture Series" in history as the key link, to supplement the genealogy, history to fill, to insult the rise and fall of monument, clan culture, the famous ancient and historical sites, to speak with words of history, history, literature and history, talk familiarly on and on, surname what, where the ancestor who look, where, and everything for example, what is the celebrity, how how past, today......
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