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The science education and humanities education are two indispensable quality education in university. However, the humanistic quality education in our higher education in the past is often ignored. It is gratifying, strengthening humanistic quality education has aroused the attention of the party and the country, and take corresponding measures. This is the era of awakening, education of the gospel. Chinese education is a humanistic spirit, from the legend of the five emperors to the end of the Qing Dynasty, the humanities education has always been the center of all education. The failure of the Opium War, which exposed the China feudal decadent, also exposed China traditional culture structure of "despising" biased and weakness. So, people began to emphasize the importance of studying the Western powers "strong military attack" for culture, put forward "the basic principles of Chinese". Chinese culture which gradually formed the basic pattern with the acceptance of western culture. It should be pointed out, the first half of the twentieth Century China culture introduced a large number of western culture "is representative of strong military attack" has its historical inevitability and necessity, produced a huge role in promoting the progress and development of the China society. This period is also a bound for people to get rid of the feudal concept of thousands of years of traditional culture to China liquidation and criticism. However, in this process is the most humane spirit of traditional culture is completely equivalent to the feudal culture, the western culture with modern biased. One consequence of this bias resulting in our higher education appeared a tendency of heavy Polytechnic light humanities.

Chinese education is a humanistic spirit, from the legend of the five emperors to the end of the Qing Dynasty, the humanities education has always been the center of all education. The failure of the Opium War, which exposed the China feudal decadent, also exposed China traditional culture structure of "despising" biased and weakness.
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To strengthen humanities education, improve the overall quality of college students (in order): an introduction to the China traditional culture and its modern significance first China traditional culture historical evolution of second day China characteristics of the traditional culture and the basic characteristics of third China traditional culture and modern significance of the first chapter China ancient philosophical tradition first Chinese ancient philosophical logic development section second Chinese ancient philosophical problems discussed in section third Chinese ancient philosophy under the influence of the traditional culture of the second chapter China ancient traditional moral section Chinese ancient ethic thought development course of second day China ancient ethics thought the main content of third section of traditional ethics, modern value digging the third chapter China ancient religion section Chinese ancient the religious development course of second day of Confucianism and Taoism, Buddhism, the basic spirit of Confucianism and Taoism, the third day, Buddha and Chinese traditional culture the fourth chapter China ancient tradition of education section Chinese ancient education development section second Chinese ancient education achievement third Chinese ancient teaching principle and Its Modern Enlightenment chapter fifth China ancient the language transfer The first section Chinese ancient language of the origin and evolution of section second China ancient Chinese language culture in section third China ancient language of the humanistic value of the sixth chapter Chinese ancient literature and traditional first day China ancient literature course of development second Chinese ancient cultural character and basic features of section third China ancient literature in modern significance of the seventh chapter China ancient art of traditional first day China ancient art history of second day Chinese ancient art concrete achievements in third day China ancient art of national and world significance of the eighth chapter China ancient tradition of the first section China ancient historiography development section second China ancient history the great achievements of the third ancient historical tradition the ninth chapter Chinese Chinese traditional culture and technology in ancient cultural tradition of ancient science and technology in the first section Chinese development section second China ancient science and technology achievements and contribution to world's science section third of Western science and traditional compared with complementary reference postscript
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Our great motherland is located in the eastern part of the Asian continent, with a vast territory, rich products. She not only has 9600000 square kilometers of the beautiful rivers and mountains, 1200000000 of 5 thousands of hard-working people, but also has a long history, splendid traditional culture. 1700000 years ago from the "Yuanmou people", our ancestors lived and labored on this vast land. In the long years of written more than 4000 years, diligence and wisdom of the ancestors to the extraordinary creativity. Left us a rich cultural heritage. It not only to Chinese history and reality have a profound impact on world culture, but also plays an important role in promoting. Therefore, understanding, learning and research of the precious heritage of Chinese traditional culture, help us to enhance national self-confidence and pride, helps to improve our world, humane quality should have more open towards the twenty-first Century. We will take the modern significance of traditional culture as a perspective, carding and thematic style were the most basic content Chinese traditional culture. The first section Chinese traditional culture in the historical evolution of the concept of "culture", a broad understanding can be said to be all and activities related to the existence of. Our cultural understanding into human practice achievement sum total in the book. Thus the cultural thoughts, judgments should contain content, implements and so on, in this case, the concept of "culture" and "civilization" roughly the same, but the concept of culture is more focused on the idea of.

Finally wrote "postscript", the heart happy happy feeling indescribably. As the editor of this book, we have been engaged in teaching and research China traditional culture course in Colleges and universities. In this process, due to lack of contemporary college students' literacy in the deeply traditional culture, therefore very early germination to write the China traditional culture teaching a systematic idea. Later, the State Education Commission issued, the more our firm determination to compile this book. Now, through the joint efforts of all the authors ", in the Shanghai people's publishing house for their support, this idea has finally become a reality. Book is the crystallization of collective wisdom: an introduction by Zhang Yinghang of the Zhejiang University and Sun Huiling of Heilongjiang University wrote; the first chapter by Zhou Jianhua of the Zhejiang University, Cao Jin to write; second chapter by Zhang Yinghang of Zhejiang University of Technology and Chang Xuemei of Zhejiang University, Lishui normal college, Guo Liping writing; the third chapterWritten by Zheng Jiangong and the China Jiliang University Hangzhou Electronic Engineering College of Li Linsen; the fourth chapter by Hangzhou Medical College of Yang Jinfeng with the Zhejiang Institute of Jing Xiuli writing; the fifth chapter by Hangzhou Institute of Applied Engineering Technology Yehan writing; the sixth chapter by Huang Yin of the Hangzhou Institute of Commerce, writing; the seventh chapter from the Mudanjiang Institute of technology, Sun Xiaodong Yang Zhongmiao of the Zhejiang Radio and Television University and Hangzhou medical college the school's Xu Jianfen, Wang Kang to write; eighth chapter by Yan Guizhen of Zhejiang University and Chen Chongdong of Zhejiang University of Technology wrote; the ninth chapter written by Cai Hairong.
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  •   At school we look at this book, I haven't finished, so I bought, the interpretation of cultural Chinese is very clear, organized, let a person think, very good book.

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