• The twelve year Spring Festival couplets Wonderland

    "Twelve lunar New Year couplets Daguan (Second Edition)" content brief introduction: the Spring Festival, thousands of households doors posted colorful spring couplets, the Shenzhou decorate the earth be bursting with happiness, showing a faction prosperous happy festival atmosphere. This custom has a history of thousands of years, its. The twelve zodiac, is our Chinese nation ancient,

  • The young school days, GUI

    "You Xue Qiong Lin, GUI (Illustrated Edition)" is the "family of four" in the series, "family of four" series is scheduled for forty-three years the Qing Emperor Qianlong, received a total of 3461 kinds of Chinese books. So vast books only divided by (Confucian Classics), history (History Books), the son (100 writings), set (famous poems) four. The,

  • Surnames - rare little Mo Xiangshu

    Surnames, "little ink book: family names" introduces more common, is to attract readers (such as Zhuge, Linghu and so on), more detailed more than 50 surnames. The ancients reading "family names", to the rapid understanding of four hundred or five hundred words in a relatively short period of time; most people read, can not only to understand the Chinese traditional culture and historical knowledge, but also,

  • The aesthetic way

    "Aesthetic way" brief introduction: how to confirm and find your style? How to dress himself smart? How communication makes people feel comfortable? How to eat and drink with hoop health? The knowledge female more angry, more attractive, women wave some life art. "Beautiful way" syncretic,

  • Surnames

    One of the China ancient education literature books, Chinese surname origin is complex, in the name of, have to seal the name for the name, in the official name for the posthumous title, name, etc.. There are many theories origin some surnames. ,

  • The Analects of Confucius - Ancient Chinese Literature Search education Classic Readings (2 volumes)

    The Analects of Confucius, "the Analects of Confucius (set of 2 volumes)" one book is a children's characters, Pinyin, the text notes the. "The Analects of Confucius" is one of the classics of Confucian school, by Confucius disciples and the disciples compiled from. It mainly to quotation and dialogue style, recording the Confucius and his words and deeds, which embodies the Confucius,

  • GUI - rare little Mo Xiangshu

    The disciple rules, "little ink book: introduction disciple rules": "disciple gauge" of the contents of the book relates to honor their parents, respect elders caring brother, basic norms, self-cultivation, school education, moral, the core idea is filial piety and benevolence. ,

  • Chinese discipline

    "China discipline": is an important part of traditional culture China discipline the first monograph. Because of the special relationship between family laws and the feudal clan, which was regarded as bound people rope, and Chinese "family rules" from the evolution of clan rules setting range punished fines award,

  • By Three Character Classic Qian Ziwen disciple rules

    "Three Character Classic" great Qian Ziwen disciple rules the initiatory reading materials, easy to understand, read up GetWord. Which not only explains the many small stories make known to every family, such as Kong Rong let pear, Meng Musanqian, also told the children to many of the most basic knowledge, can in a short period of time to China culture basic spirit,

  • The Mid Autumn Festival

    "Mid Autumn Festival" content brief introduction: Mid Autumn Festival was originally a to the moon as the center of the Moon Festival, originated in the Tang style. The Song Dynasty was the heyday of the Mid Autumn Festival, was grand, lyric and wild, there are distinctive and momentum celebrations, there have been many miraculous stories. Moon cakes from the earliest,

  • China diet

    "Introduction China diet": China there is a popular saying "hunger breeds discontentment", which shows the "importance of eating" in Chinese life. Not only to eat, hungry, eat, eat, eat is regarded as a "blessing". Future generations respected diet culture people often cite ancient thinkers of the Chinese Confucius,

  • Chinese ancient dress system

    Dress, is a very important problem in the history of human life, it is accompanied by the production level, the economic base, the material civilization, social customs and aesthetic concept and synchronous progress. Therefore, the study of human dress history, may help us to understand some aspects of ancient society, increase our knowledge of history,

  • China tea

    "A brief introduction to the main content China tea": China is the hometown of tea, tea, tea, tea is the first in the world. Different China tea because of its production process, divided into Green Tea, Black Tea, Oolong Tea, tea, yellow tea and white tea six categories. Some people say, Green Tea represents South of the popularity, clear and Black Tea; a maiden delicate,,

  • The twenty-four solar term

    "The twenty-four solar term" describes the origin of the twenty-four solar term of history, also explains the twenty-four solar term scientific basis. Solar term originally associated with the sun, there is no profit and loss changes and the movement of the moon, the moon, but due to historical reasons, China's many people mistake the solar term belongs to the lunar calendar, this is great,

  • Lost Wulin, high operation for Mo

    The editors recommend Bisi husband's fierce daughter-in-law; household good talented woman, compose a hundred years "legend. Xu Beihong recommended geek celebrities; reform of the young gallant; folk drama praises you heroes; the Opium War against the mighty generals, many romantic arena,,

  • Thirty-six meter

    For promoting Chinese traditional culture, the Chinese classical literature works of broad and profound to the young friends and ancient Han readers, we selected version, rearrange, gambling public house long, and give us a new understanding, new conception, content will be continuously extended, will be expanding, finally compiled into ",

  • Ambiguous process

    China ancient history of homosexuality,

  • Thousand words - four famous Chinese Enlightenment

    The Chinese enlightenment four masterpieces, the thousand words,

  • The "four famous surnames

    The Chinese enlightenment four masterpieces, surnames,

  • Modern China culture and Literature (Second Series)

    In twentieth Century 90 years, to revalue the Chinese modern literature has been plagued by scholars, among them, concluded that the modern China literature "fracture" Chinese literary tradition voice is always an important component of modern literature, the research community China responded while emerging, but seems to be "fracture,

  • Three Character Classic - rare little Mo Xiangshu

    The Three Character Classic, "little ink book: an introduction to the Three Character Classic": "Three Character Classic" style of writing is smooth and natural, language simple, three word sentence verse catchy, easily able to recite. The main contents of the book is divided into six parts, namely, the traditional Chinese education, etiquette and common sense, history, classics and diligent. ,

  • Three Character Classic

    "Three Character Classic" since the Southern Song Dynasty, has 700 years of history, is a rare traditional Chinese culture of learning for children enlightenment books, a total of more than one thousand words, is make known to every family, win universal praise. Three words one verse into an easy reading, including the Chinese traditional education, history, astronomy, geography, ethics and morality as well as,

  • On the origin of civilization Chinese

    The origin of civilization "China new exploration of" the famous archaeologist Su Bingqi hundred years birthday, to his writing in the final stage of life that go back in history, archaeology works for the source of the Chinese civilization, all the children of the Yellow Emperor far apart from each other, the concentric. The book review, professional and leisure reading, our common experience ",

  • Three Character Classic by Qian Ziwen 1000 poems disciple rules

    Book "Three Character Classic", "Hundred Surnames", "Thousand Character Classic", "thousand poems", "Gui" five book covers China ancient private book extract essence. It is proved in the development of the times, thought, with a modern tradition can be the pillar of society, this is also the purpose of this book we compile. ,

  • The advised filial song

    "The Chinese advised filial song: what in the world is waiting for the only can't wait" includes twenty-four filial, filial piety, filial song animal songs, Furui Hyohyun, the ancient filial daughter, Jiki Hyohyun, filial piety and love motto, talk about filial piety eight parts. Filial piety is one of the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation is the most essential part of. Out of which some feudal dross,

  • The Analects of Confucius (two)

    "The Analects of Confucius" remember words, so that language. Theory is the theory of meaning. "The Analects of Confucius" in the hand, the record has Confucius disciple, there is Confucius and disciples of Confucius, there are people outside, but the disciples of Confucius. On the other hand, "the Analects of Confucius" also shows the unique charm of the language quotation work, implication,,

  • "Three Character Classic" graphic solution

    "Three Character Classic graphic solution to the" Wang Yinglin made "Three Character Classic" modelled, collection of Qing Dynasty famous scholar Wang Xiang, He Xingsi, Zhang Binglin et al. Unique insights, from the angle of modern to new elaboration, rich picture of the book achieved across time and space stereo reading. Both the Shuowen Jiezi rigorous, and,

  • The Chinese traditional festivals

    Chinese traditional festivals are an important part of Chinese culture, is one of the carriers of the spirit of the Chinese nation, is the spiritual link between overseas Chinese and emotion. The development Chinese festivals clearly outlined painting China social development history, its rich content is a vivid picture of the folk life,

  • Young Qiong Lin

    "Young Xue Qiong Lin", is for the reader. First, in order to facilitate the reader in relaxed and happy reading memory, so the sentence and tail word rhyme prose of traditional way, summary words and meaning, concise and easy to pronounce words. Second, in order to help the readers understand the meaning and usage of words,,

  • Three Character Classic. Family names. Thousand words. The disciples regulations. Thousands of poems - sewn classic

    "Three Character Classic, brief introduction of surnames, thousand words, GUI, 1000 poems": "Three Character Classic", "Hundred Surnames", "Thousand Character Classic", "Gui", "1000 poems", the five book covers the essence of ancient Chinese initiatory reading materials, has the rich traditional culture charm. They refined slightly simple, easy to understand,

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