• Cultural Shawan

    Sandy: "culture of traditional culture in modern design in the inheritance and dissemination of research project" and "the inheritance of intangible cultural heritage protection" is the school of design of Guangzhou Acmdemy of Fine Arts and Zhongshan University Chinese intangible cultural heritage research center, joint research, make the society on the understanding, especially the young people to know, in the,

  • China ancient clan code

    "Chinese ancient clan code (set of 8 volumes)" included the "integration of ancient and modern books, Minglun assembly" in "code" and "clan, the Qing Dynasty Tongzhi" in the "clan slightly" part, systematically and comprehensively collected the relevant information on the name to the early Qing Dynasty, there are certain data price to research Chinese surname culture,

  • The Yi Lan

    LAN, is sweet to famous flower, orchid fragrance in the Chinese history has at least two thousand years of drift. But the people of Ireland's heart not only has not diminished, but grow with each passing day. Times are different, different people's love, or love or love flowers, leaves, or for its color, or its fragrance, but always to love the smell is the most common, the most,

  • A new era of practical Festival poetic couplet

    "New era" is to have the Spring Festival utility Festival poetic couplet written for manufacturing the festive atmosphere. It is composed of two parts. First part introduces the history and the compiling method of characteristics, the festival poetic couplet. Although there is knowledge, but not boring. Because every point introduced are interesting stories to illustrate the poetic couplet, put the knowledge and entertainment,

  • Chinese Festival

    This book by a Chinese Spring Festival, Qingming, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid Autumn Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival July 7th, 6 traditional festivals of the origin, development, evolution, the festival customs, diet, activities and other aspects of the introduction, to show the world the charm of traditional culture connotation and Chinese. ,

  • The words of wisdom Datong book

    "Kind" Datong book income through the history of the famous ancient words of wisdom, arranged according to Tong Xun, the famous ancient Mongolian text instructions, civil morality kind article in the three part, including the "Thousand Character Classic", "Hundred Surnames", "Three Character Classic", "Zhu Xi", "the living Buddha in a training", "Xing Zhai St. the rescheduling of the old longevity,

  • Research on traditional culture (seventeenth Series)

    "Research on traditional culture (seventeenth Series)" since the early 90's it has so far published 17 series, the series with seven columns show the rich in local characteristics of the Wu culture, has a certain value and significance of China broad and profound thought inheritance. This article from the conception of discourse and language expression has reached a certain high,

  • The traditional virtues of the Chinese nation series: Li

    Li, "the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, Li" series "benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom, faith" as the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation to carry forward the formulation, in July 22, 2005, the Central Committee of Chinese Communist Party Comrade Li Changchun obtained, Minister of the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee and Comrade Liu Yunshan attention. Based on this situation, Chinese publishing work,

  • The Chinese traditional festivals

    "The Chinese traditional festival" contains seven holiday national promulgated by the Ministry of culture of the China list of intangible cultural heritage: the Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival, Tomb Sweeping Day, Dragon Boat Festival, July 7th Festival, Mid Autumn Festival and the Double Ninth Festival, taken in the second way, say, to make readers expressed in after reading the text,

  • The Fuling Zhaoling (in English control)

    The Qing Dynasty imperial mausoleum, located in Hebei Province in Zunhua Qing Dongling and Yixian County West Ling, customs in Shanhaiguan and three, respectively, Qing Yongling, Fuling tomb, Zhaoling Mausoleum of the Qing dynasty. Therefore, the three tombs are also known as "off outside the three hills". In Qing Dynasty, outside the three Ling respected, always according to the Royal etiquette of sacrifice. ,

  • The first series of China quintessence

    Our "China the quintessence of Chinese culture", it is the concept of a "national essence", including a long time, including space broad. Moreover, the so-called "essence", not only to the contemporary people's thinking as the judgment standard, also trying to historical insight into our consideration. It is the spirit of philosophy and the pursuit of such,

  • Chinese Peking Opera Costumes

    Chinese Peking opera costumes, occupies an important position in the comprehensive art of Peking opera. It is brilliant, gorgeous colorful, highly ornamental and artistic appeal. People appreciate the beautiful singing, musical speech and exciting dance art, all light sparkles, silk and colorful, make full table with,

  • The Three Character Classic QianZiWen. Family names.

    "Three Character Classic surnames QianZiWen" brief introduction: "Three Character Classic", "Hundred Surnames", "Thousand Character Classic" is the widely read textbooks, has been highly acclaimed, commonly known as "300". "Three Character Classic" is known as the "crown of the enlightenment". "Three Character Classic" of the author, it is the Southern Song Dynasty scholar Wang Yinglin,,

  • A new era of practical Dian Qing poetic couplet

    "New era" is the need of practical Dian Qing poetic couplet in the various celebration activities and the preparation of the. "A new era of practical ceremonial poetic couplet" is composed of two parts. First part introduces the history and characteristics of poetic couplet, celebration of compiling method. Although there is knowledge, but not boring. Because every point introduction with interesting stories to illustrate,

  • Zen Oriental Culture (fifth series)

    Zen Oriental Culture (fifth series), ISBN:9787210055648, the Jiangxi Provincial Academy of Social Sciences Institute of religious studies, research center of Oriental Zen culture,

  • International Thangka art and intangible cultural heritage protection in Qinghai Forum

    "International Thangka art and the protection of intangible cultural heritage of Qinghai forum" content brief introduction: sponsored by the people's Government of Qinghai province and China intangible cultural heritage protection center, Qinghai Provincial Department of culture hosted "international Thangka art and intangible cultural heritage protection Qinghai forum" held recently in Xining city. Domestic and international 2,

  • Search over Ancient Chinese Literature Search

    "Search over Ancient Chinese Literature Search: 1000 interesting Ancient Chinese Literature Search common sense know all" the main content description: MR Ji Xianlin has put forward the concept of "great Ancient Chinese Literature Search", believe that the domestic various regional and 56 national culture, should be included. Ancient Chinese Literature Search not far away from us, it not only hidden in the thick books, more penetrating into our life,

  • Honor the old saying

    General Secretary Hu Jintao put forward "Eight Honors and Eight Disgraces" for the construction of socialist spiritual civilization in a harmonious society is very timely and important. Shang Dezhi Rong Chi is an important part of traditional culture, the traditional morality Chinese. This book selects the ancient sages about the concept of honor and disgrace is discussed, appropriate comments and annotations, collect books. The book also will",

  • Draft on culture of Tang and Five Dynasties

    The manuscript is the key research project of Sichuan Provincial Department of education, 2003 annual examination results. Part of the book, such as "Li Jiao", "the unique characteristics of the frontier fortress poems of Du Fu and its value judgment", "poetry", "western culture", "on and on Quan de Yu Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoist temple,

  • Experts talk about the cultural construction of harmonious

    To strengthen the harmonious cultural research, provides the theory support for the construction of socialist harmonious society, Guangming Ribao harmonious culture seminar held in Beijing in July 21, 2006. Conference on building harmonious culture is of great significance in theory and practice, around the times foundation harmonious culture, history, science,

  • The Olympic medal Chinese culture

    "The Olympic medal China culture: China printing and jade" author Yang Yongnian according to the research on Chinese jade culture of her more than 20 years and for his large collection of jade sentiment, this interpretation. "The Olympic medal Chinese culture: generous China printing and jade", 16 folio four-color printing. Among them, Yang Yongnian,

  • "The Analects of Confucius" classic reading

    "The Analects of Confucius" classic reading, ISBN:9787535633545, author of the book: our,

  • China folk and traditional culture

    In recent years, along with their travel place, the author left many precious lens camera. When the author from these data, induction, analogy, the author himself engaged in real estate development and construction experience and knowledge of understanding, produced some views (of course, these are just the one hole this, not,

  • The Chinese traditional festival culture

    "The Chinese traditional festival culture" is one of the colleges of science and engineering students humanistic quality education. The book has nine chapters, mainly in the Spring Festival, the lantern festival culture, culture, culture of Qingming Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, the mid autumn festival culture, July 7th culture culture. Each chapter is according to the two system of classroom teaching and extracurricular teaching building, ",

  • The Chinese festivals

    "Chinese festival" content introduction: Chinese dialect as an important part of folk traditional cocoon, as life forms of traditional Chinese culture, deserve attention and protection, she can make the world culture garden rich and colorful beautiful and bright. The feast is the common need of human society and the widespread phenomenon, and all the people,

  • The Millennium wise - me

    "Millennium moral: me (Spanish version)" content brief introduction: me is influential figures in the history of thought, Chinese cultural history, the history of religion. Me thought not only has a significant impact on the formation and development of Chinese traditional culture, but also for the present and future of human culture and life with a positive wisdom,

  • Chinese ceramics

    China ceramics, The introduction of pottery ware signified man's subjugation of water, fire and earth. It was on,

  • Family instructions of

    Once such as travel long Fei Feng vivid unfolding in the historical process, rooted in the common people, sublimation in literacy among the elites of "wisdom", a fertile land of abundance. Based on the principle to conduct oneself in virtue, to business strategy plan; from the students' school regulations training to officials, adheres to the motto; from the philosophy of life to,

  • The old school new teaching

    The old school new teaching,

  • Four words of the Analects of Confucius

    "Four speech language" have only one purpose, to make fast con people like "the Analects of Confucius". Since ancient times, verse and rhyme thing easy to memorize. "Four" speech language to follow three principles: one is the letter, to maintain the original; two is reached, as far as possible to maintain the original meaning; the three is the elegant, try to make it rhyme. ,

  • Introduction to traditional culture

    "Introduction to traditional culture (Revised Edition)" in the writing process, adopts the way of combining history and theory, cultural history and cultural characteristics and. As part of pre Qin Dynasty, first introduced some problems should be paid attention to in the cultural history of pre Qin, and strive to pull out a clear clue. Then on this period of several representative cultural trait,

  • The traditional virtues of the Chinese nation series: righteousness

    Yi, Yi, ISBN:9787532857364, author: Xu to chief editor,

  • The characteristics of traditional culture of the Tibetan in Longjiang Basin

    Study on the "content" of traditional culture of Tibetan Bailong River Basin include: define the area of investigation; historical origin; regional culture characteristics; the reason of regional culture; regional culture study of the realistic significance and academic value; ecological environment; agricultural economy culture; semi agricultural semi pastoral economy culture. ,

  • Three Character Classic

    "Enlightenment" is also called "too", is the ancient China for children enlightenment education, education is the main content of read, write and ethics, the use of L material "Three Character Classic", "Hundred Surnames", "Thousand Character Classic", "four books", "蒙求" and "Cang Jie", "1000 poems", "the young school days,

  • Interpretation of Zhou Xinzheng

    "Zhou Xinzheng interpretation of" Three Character Classic "(Volume 1)", this book for the program to "Three Character Classic" original, with brief and straightforward style of writing, spoke of some subtle "Ancient Chinese Literature Search" philosophy, Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism melting theory in a furnace. ,

  • Masuhiro Xian

    "Augmented" is a kind of word works, the content can be divided into: talk about life and interpersonal relationship; describe the law of development of things and the fate of life; the life experience, wisdom and principles; on the expression of righteousness, good and evil, with people, friends, children, reading, treat family views. Some of them are,

  • China traditional cultural spirit

    After the end of the cold war, as the world landscape modernization and globalization, have hitherto unknown development in the breadth and the depth, different countries, nationalities, regions between civilization or cultural dialogue and exchanges developed. Modernization and globalization, dialogue and exchanges, these two aspects for the use of interactive, promote each other, make today,

  • A new era of practical wedding poetic couplet

    "New era" is a practical wedding poetic couplet written for marriage, he married. The book consists of two parts, first part introduces characteristics, wedding poetic couplet history and compiling method, although there is knowledge, but not boring. Because every point knowledge introduction are conducted through interesting 婚联 story, can let you in the light,

  • History of sea of zero

    History and traditional culture, "Shi Haizhi Zero: history and traditional culture" is a "history and traditional culture" research monograph, the book includes the: "six edict is the Western Wei, Northern Zhou leather easy political programme", "poly ancient and modern spirit -- learn the lesson of the past things," "of the ancient official documents similar learning phase -- the world's first understand, to transport,

  • Chinese Three Character Classic

    According to the characteristics of Chinese characters, basic Chinese teaching early should "separate language" and "text". Speaking with the first Chinese Pinyin to. The "Three Character Classic" radicals can be used as Chinese characters "writing teaching" phase of the teaching materials, students have certain English ability and ability to depict Chinese characters followed by financial literacy,,

  • David Xue Qiong Lin Yan Family Instructions / traditional Chinese enlightenment.

    David Xue Qiong Lin Yan family instructions, "you Xue Qiong Lin YanShiJiaXun" main content: "you Xue Qiong Lin" for the beginning of Ming Dynasty, the name "dengji, young school notice", also called "idiom exam", "story source", the Qing Dynasty Zou Shengmai as the supplement, renamed the "you Xue Qiong Lin", also called "the young school days" story. "You Xue Qiong Lin Yan Family Instructions" from the classics,

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