• Disciples of the Zhang and modern culture

    This book will be the first time the disciples of the Zhang as a group, to be focused on from the macro level, especially on the aspects related to China several process in the modern cultural transformation and (such as Chinese and Western culture evolution, modern literature evolution, ethics change, language reform, modern academic transformation), to this group,

  • "The Analects of Confucius" study "doubt" Mencius

    In accordance with the "Analects of Confucius" "" Mencius content order, using the notes form, discusses the problems existing in the two part of the Confucian classics thought, exegesis, the decrees and regulations system etc, and make it according to the interpretation of the. For the convenience of readers to learn, some background knowledge is introduced briefly. ,

  • Chinese wisdom

    This is not a curse Chinese book. As Chinese, specifically called Chinese, even beautifully written, after all, "destroy themselves down", why? To scold descendants lost confidence, to what do we get? This is not a holding Chinese book. He holds himself, is "to,

  • Thirty-six - Ancient Chinese Literature Search classical education second class - Illustrated Edition

    Three Character Classic, Ancient Chinese Literature Search classical education second class: three words (Illustrated Edition), ISBN:9787535169860, author: Yu Yan with,

  • Read something every day.

    Read "Three Character Classic" every day, read "Three Character Classic every day" (color Classic Edition), ISBN:9787543330993, the author: "youth wisdom library" editorial committee,

  • Taihu silkworm vulgar

    "Taihu Culture Series" Yan Li editor, published "Taihu fishing custom", "Taihu", "Taihu rice" silkworm "," vulgar "four Taihu tea custom. Books, be arranged systematically introduces Taihu Yu vulgar, vulgar, vulgar, silkworm rice tea of Taihu culture, the culture of Taihu and the spirit of the inherent intrinsic value,

  • China traditional filial piety lecture seven

    "Chinese traditional filial piety" seven main contents: the ancients cloud "Paterson filial piety for this", "100 line for the first filial piety". The importance of filial piety, advocate, can be said to be one of the most significant features of the traditional culture of Chinese. In China thousands of years of history, from the emperor to the common people seem to stick to the "filial also,,

  • Chinese general read version

    The Three Character Classic, five thousand years of Chinese culture is great, it is the essence of Chinese humanistic spirit, is the wisdom of our nation home. Let us go along the "book of changes", "the book of songs", "the Analects of Confucius", "Lao Zi", "Chuang-tzu", Tang Song Yuan and other classical distinctive footprint, the unique charm of classic taste, read the Supreme wisdom,

  • The new interpretation of Analects of Confucius

    "Analects" tells the story: in accordance with the "original", "notes", "vernacular", "new" style of writing, a comprehensive interpretation of "the Analects of Confucius", referring to the various versions and the newly unearthed literature and related research results in text collation and annotation, in the text explanation see many new, especially for "theory,

  • Chinese traditional festivals

    The circulation of the spring and Autumn Period nature, alternate, people's production activities and daily life needs to rely on in time and space, people's spiritual life is to seek sustenance in space-time. Festival as one of bamboo, it symbolizes the significant transition point of time and space between paragraphs, naturally became the highlight and the climax part of life. ,

  • Sinology reader surnames

    "Chinese Culture Reader - surnames (year 2012 Spring Book)", the book on "family names" made in detail and related classic story with "family names" full text and contemporary surnames ranking. ,

  • Research from the Silk Road

    "The Silk Road" Qiuci Kucha people first described in all aspects of political, economic, cultural achievements and Qiuci royal lineage and make contributions in maintaining unity, particular Qiuci area at least from the Neolithic Age had human living. Since then has been merged into the other tribal people, such as the Yuezhi, Wu Sun,,

  • Read something every day.

    Read the "disciple gauge" every day, read the "disciple gauge every day" (color Classic Edition), ISBN:9787543330986, the author: "youth wisdom library" editorial committee,

  • Three Character Classic

    "Three Character Classic" has always respected, the one called "the sleeve in history", a "great books", "if the sentence that interpretation, son of a through history books". Since the Song Dynasty, "Three Character Classic" spread widely, make known to every family. Is a win universal praise children's literacy textbooks, but also a special theory,

  • The Vatican shadow - China writers and the culture of India

    The Vatican shadow: China writer and culture of India, ISBN:9787303084616, author: Wang Xiangyuan,

  • Mencius one day.

    "Mencius" a book for the mid Warring States representative, the great thinker Meng Ke and his students, is an important summary of confucianism. Is also an important supplement. A two peak in the Warring States period, Confucianism and "Xunzi". As the position after the representatives of Confucian Confucius, anti,

  • The Chinese civilization auditorium (three volumes)

    "The Chinese civilization auditorium (set of all 3 volumes)" scroll: Prehistoric legends of the remote and mysterious, the spring and autumn and Warring States feudal lords vying for the throne, the majestic the Great Wall Liao Han, Wei and otherworldly charm, and make these things people and things...... Through time and space, look attractive. "The Chinese civilization auditorium (set of 3 volumes)" in,

  • The new Three Character Classic

    "The new Three Character Classic" is the Three Character Classic, read the article, the new Three Character Classic, Gemara composition. ,

  • China tea

    "Chinese tea" and more than 28 words, pictures of more than 1000 pieces, "tea" tea Chinese relates to all aspects of the rich content, discussed deeply, viewpoint bright, is currently the only, is an authoritative, scientific, intellectual, practicality and readability of the tea. China.

  • Chuang-tzu - Traditional Culture Reader

    Chuang-tzu, "the traditional cultural popularity of reading Chuang-tzu", the book is the crystallization of the Chuang-tzu more than twenty years of painstaking research. ,

  • The thousands of family name

    "The thousands of family name" is a five thousand years of Chinese history and the history of the evolution of the surname. Collect and common and rare surnames for 5103, 11 times more traditional old Hundred Surnames, is by far the most research works the surname name. The first 2582 single name in four words rhyme arrangement, and cleverly into the,

  • Traditional Chinese Cultural Classics Collection

    "Chinese traditional culture Classics Collection: The Analects of Confucius (phonetic version)" Content Description: in order to enhance the young readers' understanding of the original text, we carefully selected the story China ancient celebrity, attached at the back of each section of the original, with simple words, which contains to the story of Philosophy are expounded, help small from it the reader,

  • The Analects of Confucius a daily reading

    This book to essays and notes in the form of interpretation of the Analects of Confucius, in view of the current in people's life and have to face the common problem: life, work, study the relation between people and people, the goal of life and value and so on, put forward from the solution and reference solution China essence of classical culture. ,

  • Easy to brain

    This book try to use simple language to learn, opened a mysterious veil, the "brain" show in front of people, for everyone to learn the use of. The book is divided into two parts. I called the modern I-Ching Theory, mainly about the easy modernization. We have modern science and computer technology into easy to,

  • Read something every day.

    Reading "the Analects of Confucius" every day, read "the Analects of Confucius every day" (color Classic Edition), ISBN:9787543330962, the author: "youth wisdom library" editorial committee,

  • Chinese traditional culture

    Chinese "traditional culture" called "China traditional culture", but in such a small book, the traditional culture as a comprehensive and systematic introduction, is not realistic. So the author only from some point of view, a brief introduction and explanation on some aspects of traditional culture, please readers infer other things from one fact, and spread to other. ",

  • Birthday song

    Birthday song, Wei Guosheng, Fwen Hohsouh, traditional ritual Song Zhuang: birthday song Wei Guosheng (Zhuang Wen), ISBN:9787536358430, authors: Wei Guosheng, Gan Huagao,

  • For filial Song - Zhuang language

    For Fwen Hengzhauq, a traditional ritual song of filial piety, filial Song Zhuang song: (Zhuang Wen), ISBN:9787536361898, author: Wei Da, Huang Shanhua,

  • Chinese Zodiac culture

    Chinese Zodiac culture, "Chinese Zodiac culture" the zodiac culture under the background of Chinese culture, the origin and evolution of the zodiac, zodiac and folk custom, religion, language and literature, art, and interprets the roots. ,

  • The Chinese ancient literature classic readings

    "Zhu Xi family" also known as "augmented kind Zhu Bailu motto", referred to as the "motto". The author is the Zhu Yongchun. Zhu Yongchun, the word simple, since the number of Bai Lu, Jiangsu, Kunshan. Zhu 绝意 career, the family happy, is devoted to the study of neo-Confucianism. His works include "cut Yi Jing Mengyin," four books ",

  • Read Tang Poetry Day

    Read the "Tang" every day, read "poetry every day" (color Classic Edition), ISBN:9787543330979, the author: "youth wisdom library" editorial committee,

  • The Silk Road - Chinese traditional culture of Bilingual Textbook

    How much you know Chinese traditional culture? "The Silk Road (Bilingual Reading Chinese traditional culture") is "one of the bilingual reading" Chinese traditional culture, by the Ministry of education foundation education course teaching material development Chinese preparation, introduced China's scenic spots, four great inventions, literary, the Silk Road, cultural relics, calligraphy and painting and festival customs,

  • Learn Ancient Chinese Literature Search with Ancient Chinese Literature Search

    "To learn Ancient Chinese Literature Search with Ancient Chinese Literature Search: Ancient Chinese Literature Search phrase now check" content brief introduction: we use learning Ancient Chinese Literature Search famous, can edify sentiment, nourish the body and mind, improve their aesthetic ability, enrich their cultural heritage. "The abdomen with gas from Chinese poetry and literature", that is the truth. Learning Ancient Chinese Literature Search famous, can exercise their own literary talent. ,

  • Yanzhao culture series second series (three volumes)

    Yanzhao culture series to Marxism Leninism, Mao Zedong thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of "Three Represents" as guidance, strive for development from the development history of Chinese civilization and the world civilization, discussed the connotation, Yan Zhao culture status, contribution and innovation, evolution and characteristics, as well as to the exchange of different cultures, shadow,

  • Into the Ancient Chinese Literature Search classic

    "Into the main content Ancient Chinese Literature Search classic" Introduction: "University" cloud: "since the day it to the common people, all is built into the body." "Into the Ancient Chinese Literature Search classic" self-cultivation first order from Buddhism, Theravada "disciple gauge" "book of filial piety" and "University" "the doctrine of the mean" Mahayana) and achievement "moral", and follow the below me high,

  • Wind and water

    Chinese traditional feng shui culture full record, "Fengshengshuiqi: China traditional feng shui culture full record (value Gold Edition)" common problem of Feng Shui author Hao Yunlai selected related to the above several aspects, carries on the concrete analysis, put forward the suggestion of Feng Shui layout concise and easy, set the Feng Shui expert hand teach you science. Spread the Millennium art of Feng Shui, like an older,

  • Traditional culture and ecological civilization

    "Traditional culture and ecological civilization" this book of essays, is the collection of Beijing traditional culture and ecological civilization will be the first international conference and the twenty-second International Conference on crystal is easy to learn, to participate in the meeting of experts and scholars of wisdom. A collection of papers, are full of responsibility, expectation and confidence, has fired,

  • The traditional study of Chinese (seventh Series)

    Produced by Chinese research center of traditional Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences and the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences history research, is not regular Academic Sinica an academic high quality. Currently has six series, in the academic community has a good reputation. This is the seventh album. Collection of scholars at home and abroad of bronze inscriptions, bamboo slips, Confucianism, Taoist classic argumentation analysis,

  • Culture of ancient Chinese

    Brief introduction of "culture" in ancient Chinese content: the study of ancient culture Chinese, including propaganda and exhibition of cultural relics, to carry forward the motherland culture; is to break the mystery; draw lessons from history, learn from the past; health education; as many sex related disciplines (such as sociology, history, philosophy, lun,

  • Culture of calligraphy

    Brief introduction of "calligraphy" culture contents: Chinese calligraphy has five thousand years of history. The calligrapher's charm of its unique artistic muddy sprinkling, by generations of worship. Good writing is a spray of calligraphy in the oceans. The earliest good character is pictographic characters in the ancient Chinese characters, the sheep look and said the soft gentle sound,

  • Grade two - thousand words - Chinese Reader

    "Chinese Culture Reader - thousand words (two grade 2012 Spring Book)", this book covers thousand words and its interpretation, a classic story reading. ,

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